Once, Picasso was asked what his paintings meant. He said, “Do you ever know what the birds are singing? You don’t. But you listen to them anyway.” So, sometimes with art, it is important just to look.
- Marina Abramović

Beloved Rapture - Act 1
Highly cinematic, tour-de-force of a jRPG, 7+ years in the making.




The shadow coming from the gates is also a bit strange. It would probably more closely resemble the fence (with lines of shadow, not one solid block).

(..And why is there an auto-shadow on the right side of the clock?)

Neat idea and style though!

McBacon Jam 3

Might be down to do mapping for a 2k3 or VXAce entry if I can find a team that's a good fit (preferably the former engine). I need some distraction from my own stuff... XD


Wow - so much to adore in this screenshot. XD I can't believe I hadn't noticed this game until now.


Yeah agreed with Tau. The palette of the tiles seems a bit scattered, compared with your usual screens.

Strictly For Commercial

"An angel investor" He must be a swell guy.

XD This is great news though. The more momentum we can achieve for 2k3 (or any RM) projects, the better off we all are. Hero's Realm definitely has the large fanbase for an undertaking like this, much like Ara Fell.

[POLL] Would you be interested in a RMN meet?

I was wondering when I'd see a meetup manifest again finally.. XD

If we ever decided to do one of these closer to home (Boston or New York?), I might be down.

Screenshot Survival 20XX

Wait it's NOT Ara Fell? Chrono Trigger maybe?
You know Ara Fell uses Rudra's, right?


I more-so got R3P vibes from that church...albeit, very stripped down. ;') BadLuck's games have always been great material to emulate if you want to "learn" mapping.

New-ish BR screens (and some old.. XD). Trying to get everything to the point that the tiles blend seamlessly despite the different sources.

Among Thieves

Yeah, I know the feeling. I took a hiatus for nearly 3-4 years before I opted to return to finish BR. It's hard work. Sometimes—that spark of inspiration you once had just floats off, and it’s better to move on. But you never know what could happen lol. I bet you have more people who follow your work than you realize.

I do hope you'll hang around the community a bit tho. xD

Among Thieves

Wow, is this project really cancelled? :'( That's pretty disappointing...seems like all the great 2k3 projects are dropping off the radar.

Dream Eater

Loving the art direction for this game. You've really nailed that kinda surreal, dreamy vibe - especially with the character artworks.