Hello! BluMiu here and I'm no stranger to RM as I've been around some years now, off and on due to life and work outside. I'm an artist that's recently gotten back into doing commission work for game makers as well as on my own. Eventually I'd like to work on game after finish writing book and putting together art book, but for now I'd like to explore the other artists on the forums, learn new things for the future and share my own works :)
Hope to see you around!


Freelance Art Commissions

Whether looking for illustrations, character, or face sets, you will find diversity in not just prior, but in art style as well. Here is a commission sheet and art examples for an idea. For questions and inquiries, leave me a message in mailbox.

Commission Sheet



Character Design


BluMiu's Quill- Writings and Poetry

Greetings all! I never even noticed that I only had my artwork alone here and none of my writings. I'll change that ;) Since my art and writings go hand in hand more times than not, I usually write concerning the stories I put together or put together art based on the stories. Not only that, but dabbling in poetry on rare occasion and likely my most sensitive area haha.

There are of course many writers here already, sharing and displaying it through their game narrative, so it's a good place to share. I hope you enjoy and feel free to comment; endure if need be, since I can be wordy or lengthy~

Resurrection of Knight

Transient Blitz
Part I
Part II

The Unfamiliar
Part I
Part II

Part I
Part II

Promise to a Princess
Part I
Part II
Part III
Part IV

Under Sun

Over Moon

BluMiu's Art Commissions

Hello, RMN members! Artist expertee in character design and illustration here. I've worked on a few games in the past, recent and indie game for Steam, so a number of work under me and hope that will continue. Other than that, I love to draw in general and RPGs are perfect for just that.

COMMISSION DETAILS- You can reach me through PM where further payment information will be given. PayPal will be the method of payment. You will be able to set up a payment plan for large commissions such as half now/half later, but again, details discussed in PMs. Please include pertinent details as to your request such as details, formatting, references, ect.
*I'm available through the week except Friday sundown to Saturday sundown (I'll still check for PMs though), so I've a pretty good window to get back to you ^^

I'll be offering character art, illustrations/CG, and weapon icons (eventually others as it grows).

Character Art (Busts, torso and full body)

Lineart $5 USD

Shaded $7 USD

Colour $9 USD


Lineart $10 USD

Shaded $13 USD
Colour $15 USD


Lineart $17 USD

Shaded $19 USD

Colour $21 USD

Illustration (Cutscenes/Backgrounds)

Lineart $22 USD

Shaded $24 USD
$26 USD

Other Examples:


$35 USD

Icons (Weapons *currently)

$3 USD

In-Game examples:

Who wants a drawing?

I need to stretch a bit, even though I have some WIPs and concepts to finish. This might be a good way to do some things for folks as I doubt I'll be able to do much for the community aside from commissions and the like, so who would like one?

I'll open up 3 spaces.

BluMiu's Art Dump

Hello RMers :) This is my first post here and likely to be main, unless I make a thread sharing my writing. I thought it would be great to share my artwork with other artists here, get some feedback and eventually, every now and then, take up some requests for those that would like~

I'll start with some recent works. Most of these are for a personal project that eventually some time in the future, I possibly would like to make into a game. For now, it's strictly art-based.


Primul Vampire


The first are for the same series, Eternity: Lost Children part one and two. Last is for a psychological/surreal story called ALTER, something different from my fantasy stuff.
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