PS1 Classic, anyone?

I've got one preordered, mostly because my old PS1 collection has been lost and I'd like something easy to carry to my friends' houses to play 2 player stuff on. I've heard some complaints about the list of games, mostly that Crash Bandicoot isn't on there. I'm actually quite happy with the list o' games on it, especially Persona. I also had a lot of fun playing Twisted Metal with my cousins back in the day, and running over everybody with Warthog or whatever the monster truck was called.

What do you guys think of it so far?

[RMVX ACE] what's with the menu skins?

Last night i tried changing my window color to black with a white border, and I'm using a script that makes the windows totally opaque. For some reason, in game my windows show up as a very dark blue. I'm using graphicsgale, and I'm sure that the color i'm picking is black. Anyone encountered this before?

Games with map/level editors

A friend of mine last week asked me if I knew any games with decent map editors. I rattled off a whole list, because for me this is a big selling point in a game. Top of my list would have to be Starcraft 1 and Warcraft 3 for being easy to use yet very powerful in the right hands. Then there's ARMA 3's EDEN editor which is blast.

What about you guys? What are your favorite games with map editors? What are your favorite player created levels?

[RM2K3] Official release - Question about Character Sprite Size

I've searched for this and I haven't found an answer anywhere. I'm trying to make my game look like the old NES RPGs. I know that each frame in a character's sprite sheet is 24x32 pixels. My question is, does a sprite have to come close to filling that 24x32 box or can it be smaller? Will having a smaller sprite make collisions look odd or something?
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