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  • Bloch
  • 10/13/2013 02:09 PM

Lucid Dream - Night One:...
The first chapter of Lucid Dream - a Mystery/Horror game revolving around two parallel worlds, combining elements of RPG and Interactive Visual Novel.
Professor McLogic Saves ...
Solve randomly-generated logic puzzles for the betterment of humankind
Infinity 3
Explore an open world. Do what you want, with no limits. Take on quests, or kill the quest-giver. Become rich, be happily married, or even become a famous monster slayer. The choice is yours.
Morphos Metaphor: Penumb...
A group of high school students investigate a supernatural occurrence in an abandoned hospital all while wielding supernatural powers of their own.
With the world wiped clean, all creatures are on an even playing field, and only you have the power to change the world. Which path will you choose? Chaos, peace, or will you form your own path?
Breach: Awakening
Fake First Person Sci-Fi-ish Dungeon Crawl
summer games 2011
Magic and Mystery
Goodbye, Academy
A psychological game about a boy with lost memories
A dungeon-crawler cross between Dragon Warrior, Diablo and D&D with retro NES flair
Alex's Scar
Eppicness for RM2k3
Asylum of pleasure & pai...
2 in 1 Asylum of Pleasure & Pain mind Fuckery.
Demon's Gate
Are you a bad enough dude to help the Demons escape Tartarus?
Mystery Man Zero
Zero, a warrior of the Pleiades, is sent to Earth in search of an exiled demon, but he soon learns that he is only one of several pawns in a scheme much larger than Earth, the Pleiades and the galaxy.