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Rm2k3: Text on screen

The text is going off the screen. Do i just have to deal with this, or is their a fix or something?

Search with No Tags

Basically, there is no blank category in the tags. If you want to search without after searching with one, you have to go to another page and come back, or click the games link again, both reset everything. Not a big deal, but it's still there.

Menu Creator for RM2k3

A menu cretor would be so helpful. All it has to do is be able to change it's color, be able to set commands for selections, and have a big box for messages.

[Poll] Next Event will be...

I need an event to satisfy my gaming needs. Befuddle Quest doesn't do that. Maybe this will cause someone to make an event.

How can I make Rm2k3 have turn-based battles?

I like turn based games. Real-time bugs me because it forces you to rush commands and punishes laggy computers. Help?

Puzzle Ideas

Basically, any puzzles that you have seen. If don't want people to use a puzzle that you personally made. Don't post it. I need some ideas as well.

Post them as so:

Type: Classic or Original (classic is from a commercial game)
Creator/Game: Classic-Game Original-Creator
Concept: Blah
Potential Variations (Optional): Blah

Rm2K3 Download?

Where did it go? I don't see it anymore.

[Poll] Battle of the Instruments! (well...)

Simply, if you play an instrument, put it down. If you several instuments pick you r favorite. This is the battle of the instruments. They can't fight though, so we have to do it for them.

*Bass clarinets go with saxophones

I play Percussion!

Tactics Engine

Currently, RMN doesn't have an engine for making tactics games: Games like Fire Emblem. Can anyone get one on the site? Or even find a good one?

Really Hard Questions!

These are probably those kinds of questions that don't have answers, but here they are:

How would a person describe color to a blind person?
Alternatively, how would a person describe music to a deaf person

Even Harder, how would you describe both to someone who is deaf and blind?