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Pokémon RMN Version
Poketto Monsutâ: RMN



Pokémon RMN Version Review

If anyone can handle criticism fairly and graciously , it's Ratty. However I'd like to know why the reviewer focuses entirely on minor gripes instead of looking at the whole picture. Yes the game has a few typos; Yes, i suppose tumblrkin could percieve something as sexist/racist if they looked really hard... But c'mon, you're making this game sound like Conker's Bad Fur Day. There are many positive features that have been completely overlooked in favor of "i don't like the way this sprite looks" or "there's not a special message when i check the bookshelf"

This is the vibe I got too. The review seems pretty picky and I can't see how minor complaints brought up become a 1/5. It's a demo for one after all. I can immediately see they didn't even bother installing the fonts so I'm skeptical that they rushed other aspects as well. He admitted to not going through all of the trainer permutations deswpite complaining about them. Additionally, the reviewer seems to be comparing the game to canon pokemon rather than reviewing it as a standalone game. And also comparing it to an idealized view of pokemon. Have you seen some of the descriptions for actual pokemon? Some are incredibly morbid. He also fusses about limitations of the editor rather than the game. Theres a reason theres only 3 palette swap choices and 4 options + 2 genders. You should be appreciative you have any customization at all. Lagginess is completely inseperable of the engine, another thing he complains about.

I thought the "silent rule" for demo reviews was to give it a 0 star review, so that it wouldn't affect the overall score of the finished product? Can we at least have a quality check of some sort? Have some credible reviewers check it and see if their reviews are even close to a 1? Like how essay grading works (If the scores are more than one apart it gets rescored).

Overall the review looks like someone that went into the game thinking it was going to be awful and tried to find everything he could complain about. We don't even know how far he got in the game. He doesn't adress the core aspects of the game (Music, Story, Gameplay, etc.)

It seems what he played was a text-based adventure boasting Sexism and Racism, not Pokemon RMN Version.

Mario's Mansion 3 Review

I really wish I could get some consistency in music. Its always people love it, or they hate it...

Hali - This stage had a nice funky tune to it!
Addit - I guess the only song I didn’t think fit that much was the one from “Skeletal Foundations,” but that’s just me.

Super Doki Doki World Review

Unfortunately, the koopa-mario hybrids are actually rips from SMW too (already mentioned, I know). I have SMW myself and have seen them. To unlock them, you must find every secret path in the game and then complete every stage at least once. This also includes star road and the special world (which is really hard). Beating every level also changes the graphic of some other enemies. Pirana plants get the pumpkin head for one.

It would have been funny if you had extended their mustaches and curled them. Or even given the yellow ones Wario mustaches (zigzag).
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