King of Grayscale

Started playing today, absolutely love it. It gives me the good ol' retro RPG tinglies.

Let's Play: My Own Game

Hey Bulma, are you having any issues with bitchute? It doesn't seem to be work well with phones.

RMN's Favourite Video Game Tracks of All Time

In no particular order -
Chrono's theme, whatever it's called
Frog's Theme
Bloody Tears
Simon's Theme from Castlevania 4
Metal Gear Solid Theme - the one from evolution skateboarding/MGS2 Substance where it's on guitar
The Elder Scrolls theme (Morrowind version)
See You Later from Steambot Chronicles (don't judge me)
Duke Nukem 3D theme
FF7 Boss Theme
My favorite of all time...

Cosmo Canyon.

FF7 remake. It's a thing.

If he teamed up with Hideo Kojima to make a game it would cause reality to implode.

Nah, the cutscene that would precede it would give us enough time to build a portal to another universe or something.

What Videogames Are You Playing Right Now?

I'm currently trying to get Aliens Vs. Predator 2 to run on windows 10. It's getting rather frustrating.

15 minutes later: Screw this, game is basically a virus.

FUNdamentals of RPGs Part VI

I'm going to tattoo "If you want realism, don't play games" on myself. I bought Swords & Circuitry after reading this series. It's long, and honestly, there's parts most of us here can skip - parts that concern actually working for a game studio - but it's well worth the read. Especially for the interviews with folks like John Van Canegham (think I spelled it right...), the creator of Might & Magic

FF7 remake. It's a thing.

Yeah I kind of warmed up to it, but maybe it was because the rest of e3 at that point was so depressing. Some of the combat stuff reminds me of an expansion on Parasite Eve rather than just going "turn based sux" It's kind of insane that Midgar is going to take up 2 bluray discs. The disparity between the sort of content late 90s Squaresoft was able to churn out and how much it costs to make fully real time assets to match that is just insane.

I gotta be honest, I don't like I guess, for lack of a better word of the final fantasies starting with 8. 9 is the exception but I've never played it. Like, look at the art for FF7, and then look at Advent Children. The characters were stylized and cartoony, and then starting with 8 it seems like they were trying to turn anime characters "realistic" and just ended up making them look like fashion victims.

Games with map/level editors

This one may be nit niche and a game that may or may not be your friend's cup of tea. But Postal 2 has its own editor where you can pretty much add anything you want.

Completely forgot about that one. I never really used it, that I can remember. Isn't it like the unreal engine or something? I think someone created a full-blown horror game called Eternal Damnation for Postal 2, came with the Fudge Pack edition (which I have...also got the boxed anniversary edition for myself and a friend for xmas)

Ridge Racer Unbounded has it, but I have yet to really delve into it. Also I was actually kind of disappointed after trying it out for myself, since it made me realize that all the courses in the game are quite possibly just made from the same preset jigsaw pieces snapped together in various formations and that most of the corners in the game are exactly 90 degrees and I just hadn't noticed. o.o;

The game's official City Editor trailer makes it look much more impressive than what I actually thought of it from trying it out myself. Maybe I should give it another chance.

Reminds me of BeamNG.Drive. That sim lets you do some crazy stuff...DragCarTV on youtube has done some pretty impressive things with it.

It was RPM Racing, and it was also done by Silicon & Synapse (aka Blizzard!):

Duuude. Blizzard had some amazing editors. Warcraft 3 basically let you create your own RPG with its hero mechanics. People were making WoW in its editor. The Orc campaign in the expansion WAS an RPG and one of the built-in custom levels was basically a Diablo Clone. I had this big single hero sandbox thing planned out in starcraft but for the life of me I could not get the victory condition to trigger.

Been playing early access Dreams for the PS4 actually. Probably the craziest console friendly level editor in awhile. Though the scope of the levels aren't too big usually.

Damn that looks cool...wish I had a PS4.

I've mentioned ARMA 3, but I quit messing with it because of it's instability. Seriously thinking of giving ARMA 2 a go when it goes on sale, but who knows. Recently heard about Prodeus, a late 90s esque FPS made with some modern features that includes an "easy to use level editor" which is another reason for me to look forward to it.

Also I found this thing, RPG World ( I think it used to be called MyWorld in 2017. If that's true it's been two years in early access, so I'm not holding my breath. Cool idea, though.

RM Historia March 2019 Roundup

It's cool that you and BlueRogue are doing what you're doing. RPG Maker stuff reminds me of the garage rock bands from the 60s, in a way. We just need a "Nuggets" album...

Steam vs. Epic Games

I personally avoid third party launchers whenever possible. I always try to buy from GOG or the developer's site before steam, I've uninstalled all my ubisoft games because I'm totally sick of having to re-login to UPlay, and I absolutely, positively, REFUSE to touch anything that uses Origin. Even when I find something on Steam I really like (that's not DRM free anyway) I have to ask myself, "Do I actually want to play this?" From what I've heard, Epic is always-online right now and that's definitely a no-go for me.