Once, Picasso was asked what his paintings meant. He said, “Do you ever know what the birds are singing? You don’t. But you listen to them anyway.” So, sometimes with art, it is important just to look.
- Marina Abramović

Beloved Rapture - Act 1
Highly cinematic, tour-de-force of a jRPG, 7+ years in the making.



Screenshot Survival 20XX


It's not incredible or anything, but I feel like the tiles are a bit washed out by default and that addresses this... a bit.

Yeah, the color palette feels more harmonious in Kaempfer's edits, although I can't quite put my finger on why (the brown cliffs, especially, work nicely). There's a decent amount of contrast in the original tiles, but the colors don't necessarily create a sense of warmth or vibrancy. It could be a matter of personal preference, of course.

I used to enjoy creating maps that were almost 'overwhelming' in their contrast, but it can be tedious or difficult to design an entire game that way. XD

new.png're so damn prolific with these huge maps. I'm jealous XD


Blindmind, monotony is something I'm always keeping in mind when designing big maps. I have a few techniques to help combat this:

1. None of my dungeons take place in a single type of location. For example, if it takes place in a large tower, there will always be sections where you go outside as well to advance. If the dungeon is located in a cave, there's always a forest section or mountainous section as well.

2. I try to place "landmarks" throughout my maps. If you look at the full map I posted of this cave, you'll notice there are some manmade structures placed throughout the map. This helps break up the monotony of the cave and are easily recognizable. As well, many of my maps have rivers or other water sources weaving in and out of the player's path which I believe helps orient the player.

3. Most of my dungeons, when heavily simplified, are a simple shape. This one is kind of like a plus sign if you simplify it enough.

4. I always make sure to make the path clear and highly visible.

5. If you find a key, you'll always have seen the door it belongs to beforehand. Likewise, if you flip a switch that opens a passage, it will be a passage that you've seen so you don't get lost looking for it.

I learned most of these things from studying Zelda's dungeons. I really hope players don't have a problem navigating my maps! The last thing I want is for my caves to seem bland and repetitive.

Wow - well, it seems as though you've given it quite a lot of thought, which is excellent. I'm not exactly a dungeon connoisseur (XD) but I was more just commenting on what I saw in the screenshots.

I look forward to experiencing it in-game!


Cliffs are looking great once again, but yeah, the bridge seems to be missing the support beam on the right side.

Considering how huge this map is (as well as a lot of your other ones), the only potential negative is that there's not much contrast/dynamism in this dungeon. The mapping itself is good, but the area could blend together or become monotonous. Try adding more torches or notable elements (maybe with color?) that guide the player along.

But that could just be my nit-picking XD


This looks great. Your mapping in general, especially the tile-blending and elevation, has become truly impressive. XD


Multi-layered parallax is a real pain in this engine. XD Very impressive scene here.

Legend of the Silverstone

This project looks wonderfully polished.

20-40 gameplay hours is pretty damn impressive... O___0 Let me know if you need a potential tester - even if it's just to look over/review the English translation. I haven't played a great Rm2k3 game in a while. XD

President Trump

I was offering that meme specifically in response to Milo/Steve Bannon, but yeah, I would agree that "pre-emptive" authoritarian actions aren't positive.

What's more troubling is that when Trump seems to take an official stance on the Berkeley riots, he makes clear he's ethically in alignment with that cause (defending Milo/Breitbart) and will actively work to promote it. That itself is legitimately terrifying, if not surprising.

Was a riot the right solution? No, perhaps not. But I'd argue there are larger ethical concerns than a single provocateur's entitlement to free speech; and even if you don't believe that, it can be reasonably debated whether there's anything to gain by giving him a large platform. That was a serious oversight by the university.

Discouraging open and healthy debate never helps anyone - but if you're using free speech to cause tangible unrest and societal tensions (especially in a rather soulless way to fill your own pockets), the President should inherently recognize that there isn't a need to support this person.

President Trump

Agreed with everything BadLuck posted tbh.

Also, re: the milo riot


This is phenomenal. Compared to your old shots, it's night and day XD I especially love the color palette.

The only problem I can spot are the very square water tiles. They clash a bit with an otherwise very cohesive map.