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Forum Fire Emblem - Continuation

I'm continuing this with Jeroen_Sol's permission. He plans on coming back to it when he has the time. At that point, he can take over the game and run it again.

The game will happen in turns, much like the original fire emblem games. Everyone controls one character, who they can move and attack/use items/wait with in Player phase. After all have posted a move, they are executed in the order they were posted, and the battle'll switch to enemy phase, in which the enemies will actively try to kill your team members. I will control the enemy, so if I can kill someone, I will. :P In Fire Emblem, dead characters are lost forever, but I think I'll allow revival at the end of the battle.
The weapon triangle applies, which means attacking swords with lances, lances with axes or axes with swords will provide 1 bonus to weapon strength, and 15% to hit chance, while attacking swords with axes, axes with lances or lances with swords will provide a 1 penalty to weapon strength, and a 15% penalty to hit chance.

I'll start out small, with three characters for the first battle, but more characters will be able to join afterwards. Everybody will choose a different class. The classes for the first battle are mercenary, soldier and fighter. Mercenaries can equip swords, soldiers can equip lances and fighters can equip axes. Stats will follow later.
- Jeroen_Sol

People are'nt revived, but they can re-enter the game. This puts you back in the line-up though. Essentially, you could keep coming back as the same class, however, you should pick a new name.

If you encounter non-boss units with a name, this usually means you can talk to them. You can place any unit directly next to them and try to talk, however, only if the right character talks to them the unit will respond with anything other than an attack. It will often be clear who needs to talk to the specific unit, but if you're unsure, send Oharu.

I may create brand new classes for this game @_@

1 Marrend, Oharu, Knight
2 Avee, Fighter
4 Liberty, Ashara, Archer
5 CAVE_DOG_IS_BACK, Jesse, Shaman
6 ivoryjones, Jack, Thief
7 thatbennyguy, Oemy, Cleric
8 CyberDagger, Philip, Cavalier
3 Gourd Clae, Cispolli Cadarvini, Myrmidon

If you wish to participate, state your character's name and class.
The more basic your class is, the earlier you'll appear in the game.

Mercenary, equips swords.
Soldier, equips lances. (taken)
Fighter, equips axes. (taken)
Archer, equips bows, cannot counter direct hits (taken)
Thief, equips daggers, weak, but fast and can open locked doors/chests. (taken)
Cavalier, equips lances/swords, powerful but difficult to master both weapons, on horseback. (taken, but I may have two)
Knight, equips lances, high defense but very slow.
Myrmidon, equips swords, high speed and skill. (taken)
Fire mage, equips fire (anima) magic
Monk, equips light magic
Shaman, equips dark magic (taken)
Cleric, equips staves, cannot counter (taken)
Pegasus Knight, equips lances, can fly over obstacles.
Wyvern Rider, equips axes, can fly over obstacles.
Troubadour, equips staves, on horseback.
Nomad, equips bows, on horseback.
Pirate, equips axes, can swim in water.
Bard, equips rings, can allow a unit to move twice or give buffs, cannot counter.

Current party:

Oharu, Knight, level 2
HP: 24
Strength: 6
Skill: 7
Speed: 4
Luck: 3
Defense: 8
Resistance: 0
Move: 3

Iron lance

Avee, Fighter, level 3
HP: 30
Strength: 9
Skill: 5
Speed: 3
Luck: 0
Defense: 5
Resistance: 1
Move: 4

Iron axe

Current gold:

Iron Sword59005146E460
Iron Lance78008145E360
Iron Axe875010145E270
Iron Bow68505245E540
Steel Bow97009230D720
Long Bow5650102-320D2000

Vulnerary3300Heals 10 HP

How do I change forum titles

Title explains it well enough.

Keeping color from MS Paint to Idraw 3

Whenever I copy and paste from MS paint to Idraw, it looses color because it won't override the pallette. How do I get it to do so?

Community Portal + Image = Forums page

I think the community portal page is redundant, unless it is added to. It is almost identical to the forum page.

Community Tab > Click on Community Heading > Voila


Rmtext seems like it would be good for my game because the formatting is really weird and gets cut off (Rm2k3). I need someone to help explain all of the options and how to use it exactly. Thank you.

Misquote the Quoter - The Game

Quote the previous persons statement and change it to something ridiculous or clever. Then put a regular statement for someone else to manipulate.

"My dog ate my homework."

Now someone manipulates it. You can change words, add words, take out words, etc. You can do more than just rearrange

Forum Fire Emblem - I've temporarily taken over

Unfortunately, as some of you may no, Jeroen_Sol was using a forum to make a Fan Fire Emblem adventure, but has lost his ability to use VX Ace (Trial ended). We, as dedicated gamers, have a couple of options.
  • Fund Sol
  • Find a new person to make the game
  • Or never be able to play Forum Fire Emblem again (sob)

Obviously, the 2nd choice is the most likely. I would like to say though, that if Sol ends up solving this problem himself, he can always continue his own. I wouldn't mind having two at the same time. The requirements for the position are:
  • VX Ace (Full version)
  • Fire Emblem Script
  • Some Free Time
  • Fire Emblem Knowledge
  • Screenshot Tool (theres a lot of them)
  • There might be something else I think of later, but I think this is everything

I hope this goes somewhere!

Ideas other than defeating and collecting

I can only think of two game obstacles. Collection and defeating. Collecting is pretty obvious. You go around collecting all of the _____ so that you can do _____ and win the game. The other is defeating. The player is trying to reach _____ or accomplish _____ and keeps running into _____ that he has to take care of on the way.
Is there any other way I can take a story?!

In a RPG (I should have put that initially)

Edit: Because LockeZ keeps complaining, this is what I mean. It is not the end goal, but the events leading up to it. What are the obstacles that you have to go through to reach that end goal. Usually it is collecting stuff or the adventure scenario. There!

[Poll] ROTMG: The Best PC MMO Ever!

Well. After searching Kongregate and playing many great games there (I love that site!), I have found the godload. ROTMG or Realm of the Mad God is my favorite yet. Although pixelated, it is addicting to play. Graphics aren't really a problem to me because a like pixelated graphics. It also means there's no gore (which I'm a fan of) because pixelated graphics can't really do gore. Anyway, I urge you to try it out.

My username is Rukachu and I always play on USEast to minimize lag. Cool to see you there!
(My favorite's the rouge!)

Also play on where it plays full screen.

Games and Their Qualities

Here is a hub topic to post games with special qualities. Which include:
  • Game Mechanics
  • Custom Stuff
  • Special Qualities (Excellent mapping, battle layout, screenshots, etc.)
We can't let them go unnoticed!

I'll update it to include the postsed games.


MGS: Lunacy of Legions
Reason: Breaks away from standard Rm2k3 stuff by being an action game. The charactor never gets in a RPG battle. Stealth is the main point of the game.