Hello! BluMiu here and I'm no stranger to RM as I've been around some years now, off and on due to life and work outside. I'm an artist that's recently gotten back into doing commission work for game makers as well as on my own. Eventually I'd like to work on game after finish writing book and putting together art book, but for now I'd like to explore the other artists on the forums, learn new things for the future and share my own works :)
Hope to see you around!



BluMiu's Art Dump

Penumbra (female) noble A

Concept for a Penumbra of the highblood in their natural form. This would technically be an ancient Penumbra as it is uncommon for them to have horns the last generation and half. It is believed their connection to the abyss determines how their bodies develops for the first few centuries. The wing span is not the actual size represented above. As in Cachusa's latente concept, it would be doubled (so with the wings gathered round her, they would trail behind her like a gown.

The Phantom Sorcerer

Transient Notte design I

Finally designed the helm, at least partially. I've described Rema's Transient armor in another work, but I can add a bit more. Forged with marbut to give it additional affinity with magiks. It is light armor in density though being full armament, so it doesn't have as much as defense against physical attacks, but her preternatural nature negates this disadvantage (in most cases). Trasients were given the opportunity to contribute personal design choices, the addition of marbut, aesthetics based on Luna Sword and headdress a near original concept.

Orion I

GD-Yareankh 11T concept

Model Name/Code- Yareankh 11th Type

Classification- Prototype GiganDoma Omni-class

Pilot- Mitch Or

Height- 45.7 m

Weight- 37 t (50 full armaments)

Power Source- Shekinah Reactor

Construction Material/Armor- Titan Alloy, CiNy Steel

Equipment- Shoulder mounts: Hi-Compound Particle Cannon, Homing Clusters~Heaters, mini D-Boy missiles
Head monitor: 2 Pulse chainguns
Chest: SG Fail Switch, 2x alloy piercing gatlin mounts
Right arm: ABR-12 Kaster Rifle, Pulse blade
Left arm: Compound Gun Full-auto, SAM Shield

Speed- 2x 5,000 kg
4x 20,000 kg
2x 50,000 kg

BluMiu's Art Dump

Ghost of Tsushima fanart

Lost Children Pt.1 Illustration C

D&D Commission

This commission gets an upload indeed as one of my biggest ones so far. A good-natured and great fellow, Orion, on Amino's Fantasy group had this done for his D&D group and their characters.

Characters are from top to bottom;left right:
Hyman, Malis, Aerith, Am'arune, Terrance, Victor and David.

Requiem Arcturus portrait

Name Full- Requiem Rondo Arcturus
Other Alias- The Red King, Reqa Ambrose
Date of Birth- Orewoll9/11/960 C.R.
Eye Color- Orange-Yellow
Hair Color- Black
Sex- Male
Race- Penumbra
Nationality- Lithavanian
Height- 6'3’’ (190 cm)
Weight- 170 lbs (77.15 kg)
Occupation- Count of Rose Fel, Ambassador of Finalé Garden
Interests- Penumbra history, lore/folklore, wine-making, astronomy, ocean
Hobby(s)- Reading, star gazing, piano, walks

Having discovered that his daughter had survived Lithavania, he was astounded and overwhelmed to find she had brought forth progeny in two generations. Requiem felt guilt and his own failing in resigning to his grief that kept him from searching out survivors of House Arcturus, he was restored. Regina, Manalou and his uncle had given all to keep Adriana safe, but it left the mystery of his father's fate.

Learning of certain Vladmir's role in his betrayal and the shadows that lingered within Kolonia with his own knowledge of the roots of Bal Hora in the realms of Catheel, Requiem found it time to his name and neglected role as keeper of his people. With only House Arcturus and the most trusted loyalists privy to Viennrose Requiem's return, he and Adriana set into motion designs to overthrow the Red Council of Kolonia and rally their people.

His influence in the world of Huema and Nisrian was also put to effect, from both the public face and shadows of the underworlds to hinder Bal Hora's known members and adherents.

*Requiem has been a father figure and mentor to Miriam since their meeting, having a special place in his heart, as another daughter. He has remained her secret benefactor in making sure her needs are met, yet has not interfered in personal endeavors.
Through her he also became aware of Lumas Interlo, ironically the group avoided Count Ambrose due to his dealings with Huema despite his successes on behalf of the Penumbra. Lead by the heir of House Arcturus, Engel, it was this connection that allowed Requiem's reach further to his people and creating a network capable of doing harm to Vladmir's cult society.

Despite what reservations Vetrise had prior being apart of Bal Hora, learning of the Viennrose's survival changed this entirely, becoming an agent within Bal Hora.

Being present in Miriam's life also meant being present in Mila's. He was also able to confirm Miriam's suspicions of her blood connection, acting as the child's elderfather. Her resemblance to a young Adriana deepened his love for Mila and acting benefactor for both his kin.

Sorrow Cardinal portrait

Full Name- Sorrow Cardinal
Alias (s) - None
Date of Birth- Orewoll/21/144 B.E.
Eyes- Aquamarine
Hair- Red
Height- 5’5’’ (165 cm)
Weight- 124 lbs (56.2 kg)
Sex- Female
Race- Penumbra
Nationality- Raynian
Occupation- Sorceress of Bal Hora’s Moon Sect
Interests- Air cars, birds, nature, fine artes
Hobby (s) – Eating, painting, building models, riding in air cars, swimming

Sorrow was found by a river when just an infant, the wood warden that found her unsure how the babe had survived seeming to have been washed ashore. She recovered quickly and it wasn't long after that the warden learned she was a Penumbra and there would be none to come for her. Unable to abandon the babe while still defensless, he raised her for a time until giving her to a temple of Devina Godve, it being mildly tolerant to the kind known as vampyres.

Raised among the sisters as a servant, the child remained unnamed as all uninitiated. This was her life for a time, not knowing much of the world outside the grounds of the temple beyond the threshold of the wilds. She had learned this lesson when girl dared to wonder off into the wood and an abyssal dyre picked up her scent. Barely escaping if not for the intervention of a priest's magik, the child received a scar tainted by corruption. It healed yet left its scar.

It wasn't until the Penumbra Hunts that one day, a group of refugees were offered some rest before continuing toward sanctuary in a city of Rayne exporting Penumbra to Gale and beyond. The girl was sent among her kin, fostered among them until reaching their destination. After some weeks among those orphaned, the children were claimed by a matron house. It however was a facade for Bal Hora's Moon Sect, adding to it's numbers.

Priestess Ovara Marie sensed something akin in the child and after learning her story and being without name, called her Sorrow and became her surrogate mother.

Once again, Sorrow went abroad, this time to the realm of Nuefraust. Upon her lessons in the magik and dark artes, it was soon apparent of her learning impairment, rendering her much slower than other novices. This earned her some scorn, but Sorrow's control of chaos magik was near intuitive.

Over the years she learned of the secrets of the Arcturus, Ovara giving up a daughter fathered with Vladmir Blair, Baal Hora's founder. Using Moon Sect's reach the child had been tracked over the years to have by a twist of fate, taken in by Cachusa's daughter, Miriam. Having no other way to return a place in the world Vetrise had given her, Sorrow schemed to reach out to the girl.

Sorrow believed that if she had the chance to know her parents, she would have taken it. She would give this child that chance, if not be the one to watch over her.

*Sorrow became caretaker to Ovara's bedridden sister, Cachusa, having survived near death circumstances. She learned her native language from them and when Ovara did not have the time or patience, Cachusa learned her in the artes and more.

*Bearing more runes and glyphs than the average practitioner sorceress, they are for additional protection for when the chaos magik did backfire.

BluMiu's Art Dump

Rochel I

Aunest Haiser

Full Name- Aunest Haiser
Alias(s) – Father Aunest
Date of Birth – 2/16/120 BE
Eyes – Blue
Hair – Pale (near white)
Height- 5'11'' (180 cm)
Weight- 160 lbs (72.8 kg)
Sex – Male
Race- Huema
Nationality – Nuefrolian
Occupation – Cleric of the Holy Mother
Interests – Ministry, nature, theology, anthropology
Hobby (s) – Reading, studying, poetry

Aunest joined the clergy when young as he showed much intellect despite being born to peasantry. Venues in life he would never have known was open to Aunest during his time in the monastery beyond his village. The church of the Holy Mother was absolute through much of the Huema kingdoms, yet now he had view into it's inner workings and those that labored for their flock and own souls.

It was not until Aunest underwent the trials required to become a cleric that the true character and heart of the church was revealed to him in Catheel's main church. The purity he knew in humble settings gave way to the grandeur and entirely different perspective in execution of the clergy's authority. Despite this conflict, the allure and good Aunest could do won over.

Becoming a scholar and envoy of a cardinal beside his ministry, Aunest sojourned across the realm to different locations. He found the temptations and error of the church were free from him on the road and found many a way to remain away. The Penumbra hunts began when he was dallying in Maestur, a message and command from the Grey Deacon to compile census and detain the Penumbra in his current province.

During this time is when Aunest came across a young girl, and the beginning of an unlikely encounter; one with lasting impact on their lives.

Rema Merloci concepts II

Act III outfit concepts for Rema through the last part of Innocenza. At least as far as I know. Left to right:
A) Carpace light armor. Armor from Dalomos, it's treated to where soft enough to work, originating from the exoskeleton of a creature native to that land's subterrain. Rema purchased it during her last days with the Kongazewa for a particular mission.

B) Rema's casual attire. She's not much of a dresser growing up with one dress and handmedown boy's clothes for play, what she did learn from Miriam is knowing her color. Still keeping with gypsy flare, Rema also is mindful to keep it functional for whatever situation.
C) Before setting out to learn what she could in the world, Rema was with her family's gypsy caravan with her mother. She took to dance more seriously and what her mother could teach. Magnolia's best gift to take with her was incorporating Rema's swordplay with the footwork and nimbleness in dance.
D) Isalmian infantryman outfit. When Rema proved herself in tournament competition, she earned her place in Isalm's army among the infantry. Gifted what remained of her grandpapa's armor and refurbishing it, she was given mail and and emblem of the kingdom, yet the rest was up to a force typically made up of peasantry.


BluMiu's Art Dump

Grim Alterations~ redraw

Garland Theofar portrait

Name Full- Garland Theofar

Alias- Magebane

Date of Birth- Imr5/9/62 SE

Eye- Blue

Hair- Blue

Height- 6'4'' (193 cm)

Weight- 210 lbs (95 kg)

Sex- Male

Race- Huema

Nationality- Nuefrolian

Occupation- King's Guard of Nuefraust, Whyte Targe Captain

Interests- Improvised tactics, h artes, geography, runology, manteen rearing

Hobby(s)- Sparring, manteen racing, hunting, stittens, pell training, drinking, smoking

Belonging to the noble house of Theofar, Garland joined the same order as his father, yet unlike most heirs, his path was not paved for him. His father was a man of war, steeled for battle and seldom knew how to reverse it in his home life. Unless a bottle put in front of him. Garland could respect his father for not pampering him as he inherited a good deal of his mindset, as well as his taste for libations.

Growing up alongside Patrick Magus II, he made sure to befriend the son of his father's comrade. Unlike their other peers, Garland found Patrick's level-mind similar to his own refreshing and made for sensible conversation. Pushing his friend as much as himself, they both found stations in the King of Nuefraust's guard, Theofar given command of his own troop. Eventually, they were deployed to the northern mountain fortress. When the call went out after the attempt on the King and Queen, the most capable of the orders were informed in secret of the loss of the prince. Grey and others were assigned his search and retrieval against all hope, while Garland was among others to investigate those behind the attack.

Garland inherited an heirloom, a magebane hammer passed down generations on his mother's side. From his father he learned the "Revoking Word", an unknown phrase that within earshot of a magik user, their mind goes blank for a short period of time. These gifts have earned him the title of his arm, Magebane.

Megaman Legends- Roll Caskett

Cachusa Gavrielle (Act I) portrait

Full Name- Cachusa Saphrene Arcturus Gavrielle
Alias- Cass, Saphie
Date of Birth- Nebre(7)/22/44 BE
Race- Penumbra
Nationality- Kolonian
Eyes- Red
Hair- Blonde
Height- 5'5" (165.1 cm)
Weight- 127 lbs (57.6 kg)
Sex- Female
Occupation- Sorceress, seamstress
Interests- Clothing/fashion, music, poetry, sorcery, novella, fine & culinary artes, floriculture
Hobbies- Viol, piano, gardening, diary, reading, writing, cooking, seaming, light weaving

Third child of Costache and Ilinca Cardinal, she and her elder sister survived their elder brother, a victim of a Gravuzie attack along with his family. That event coloured the view further of House Arcturus toward the failures Kolonia was headed, as well as it shaped Cachusa's childhood. The loss of Veran made Ilinca a cold woman and Vetrise through herself into research. Her father remained compassionate, yet the renewed drive of the loyalists was invigorated by the loss of Varen.

All the while Cachusa suffered a malady of moods, often fits that would last hours plagued her since a young age. It was not immediately understood as the girl rambunctious by temperament. Adriana believed this to be Vladmir and his sorcerer's magik afflicting Cachusa as it once did her. Over time Cachusa was taught to manage it, but this required her to be educated at home as well as keep her condition from the public. Not as gifted as her sister in understanding of the magik artes, Cachusa's resilience against the abyss eluded to abilities comparable.

Motherhood matured her drastically as she devoted herself to her daughter, Miriam. As if misfortune continued to press House Arcturus, the child was born with what only could be seen as a deformity. Due to this condition Cachusa felt even more connected to her child, inwardly feeling a sense of guilt; She would come to discover that her erratic malady no longer afflicted her.

Time in Kolonia had become more uncertain as Luna, a younger settlement had been abandoned while the Gravuzie numbers continued to grow in the dark crags and forests. The levels of abyss had risen over the years. The Penumbra were unaffected, but not the land. All the while life continued in Kolonia, Cachusa filling the child's life with a light that had grown dim in the towering city.

A harrowing experience awaited mother and child from those none could expect, but something would be gained that would restore hope and a chance to prevail the trails awaiting Cachusa.

Rema DiBesto portrait

Full Name- Rema Magdeline DiBesto
Alias (s) - Merlo
Date of Birth- Aral 6/15/72 SE
Age- 11 yrs old
Eyes- Grey
Hair- Black
Height- 5’1’’ (154.9 cm)
Weight- 105lbs (47.6 kg)
Sex- Female
Race- Huema/Obathran
Nationality- Isalmian
Occupation- None
Interests- Traveling, music, mythology, dance, knights
Hobby (s) - Manteen-back riding, collecting holy stones

The child of a commoner and gypsy, Rema dreamed of becoming a knight at a young age after hearing many of her grandfather's war stories. Adopting boyish tendencies despite her mother's rearing, it was less enviable in the eyes of her father. Despite his discouraging her hoyden ways, it did little to stop it or from scuffling with local boys for their teasing. After striking an officer at the Battle of Baledgnona, her father was put in the dungeons for a year. Returning, Rema barely recognized him, even less after he took to vice's and mercenary work.

Imagination took her far away from the burdens the war put upon the commoner. The grape vineyard once serving them well no longer yielded with demand draining the soil, barely keeping them from serfitude. What gypsy trades learned where refused by most as gypsies became refugees from the conflict.

It was around this time that Rema first met the Gavrielles, a girl and her mother moving to a remote abode not far off. Rema was enamoured with Miriam's worldliness, the strange aura both women held. A friendship led Rema to fence, read, write, learn of the world Miriam had experienced, her adventures as the seemed.

It wouldnt be until later Miriam discovered Rema's secret endured by her father, leading her to reveal her heritage and give her a gift that would bind them then on.

Dream Temples

An outdated chapter excerpt from the novel I'm working on which the illustration depicts. Originally this came from a dream I had, but shortly after waking I worked it into material for Innocenza.


"As the strange dawn grew brighter, Miriam saw a stretch of gray unfold from the receding dark, unmasking what she could not believe. A beach; not that she had ever seen on in her life, but she knew from the sea that glittered from the silver light of the skyline. Sounds of the waving waters trickled into her ears after a time, giving space and reality to what was before her. Transported to this isolated land, Miriam stood and breathed in the salty air. The dissonance of familiarity was proof it was at least real as her senses could detect.

It was not until she looked behind her that she realized she was not alone. Huddled in a circle about what she could not perceive were people. If that were the right description, they at least resembled people in their form; possessing limbs and attire, the only thing far removing them was the ghostly haze about them. Faces masked in a blur and low murmuring reached her ears. She knew not what they spoke as the language was not her own, or they simply mumbled unintelligibly. What were they doing?

Hesitant to draw closer, her feet commanded themselves and circled the curious scene. They had not seemed to notice her presence yet. She could not sense them as living entities. One closest to the middle, stooping low picked up something. After more mumbling, the crowd of specters suddenly burst into a chant that startled Miriam, causing her to loose footing on the sand.

Now they saw her. Miriam sat with eyes wide as faceless celebrants stilled in silence, motionless in their observance of her intrusion. A lump in her throat prevented her from swallowing the tension welling within. Climbing to her feet slowly as to break into a sprint, the crowd was suddenly called back to attention of the center figure, raising his arms and voice high. Again their haunting aria began again, all raising their hands to the object in question. Peering close, Miriam could only see a red flask..."

BluMiu's Art Dump

Magnolia Merloci~ Gypsy dancer attire

Magnolia's family stemmed from three generations of dancers expert in various forms of dance, even ceremonial. There were also rumors there was dabbling in more than just devinations. Magnolia took to dance like the women before her, professing in those dedicated to fertile months and Entimas. As an umbra her skills have progressed and on a preternatural level. Given the ease of effort, Magnolia has taken to developing her own, some of which she teaches to Rema to be applied to her martial artes.

Miriam Gavrielle(Act I) portrait

Full Name- Miriam Louisa Arcturus Gavrielle
Alias (s) - Viktoria Arcturus (alter)
Date of Birth- Aral(6)/10/130 A.G. (131 B.E.)
Eyes- Red
Hair- Blonde
Height- 4'3’’ (124cm)
Weight- 60 lbs (27.2 kg)
Sex- Epicene
Nationality- Kolonian
Occupation- None
Interests- Fashion, opera, theatre, Lithavanian history, magik
Hobby (s) – Viol, piano, lyre, harp, singing, dancing, cooking, reading, sewing

Miriam was the first of the seventh generation House Arcturus, the former royal line of the Penumbra. Stigma lingering from the past, her mother schooled Miriam in their lineage and all else. This was not typical as all youth attended academy, but shunning made her content at home.

Due to her being born epicene, a bizarre anomaly among a people believed immune to defect. The Gravuzie plague changed this. This estranged relatives but her elder aunt and uncle on mother's side.

Miriam was gifted with song, a voice beyond her years. It was encouraged through music and she desired to part of the theatre they attended regularly. This was not destined to happen, however.

Though life was routine and pleasant, just in her mother's lifetime an outbreak occurred, claiming hundreds of Penumbra before those that went mad were contained or died in circumstance. Many believed this was the first sign of demise for Penumbra, but it was not a true illness.

Not much else was known to Miriam during, but spells came upon her of lucid dreams of the fantastic and terrifying, waking dreams of beings not of this world. By the end, her body took on too much abyss, the essence of magik, falling ill.

The truth behind it came too late. Awaking from a nightmare into another, her father had become gravuzie under control her elderfather, and methodical ritual abuse began.

Miriam and her mother were prisoners in their home, death a hope from what was endured. At the same time her mother's latente form awakened that led to their freedom, something else awakened within Mriam in response to her mind breaking.

Nis World Map

Another step in actualizing my project. Found a cartography program called Inkarnate and just went at it. I've drawn maps by hand and made one through Photoshop years ago, so I had a good idea what I wanted and references. This still took a number of days to finish and likely isn't perfect. However, I think it shows competence for when I focus on regional maps. I might even make maps for other stories if the resources are there.

Mega Man fanart attempt


Idai no Hayai Inabikari

A more stylized anime form I'm working on to I don't keep getting rusty with it. Story was formed from that need, but barely have done much with it since 2010s. Even so, it's a historical fantasy loosely based around Japan's spread of Christianity and attempted expulsion during the 1600s.

BluMiu's Art Dump

Nanashi~ Blu Belle concept

ROAD- Tremmel

Guy kinda just came out of nowhere, really. Seeing what I can incorporate or just practice with in old scans, and found a small sketch of a weird. I knew he was going to end up in ROAD because the transition to a post-apocalyptic punk biker was too easy.

Xenogears- Fei Fong Wong

Fanart for one of my favorite JRPGs from PSOne era.

Innocenza Chpt. 1 Illustration~ redux

Mila IV

BluMiu's Art Dump

Ovara Marie portrait

Full Name- Vetrise Rodica Arcturus Cardinal

Alias(s) – Ovara Marie

Date of Birth- Aral6/14/13 AG

Eyes- Green

Hair- Black

Height- 5’8’’ (172 cm)

Weight- 144 lbs (65.4 kg)

Race- Penumbra

Sex- Female

Nationality- Kolonian

Occupation- Sorceress-Priestess

Interests- Penumbra physiology, abyssology, numerology, runology, sorcery, nature, animals, literature/poetry, sanguinism, astrology

Hobby (s) – Poetry, star charting, lyre, reading, painting

During the Penumbra Hunts of 165 SE, Ovara rescued Cachusa from the brink of death. Nursing her back to life alongside her adopted daughter, Sorrow, Vetrise has returned to aid Lumas Interlo after a falling away with her fellow Penumbra of Bal Hora. Alongside her sister's awakened blood, she is able to make great steps in restoring their people.

An even greater secret overshadows her, however, one she stole away from Vladmir Blair in thwarting plans too black to allow. Though her hands are stained and unwilling to give up on her goal, there are still those that anchor her before the darkness seeming to promise so much.

GD-Yareankh 11T

One of the first combat model gigan-doma, it was still a prototype to test loadout and acceleration, one of the few models with a core and outer doma frame. Even though both modes made for versatility, it was too expensive to mass-produce, thus was abandoned.

Miriam IV

Nar Valence portrait

Name Full- Nar Valence

Other Alias- Transient Lucekur

Date of Birth- Heste1/15/73 SE

Eye Color- Hazel/Green

Hair Color- Blonde

Sex- Male

Race- Huema

Nationality- Isrian

Height- 6'4'' (193 cm)

Weight- 220 lbs (99.1 kg)

Occupation- Ematus Sercia Transitorio Cavaliere, Lord of Torigliea

Interests- Knighthood, war tactics, magik, occult
Hobby(s)- Hunting, fishing, training

Ancestor of Marte Valence, a mercenary directly involved with the Phantom Sorcerer conflict. Having received honor and accolades for his part, he was knighted, a rare occurrence for one of common blood.

This did not please the nobles however and it did not take long to achieve in their conspiring the loss of Valence's son's status. Because of this disgrace, Nar's father took his own life, forever coloring nobles in his eyes as villains. Nar was not idle long, turning his grief into an insurmountable drive to reclaim his family's status. Unlike his grandfather's disdain toward magik, Nar took to the Isrian military's use of it having taught himself the basics.

Because of this and his innate propensity for combat, he was noticed by Commander Megiddo and hand-picked to become a part of Ematus Sercia, a new, elite order of soldiers. Proving himself even here, Megiddo put Nar and three other candidates, Leien Edwin and Rema Merloci, to a trial to become knights. None were of status, but of merit and ability, and this one Nar's loyalty and respect of Megiddo.

Becoming a Transient Knight, Nar was given the glyph, Heros. This began to change him subtley only known between he and Megiddo, though it became apparent in his withdrawal from his brothers-in-arms.

Tedala I

BluMiu's Art Dump

Bloodborne fanart
Much as I love this game, I've hesitated to start on fanart for it. Alas, this one came together fairly smooth yet didn't want to go heavy detail until I come up with a neat concept. One is in mind, just need to sketch it out and mull over it.

Airship designs

Laluja Merloci design A
Concept for Rema's grandmother. I probably should make her dancer attire more vibrant, but I was indecisive with what combinations I wanted, so went for basic. I'll likely update later.

Ansgar~ Gale Knight design
A latter stage design for Ansgar, obtaining and refurbishing the ancient armor of an Gale Knight. Though having taken a different path than the father he idolized, Ansgar carries his determined and noble spirit. His love of shiny things and coin has not diminished, however...

Tulamar the White

BluMiu's Art Dump

ROAD- Ishbaal~ city Glow ver.

Eleazar~ The Hustler

One of the few men that can throw hands with Ishbaal and Shammah, becoming The Three founders of the Rollers, newly emerging gang of one of the last cities after the world had fallen to ruin. A boxing enthusiast that has what it takes to go pro in the Wrangler Ring, but his dedication lies with the Rollers...well, that and his pug, Punchie. The gang got together after Punchie passed and made Eleazar a new jacket with his pug forever emblazoned on the back.

Castlevania- The Adventure Re:Birth fanart

Another go at a Belmont, this time one of the greatest of Belmonts, Christopher Belmont. Though rarely mentioned, he was the first to take on a resurrected Dracula alone, battle him twice, AND only one to take on the Vampire Lord on after his prime. Another unique skill Christopher had as a Belmont was being able to shoot fireballs from the Vampire Killer. I'm thinking of using him as the Belmont in my Akumajou Hunter DX story. Haven't begun to plot it out yet.

I made some alterations to the attire to more fit the time period this takes place in, why I said design related to The Adventure ReBirth since that design made more sense than the barbarian vibe.

Mizuki Nasuneredraw

I still have some old works scanned from ages ago. Not all are worth redrawing as I'd end up changing it entirely, but there are some I care to rework. I haven't drawn this character since her initial sketch, and might have taken longer with the clothing patterns the yousei have. However, this was pretty minimalist, so none of that for now.

BluMiu's Art Dump


Inheritance 2nd

Rosalba Arcturus portrait

Full Name- Rosalba Vairchild Arcturus

Alias(s) – First Daughter of Lithavania

Date of Birth – 5Imr/3/201 CR

Eyes – Red

Hair – Blonde

Height- 6'0'' (181.5 cm)

Weight- 150 lbs (68.3 kg)
Race- Penumbra

Sex – Female

Nationality – Lithovania

Occupation – Viennrosa of Lithavania

Interests – Sorcery, runeology, sanguinism, floriculture, botany

Hobby (s) – Galian races, theatre, gardening, design, singing

Mother of Manalodia Arcturus. If anything can be said of her, she indeed is of House Vairchild. For three days she was in labor with Manalodia, a process that nearly took her life. Ziva was by her side in healing, which contributed to her survival, yet the blood of the founding Penumbra possesses strength.

During the consuming process of delivering her child, Jeneva had fevered visions of what would become indiscernible, yet impressed terror and elation. Rosalba knew something great would come of her son, understanding his taking leave of the Rose Palace as part of some destiny only he knew. What she was not prepared for was upon his return,with him were umbra of his creation, children taken from the outside world.

She continued Jeneva of the Rose's tradition of decorating the palace in a variety of roses and even added a massive garden atop the castle. She and her husband contributed to the lasting aesthetic culture of the Penumbra for ages to come.

Rema Merloci III

Illustration of Rema in South Saggio, Isalme.