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Demo games, played and looking forward to completed version

Homework Salesman
A life simulation dungeon crawler / crafting / resource hoarding game
Monstructs: Makers and M...
The ONLY game where you MAKE YOUR OWN HEROES!
Dungeon Dreams
Roguelike Romance RPG
Terrarium: Remastered
Fight, strategize, customize. Explore the island of Terrarium!
Ultimate Dungeon Monster...
Inspired by Pokemon, Diablo, Final Fantasy, and Dungeons & Dragons.
A Boy and His Slime
A boy and his slime have 7 days to defeat the DEMON LORD!
Digimon World Ace: The L...
A classical-style RPG featuring Digimon
Monster-raising city-building dungeon-crawling simulation RPG!


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Monstructs: Didn't get to play but sounded interesting.
DreamDung: F**K MV; no saving in the dungeon + MV freezing on me = Unplayable; otherwise seemed like a good game.

HwSm: Got bored; was nice, but couldn't immerse due to F-MC. N2S: Find out how item stacks were coded.
re:Terrarium: Mech was nice, but that was the only point of interest (Class system was interesting.)
Boy&Slime: Buggy+MV; NewGame+ Mech is always nice to see.
DWA:LS: Too short to say much
MonstroCity: Mechanics were interesting: Monster-capturing + saturation system; suppose to be city-building too, but ehh.

UltDungMon: Monster catch mech; looked nice, but when I played demo, it wasn't really 'worthy' of being a commerce game.
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