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Does smb3 have a palette?

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Has now become:

Edit: Anyone have a smb3-style dry spiney graphic?

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Hey Hali. In The Grand Pyramid, the midpoint is connected to a on death event to spawn boos. Removing that event and instead having the progression bricks event turn on the boos layer would provide the same function.

Edit: Turns out there are other issues so I'll end up reuploading anyway

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I second banning the clown car. At least in future games.

Unless you can find a way to make it less cheap. It is buggy as hell.

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It is entirely compatible with SMBX 1.3. I port my levels to SMBX when I test them. PGE is great, its testing sngine, not so much.

I opted to just put coins in the switch blocks so I don't have to manually input layers to pseudo-transform an "off" block into an "on" state.

I've also changed a few places to help with backtracking a little. I added some columns to some of the corridors as well, though I'm not sure it actually looks better. Sending it to hali now.

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I don't think so?

Looking over the level. Apparently, it didn't disassociate them. However, the block I changed it to doesn't accept a 'hit' unless it contains something, while the previous block would accept a 'hit' regardless. I didn't realize that was a possibility.

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Argh! I was messing around in the PGE Editor instead of the SMBX editor. After I tested it and closed out SMBX (Which I use for testing), I saw I missed Hali's suggestion to change the On/Off switches to something that becomes static when hit. I did this by using a replace block x with block y function in the PGE editor and then packed up the game to export it (Since I had only changed graphics). I wasn't aware it would strip the properties of the individual blocks! I just need to go back and re-associate each block to its event. Sorry for the trouble. I'll get on it right away.

I hope you will stick around. Your videos are very valuable.

McBacon Jam 4

This event keeps getting updated but I don't notice anything changing.

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Where are we uploading updates now hali?

[Mafia] Anime Waifu Battle Royale! =+= FINISHED =+=

Blob, I have to ask - where in thundera did you get all those awesome dragon avatars

With the exception of the fluffy brown dragon, they're all made by Diives! He doesn't only do dragons. I think I found all of his dragon ones.

The fluffy brown dragon...uh, I don't really remember who made it.

Other diives stuff:

Some of his stuff is NSFW so view at your own discretion.