Once, Picasso was asked what his paintings meant. He said, “Do you ever know what the birds are singing? You don’t. But you listen to them anyway.” So, sometimes with art, it is important just to look.
- Marina Abramović

Beloved Rapture - Act 1
Highly cinematic, tour-de-force of a jRPG, 7+ years in the making.



Facing another hard-drive crash, with the last backup 3-4 weeks old. Does the universe want to keep me in development hell forever? =_=

I was getting into a good rhythm of backing up all RPGMaker/Personal stuff every 3-4 days. Figures that when I started slacking off, something awful happens. XD


Thanks Tau! Hahah it really was. Meiscool had some of the best tilesets back in the day, though I did tweak it a little.

out the door

This post isnt targeting anyone, just the forums in general, and I feel like trying to change it is also a sort of lost cause, so I dunno enjoy the continued rotting I guess, it ain't getting any better. Like I said I can't even say who would be at fault, but evidently it hasn't ceased with my erasure, in fact its only gotten noticably worse.

I agree with some of your post but I have to disagree with you there; there's nothing inherently wrong with RMN and it's quite stupid of you to suggest RMN's underlying design leads to these issues. It doesn't have to be this way.

(In fact, I'm aging myself here, but I've seen this community go through far worse over the past decade.)

The staff and admins have the power to change the general atmosphere of this place if they care enough to do so. They need to listen to those who have criticisms (or feel provoked into leaving like Luchino), not bury their heads in the sand. Compare RMN when WIP and Holb were running things, or even when Kentona was first promoted, to what it is today. Certainly there were always spurts of drama, but to be frank, the comparison is night and day.

That's not to say Liberty isn't a hard-working member who does a great job, but remarks like this are particularly condescending;

4- luchino has obviously outgrown the site. That's fine. People grow at their own rates and there's nothing wrong with being dissatisfied with the attention you're getting on your games. Trying to blame others for that because you're jealous of any attention they get is wrong, though. Grow up.

5- Pom. Pom is a great little game. It's cute, it's got dogs, it's got internet speak and it appeals to a very big audience. There's absolutely nothing wrong with that. The only reason it gets hate (and as much attention as it does) is because it got played by someone super popular. Got an issue with that? Go onto the forums of other youtubers and see if you can't get them to play your game. Go share your game on tumblr and imgur and reddit and twitter and all those other lovely places where people can find it. There's other sites to show your game off on in the hopes of drawing more attention, so do that. You might be surprised.

A.) Hm, was Luchino really trying to BLAME anyone here specifically? I admit, this last blog post was a bit dramatic, but this issue has been on her mind for a while. And it was a very general statement. Our reaction should be how to expand and improve RMN if people don't feel like it's doing a great job meeting their needs as a game development showcase/forum...not be like "The door's over there."

B.) Pom has had both benefits and detriments to this website, and to pretend otherwise is untrue. Corf's resentment was understandable...even if expressed very badly. It's another case of blaming the user, instead of brainstorming for ways to change or improve this site. But I won't go too far into that subject.

I don't think any one of us has all the answers...but collectively, maybe we can get closer to finding it. But it rests with the staff as well - they need to be open to suggestions or even criticism if we want RMN to ever improve.

Screenshot Survival 20XX

Solidifying one final dungeon in the prologue to balance things out. Does the waterfall placement seem off?

It's a bit of a...cavern/forest hybrid? Or something? XD

What are you thinking about right now?

I'm ashamed of this community. It's no wonder people are leaving. Roden, I don't blame you. Luchino, I agree with you. Blindmind, you're my brother.

Amen brotha

I never agreed with most of what Corf posted (lol) and I don't wanna beat a dead horse/rehash anything, but it's a bit disappointing to see him leave RMN...over, what exactly? Why was this situation handled so badly?

Are members here not allowed to discuss the merits of Indie Projects or RPGMaker Games without developers or moderators taking the criticisms to be a personal attack? Is that not why we're here? Nothing he said was actually directly at Me-Patra... last time I checked, verbalizing a criteria of quality wasn't against the rules. Compared to how harsh people were in the community ten years ago, this is negligable.

Quite frankly I don't think he's the only one who felt like it was an insult to the more serious developers on this site that POM continues to rule the front page for what's years and years at this point.

We try to get every active RMN user to post in this topic.

I'm not making cat videos~ (Youtube Channel Informational Gathering)

-Maybe a short video about the featured game?
-Tutorials obviously
-Dog videos

That's all I got.

Agreed tbh

Is there any way we could get someone to generate monthly video reviews on the Featured Games - like "official" reviews for RMN or something?

We could also look into:
  • Hosting RMN Podcast Audio on YouTube (doesn't have to be the official podcast)
  • "Question and Answer" interviews with notable developers
  • Maybe like silly "top 5" videos, like "top 5 horror RPGs", "top 5 animal games", etc

Operation Kentonfall (kentona steps down)

no. more the shift from a few years of great users and a lot of creativity everywhere into more a political, stuck-up mess on the forums and slack. the past few weeks have been as angsty as the #shump departure imo


But yeah, Kentona has been a great presence on this site overall, even if things became a bit complacent in the past year. I actually agree with Craze that the site/forums have seemed a bit more angsty and venomous than usual, even for the RM community. Perhaps in an ironic sort of way, the shifting of staff can revitalize the focus on games and go "back to basics" with WIP's original vision.

I'd be willing to help with the social media components specifically if necessary. Especially with Tumblr, there's a whole user-base related to RPGMaker that may not be aware a community like ours even exists. XD And conversely, many projects here could use more exposure outside RMN.

Legrand Legacy

How does this have so few subscriptions!? The game looks brilliant.

I'm wondering what the exploration/map traversal mechanics will be like? It's hard to discern from the screenshots. Will the characters simply move around on pre-rendered backgrounds, etc, like the PS1 era jRPGs? XD

out the door

Like I said before, this is really unfortunate. I'm glad to see this game ultimately continued XD, but I'm frustrated Luchino won't be able to broadcast it here. It leads me to wonder, what's causing some members to feel that RMN is "unhealthy"? What's the eventual solution, so that we don't lose anymore talented developers?

But yeah, I'll PM ya my email etc. :n_n: