Custom Random Encounter System

How did I miss this

Windows 11 [Update - Ridiculous Min Requirements]

I'll also test RM2K3, RMXP, RMVX, RMVXA, RMMV, and RMMZ for compatibility. I'll report back here if they don't work as expected. I can't test out RM2k because I don't know how to purchase it standalone.

I think you can get it on HumbeBundle.

I'll hold off. Switching from Windows 7 to 10 was a disaster at work. Software's quit working, I get random slowdowns because of Windows Defender, we lose connection to the server roughly every hour, and for a while the security settings were logging us out after 2 minutes. 10's been okay at home, but after one update it deleted everything in My Documents, My Pictures, and My Music the day before I had to leave on a business trip. That was fun, re-ripping my whole CD collection.

I'm mostly concerned about Rm2k and 2k3, if I'm eventually forced to upgrade. Fingers crossed.

I miss XP.

[RM2K3] Rpg Maker Maniacs Patch (for official version)

I just installed this for the first time. It appears to have worked, I don't get any errors and as far as I can tell the new commands are all there. Are there any game-breaking bugs I should be aware of before I dive into a new project?

Whatchu Workin' On? Tell us!

I'm working on my soundtrack.

By that I mean I'm staring at guitar pedals.

Then I started thinking that electric guitars are interesting pieces of pop art but why the hell would anyone want to play one of these shrill poorly designed overpriced overrated piles of monkey shit

"RPG In a Box"

Been looking into Godot lately, and a I stumbled across this. It's a tool for creating simple voxel rpgs, and was created with Godot apparently.

I'm probably not going to use it, as I prefer 2D, but I figured I'd post it here in case anyone's interested.

[RM2K3] CBS - is it worth it?

Hello every body, i am french maker !

I love made Custom systems with rm2K3... ABS, CMS, CBS, etc.

Is it worth to do a CBS in RPG maker 2003? Oh yes Of course !

I have do this :

And this :

No patchs, no dynrpg, just rm2K3 with many events.

Duuuude. I've had your youtube channel bookmarked for like a year and a half. You do some awesome work.

Personally I think it depends.

I just find it weird that the aesthetics would be the reason to move to RM2k/3 when you seem to have the programming capabilities? The modern game engines can do it too. Whatever issue you'll face with construct, you'll face with the modern RPG Makers too (HTML5 being nasty towards pixel art games at first until you figure out how to make it finally work). It's also not very hard to make maps look like rm2k3 when JS literally gives you tools like tiled which allows you to make your own add-ons on the editor itself.

Maybe I'm missing something from OP but I feel like it's not worth it especially since it's a Legacy engine that won't receive further updates.

It's not aesthetics. I mean, I do like 8 bit and 16 bit art and music, which any RM is capable of. And I DON'T have programming capabilities. I just like the engine. It's like...the same appeal as Garage Rock, I guess. Doing it the best I can with what I've got.

I have an irrational hatred of the newer makers. If it comes down to either using XP or VX or MV or whatever, or not making a game at all, then I'm not gonna make a game at all.

[RM2K3] CBS - is it worth it?

Stratego and Soul Blazer in rm2k? I'd love to see those.

I'll PM you in a couple of days.

Thanks again!

For what it's worth, I came to the conclusion that while I can work with the DBS, provided I do some rather awkward number crunching, what I definitely need is a Custom ENCOUNTER system.

Hopefully I'll have something to show for it soon.

[RM2K3] The unoficial RPG maker 2003 Trailer?

-applause- Love it!

[RM2K3] CBS - is it worth it?

@Bluefeathr42 yes!! i made a "example game" with a Custom Strategic game, "like" tactics ogre a long time ago, it was a nice experiment for ABS engines also the Soul Blazer engine (old version), they where my firsts atempts of ABS engines, now adays, the Soul Blazer engine, has big upgrades, and its nearly finished, u should check my YT channel to see the making-off videos and progress

Hope my english was better, to share all my knoledge and teachings for RPG maker 2003, but ar least, u can see my videotutorials, and looking forward to do the CBS videotutorial, and going to finish the CMS last video too :)

Anyway, sure its more worth doing the engines with scripts and pluguins and i understand, but with RPGmaker 2003 1.12a was a bit more worth to do them, u cannot disagree whith that, MWahahahha ;)

Oh, and thanks @cherry for all your work!!

You've done some excellent work! I think I'll be sticking with Rm2k3 unless it's a matter of switching engines or not making the game. Even though there's a lot of limitations and drawbacks it's still possible to have fun with it. After all, that's what counts.

Advice: Always know exactly what you want to accomplish before you start doing it. Don't make a custom system if you have no idea what you want the end goal to look like.

This is where I'm at now. I'm gonna start typing up exactly what I want to do, then work out a plan from there. And/Or just lay down and listen to Kyuss until it comes to me. That helped with the setting, anyway.

[RM2K3] CBS - is it worth it?

Hmmm..I'll have to give it another look, then.

You make some good points. I'm checking out Legends of Heroen. I'd seen it before but didn't play it for some reason.

I know ;)
I'm an old fan of yours Soeufans! I've played your tutorial games, such as Stratego back in 2002, an amazing strategy CBS! And the action CBS Soul Blazer! I am a big fan of the Spanish RPG Maker games and used to visit HellSoft frequently :D

Stratego and Soul Blazer in rm2k? I'd love to see those.