Once, Picasso was asked what his paintings meant. He said, “Do you ever know what the birds are singing? You don’t. But you listen to them anyway.” So, sometimes with art, it is important just to look.
- Marina Abramović

Beloved Rapture
An Adventure-RPG Hybrid Project.



RPG Maker's getting a booth at PAX East

PAX was crazy. Definitely an inspiration to see half the show-floor designated for all the Indie stuff.

Seeing the Degica booth was a bit surreal. XD I kinda cracked up when the random RMWeb admin started name-dropping Kentona, Nessy and Cherry ;')

RPG Maker's getting a booth at PAX East

Hm. Anyone from RMN actually attending this year? I bought a Sunday pass on a whim. XD

RMN Voice Talent Search

Are we scouting out any new voices for future podcasts, or is this just the Music Pack? Because I'd totally be down.

If Craze and I did one together, it'd be comedic gold tbh.

RMN Youtube Channel Talent Search and Discussion

A little late to chime in here, but yeah, it'd be fantastic to have some additional avenues (YouTube comes most to mind) to get our RMN-specific content out there, beyond the site itself.

There are already a lot of developers who post frequent video-blogs or gameplay snippets, so I doubt it would be difficult to unify it under some sort of central "hub" channel.

Do Liberty and Nessiah still hold "rights" to handling the podcasts? Tbh, it'd be nice to diversify with the guests just a bit, similar to the old RMNCast. Or perhaps we could look into different mini-podcast "shows" specifically for a review or game-design discussion. There are already a few members I can think of who would probably be great interviewers.

Has anyone reached out to you yet, Mog?


tbh you should have seen forum admins back in the old days, kid..

Anyone from RMN headed to PAX in Boston? RPMaker has an official booth this year! :D

Also, a OneShot feature is pretty surreal tbh


Picture of the Moment Club

Happy 2016! Come see what I've done.

This is interesting. Hats off to you DHM.
Cheers! My end-end goal is to make the editor usable for people without any programming knowledge and support a variety of 2.5D action/rpg games. It's a long way from that point though.

Oh man, I'd pay for that type of functionality. You'd have a pretty big following, considering how rudimentary and generally awkward they continue to make RPGMaker lol.

SU never pulled any punches with it's mechanics - so it has a lot to gain from the freedom of the new engine. Glad you're still at it, buddy.
Thank you! BR's screenshots have always inspired me but I'm sure I've told you that plenty of times. If I can eventually make the engine produce maps that look half as good as yours I'll consider it a success.

..Perhaps we'll collaborate some day in 200 years.. when our projects are finished..

Happy 2016! Come see what I've done.

This is exciting news~ My heart melted a little. XD

Building a full-length RPG/engine seems strangely more feasible than bumbling around in RM2k3. (*Shh* don't crush my dreams.)
More accurate words have never been said tbh

But yeah, you've come up with a pretty promising interface. SU never pulled any punches with it's mechanics - so it has a lot to gain from the freedom of the new engine. Glad you're still at it, buddy.

Tristian: Episode I?

Haha wow, I feel your pain. ;___; When you have this huge, looming opus you're trying to get out there, the development time becomes outrageous for a single person. Especially for a game as plot-heavy and visual as Tristian.

Even with the episodic format though, it can be tricky. You want each "Chapter" to be finalized enough to stand on its own, and be relatively complete when you release it. So in that sense, it's not entirely like a demo, where you can implement constant revisions based on the feedback. There's an additional quality filter that arises with each episode, if that makes sense? It's something to consider, at least.

Nowadays, there are simply far more quality RPGMaker games out there now, and it becomes harder and harder to make your own project stand out.

Yeah, you hit the nail on the head with this statement. When I started my own project, having "commercial" RPGMaker games that were so professional and polished was just a crazy pipe-dream. Nowadays, they're popping out left and right... so the freeware route can seem fruitless. Audiences are much less impressed by your typical Rm2k3 or VX game.

**But** you just have to trust in the quality of your project. You've worked on it this long, right? If your subscribers have followed you for 3+ years, they're probably in it for the long haul.