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In my spare time, I play low-demand games.



Safety: Life Is A Maze

Just an update,

Thank you very much for your assistance.
Everything's running smoothly, and I'm enjoying 'Safety: Life is a Maze'
with a different but still gratifying satisfaction than that which I enjoyed 'I'm Scared of Girls' with.

I look forward to completing it as soon as my schedule permits me to
get a deeper picture as to Mina's relationship with Doro, Femme, and Andy.

I don't know if it's relevant, but I think the difference in flavor stems from the diversity of cast: though there are other characters within
'I'm Scared of Girls,' the game is definitely centric on Lamb and the history and persona he (or rather, She - Oh, I loved that cassette tape) attaches to them.

Safety's cast speaks a little more for themselves.
Just, ah. An observation I guess!

Safety: Life Is A Maze

I'm quite certain that it's just the alternating static overlays.
I can't imagine the stationary Stat Interface giving me any trouble, and I've experienced a similar sort of trouble with Jasper Byrne's title,
'Lone Survivor,' which makes similar usage of ambient static.

Not to bribe you,
(When I was a wee lass, there was an instance when my Father punished me for telling him "I love you," because he did something nice for me - that's always stuck with me)
But I've taken a moment to donate and thank you for your time in helping people like me, Moga.

This is probably the first time an artist I admire has legitimately engaged me on a personal level!

Safety: Life Is A Maze

Hey-! I was curious as to if you, or anyone else for that matter, could assist me in a dilemma regarding Safety: Life is a Maze.

I'm deeply interested in the game, and have been since finding the first of the Investigator's Tapes. However, there's literally a second delay between every step I make. I've begun to presume it must be because my very poor-quality computer is having trouble processing the Static Overlays, because everything moves very fluidly in cutscenes when the stylistic haze is paused.

I cannot remove the overlays as it causes the game to crash for sake of not being able to open them, but if I leave them in I really just can't play at a rate conducive to puzzle-ing, battling, or exploring.

I know it's got to be a stylistically-important facet of the game, because in addition to the overlays, there's even sound-effects and coloring associated with it. But, is there any way a player of limited means, such as myself, could go about turning off the rapidly-cycling overlays as to better enjoy the game?

Thank you in advance; I really hope to sink my teeth into this title.

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