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I imported a certain picture and it immediately thought the transparent was black. Ruining the picture. It didn't happen to my other picture I imported so I'm really confused. Basically, how do I pick no color to be transparent?

Intro making in RM2k3

I want to make an intro for my game. How I programmed it currently makes it the map come and show the hero and then start the event. This makes it look tacky.

It's coded like this right now:

Tint screen (black) 3.0 sec (wait)
show picture (160,120)
Tint screen (no tint) 3.0 sec (wait)
Wait until key is pressed
Tint screen (black) 3.o sec (wait)


This is me (or is it)

So. Hi. Obviously my username is Blobofgoo as it is on many other things. Among being a member of this website, I am also a member of Danball, PokemonDB + other cites I can't think of right now. If anyone else is a member, it would be nice to know who you are.

Danball: Blobofgoo777
PokemonDB: Darmanidude777

So this is me (or is it)

*be perplexed here* @_@

Randomly, I like dragons!

Weird creating (?)

So, I created my first char set (yay!) but now it's not working. I made it without a template or anything. The weird thing is that in game it shows to vertical black lines. Their aren't any black lines in the image so I have no idea where they are coming from or how to fix them.

This shows the black lines

Here is what it looks like in paint



IEven though it said I was importing it as grey being transparent it was acting like it was black transparent. To solve it I just deleted it and re imported it. When I did that grey became the default apparently.

Does anyone know how to make a map with no color transparent (this being a chipset)

Event Areas

In my game I wanted to include music as a main part of my game especially on the world map. Each continent was going to have it's own theme. Unfortunately I wasn't able to do that easily. I had to make an event on every space you could get on the continent. This amounted to 1000s of events and a lot of lost time. If I wanted to change them I would have to do it individually. I also added weather on some continents that worked the same way. I had to make another layer around the continent for stop X weather. It's exhausting. Then I found out that it slowed down the events tremendously and even made some not work. Whenever I crossed an event it was like it suddenly went into slow motion.

The Solution:
Make areas able to have events

Make it so that areas are compatible with events like Play BGM, Weather Effects, etc.

This is on RPG 2003 too. Please make a patch for this (in RPG 2003)

Artst for tilesets, char sets,battle char sets, and maybe a few other stuff

Looking for an artist to do tilesets, character sets and battle character sets. I might a few things like weapons occasionally. This is 2003.

Mp3s in RPGs

Is there a way to get RPG Maker (I use 2003) to except mp3s? I have a lot of instrumentals to use, but can't get them in MIDI format. Is there not a patch for this or anything?

Edit: I got it to work. I just didn't tell it to show mp3s when importing. Silly me.

Thanks for the warning about the size though.

Now it says not implemented in a bunch of error messages!

What do I do?