Is being an introvert a good or a bad thing?

The truth is that I would definitely rather be in a closed room with an "weird" "introvert" than an annoying "extrovert". Believe me no one likes extroverts when they go hyper, you know the old saying silence is gold and sometimes to shut up your mouth is best. But being overtly introverted is not a good thing either, trying to communicate with those is like a walk trough thorn bush valley.

Faith, religion, and you

Nothing really bad happened to me in my life. I hope people aren't assuming that I am an atheist because something "terrible happened to me" to put me off religion/faith/false conviction and magic/gods.
From my experience majority of atheists that I talked to, were raised in strict catholic families, had some traumatic incident in childhood or such. Of course there are atheists who just chosen not to believe in God, religion and that stuff, just because they don't see point in it,see it stupid or for other reasons. As I said its your life, believe in what you want, just don't endanger physical,psychical health or life of others...I am talking about those psycho cultists.

Faith, religion, and you

For me I have tried both, when I was little I was inclined to religion, but then I started to question the typical questions as if God exists, then why bad things happen etc. etc. When school started, all that evolution propaganda sounded cool for me, I wanted to live in reality, so I started to watch science documentaries, digging into the subject. But as I was older and older...I found out evolution had so many flaws, just like forementioned creation theory. So I was extremelly confused, so I decided not to stick into this subject anymore. I always wanted to believe in something mightier, something above us, but I was afraid I would be disappointed. But then life kicked in, kicked me in the balls, uppercut and when I was on the ground, it pissed on me. I wont discuss it, its not important what happened, important is that, when everything from you is taken, when everything falls, when you are powerless to help your close ones, when you see your close ones suffer to the extent that they cry for death, when you see your close ones die , when there is no one to help you, when there is nothing to save you, when you cant rely on anyone or anything,when even your own body betrays you... the only thing that you can cling to, the only thing that will make you go on is faith. Faith in a better tomorrow, faith in better future, faith in something higher.

No science, no religion, but faith helps you to go on, to go trough the misery that world has to offer. Pseudo-science and religion gave us nothing but more troubles, more stupid unnecessary stuff to worry about, only fights, hatred, wars, yet they are the same, they are just extremes of faith. Its not about who is right or who is wrong, its not about if God exists or not, its just a petty quarrel of people who have serious personal issues, its not Gods fault that priest lied or used you, its not Gods fault that evolution is flawed, its fault of fanatical people, who cant get over their issues, who cant get over their trauma, their judgment is blinded, so how can they know what is right or wrong. They are just "sins of our fathers".

Yes I believe in God. World is crazy place, full of crazy stuff, not everything is logical. God gave me strength to go on and thanks to faith I am stronger than ever, I am more confident, better person, so why not ? There are so many things in life that cant be explained trough logic...I hate religious zealots the same as militant atheists, its not about the theory its about the people. You could say I am more spiritual, but I am aware of some bullshit, you need to have clear mind and balance in life, as Buddhism teaches the golden middle road.

Believe in what you want, believe what you think its right all in all its your life and no one should be telling you what to believe in and what not to believe in, thank God we have our free will. But dont be blinded by bad stuff that happened to you, afterall we are just humans, in our imperfection we are perfect.

Apple and work conditions

Sadly this problem is not only in China but almost everywhere. Really this world makes me sick...sometimes I wish some Cthulhu like monster would come down/up and just swoop every human being off the face of the earth, it would be redemption for those laborers but horror for those rich assholes...

Internet Blacklisting, Save the Internet!

Guys, but still you wouldn't steal a car.

I bet even "Internet is terrorist network"
They already tried "Terrorist Chat Room". Remember Jihad Jane?

*SBomber72 has joined #mujahideen*
I bet terrorists use facebook to organise and like evil plans.

Internet Blacklisting, Save the Internet!

It will happen one day, maybe not now, but they will eventually censor internet or just wipe it out with some "cooler" media that will be controlled from start. They will start shit like " Internet is full of child porn" " Internet is dangerous for kids" "Everyone can spy you trough internet" and I bet even "Internet is terrorist network" added with some TV brainwashing, some controlled "events" and bullshit psychological mindfuck propaganda. They just need to brainwash 51% of the america and dont forget that they have support of rednecks, hillbillies and "TV nation" wich is high %, if that doesnt help, they still can meddle with voting. Means even more money for corporates and less information means more stupidity...but the sad thing is that major part of the internet is monitored, for instance read terms of agreement on facebook.

Time to level up my health!

Many people will tell you, do this do that, this will help that will help. But to tell you the truth, its all about willpower and patience. I could write you a long boring speech about willpower. So to sum it up, you must push the limits, you must go beyond your borders and mainly overcome yourself. You wouldn't believe from what kind of cripples, scrawny scrunts became athletic monsters, so using excuses as "I will never be athletic" or " I dont have the body for it" is bullshit, its like with talent, some people have talent, but whats it good for if they dont sharpen it. It just gives them a quickstart.

You wouldnt believe how much daily exercises may change your life, not only you will be healthier, you will look better, you will have higher self esteem, you will meet new people be generally stronger and be able to handle situations better. There are many diets, exercises etc. etc. but it depends on what kind of goal you have. Do you want to be fit, do you want to be athletic, do you want to be muscular or abs of steel, do you want to be bulk or ripped or just pure strength etc. its your choice. I will give you some tips etc., not whole routine, I believe people here will post them and its your choice,Internet is full of them and mainly im no expert...but I know a thing or two.

-What kinds of food should I start eating, other than salads, and how often is it okay to eat unhealthy foods like pizza and whatnot?
The truth is, salads may be more unhealthy than a pizza or whatnot. Its just really easy, calories acquired<calories burned. Because when you are daily exercising, you don't have to worry about fat and all that shit.I advise you to buy a weighting scale, because believe me you will be using it alot since you will adopt this new lifestyle. Ofcourse you cant just eat chips all day, you will need different food types full of vitamins, minerals etc. so have wide spectrum of different foods, try new foods or just find some diets on internet. Mainly leave half-prepared foods, microwave foods etc. so start cooking as someone mentioned it earlier. Watch ingredients of bought food, avoid food with a lot of chemicals, conservatives and all that stuff. Be prepared that you will pay hefty money for food, because food is most important. Mainly start drinking fresh water, leave all that coca cola, pepsi and flavored crap, drink pure fresh water, it does wonders. A little tip, drink some milk before and after exercise, it will help you regenerate muscles faster, or you can buy protein bars, tuna,egg or such stuff, but milk comparing to them is pretty cheap and effective.
Try to buy top quality milk, because those cheap "colored waters" are full of chemicals and have almost no nutritional value.

-What's a good exercise routine to follow? Is it okay to just do stuff like aerobics and jogging once a week or something? And how often should I exercise?
This is hard to describe, there are tons of different goals as I mentioned before. So first choose what are you aiming for, then find a routine on internet. But if you want general routine then buy a pair of dumbells, high quality running shoes, pull up bar, arm weights and you are good to go. These are essential if you dont want to hit the gym.
Here are some basic routines so go nuts, choose the ones that fit you most but aim for whole body first. Jogging is best everyday, find a nice track trough a park or whatever floats your boat, math the distance or time and go, best time is right after you wake up, you will fell like shit, but you will loose alot of weight. Some nifty tricks i adopted, if you want to bulk up, try to exercise before sleeping or at night. If you want to loose weight, exercise in the morning. Pull up bar is excellent tool for general strength, from start do as much as you can overhand and underhand, then when you can do about 8 in one shot, divide it into series, like first do 8 pull ups, wait 30 sec, do 6 pull ups, wait 30 sec, do 4 pull ups and end. Increase the numbers as you feel .Arm weights are great for general workout, just put them on and do your daily things or exercise with them, your strength will rise greatly.Then, there is swimming wich is one of the best exercises available.There are tons of nutritional supplements, so go nuts, but from start buy proteins or you can go all natural, like me. But be you must have nerves of steel, because it will take alot more time to see results.

-Is my body going to have to adjust to these new lifestyle changes? Like, hypothetically, if I'm exercising and I just pass out of throw my guts up, should I be VERY worried, or...what?
From my experience, at first you will feel like throwing your guts out, you will loose weight rapidly. If you were extremelly unhealthy, be prepared for hard times, you may throw up, get diarrhea, fevers, some diseases, but this just means your body is getting rid of toxins, nasty parasites etc. after that, you will feel like a god. You wont believe how much human body can endure, you will fall in love with that feeling, you will feel like you can move mountains, self esteem will jump sky high, you will want more. So don't be worried, but if you have cardiac problems, be careful with exercises, start very gently and slowly, you may even cure your cardiac problems. For instance my friend had back problems, he started exercising hyper extension, at start he thought he will die, but after that he felt like a new man. But be very carefull, don't overdo it, your body may not be adapted to such stress. You must push your limits, but if you are pushing too hard, you may seriously injure yourself, so moderation is the key. But with basic home exercises and jogging, you shouldn't worry about yourself too much. Some say, that if you don't have muscle ache on another day, you are doing something wrong.

@Feldschlacht IV
This. But sometimes having headaches and not feeling good may be symptom of some disease or bad living conditions. You may be healthy as you want, but if your house for instance has asbestos, well...have fun.


Time to kick this thread to life.

Something more recent. Its a super villain called Atomic Mantis.

Something newer. A mock up of a sidescroller, did it for a challenge, I was short on time, so please excuse the choppiness.

Muammar Gaddafi Defeated

I am using your double-edge sword. Which is the point I was trying to make.
I never used double edged sword, I merely stated that French military isnt renowned for their successes, then other people started naming military successes of Franks...but according to your logic, real France exists since 1789, so victories and defeats pre 1789 wont count, so even more defeats and less victories ratio.

Ahh to hell with this, I am an idiot that I was driven into this. Bailing out.

Muammar Gaddafi Defeated

do you even listen to yourself, bonehead? With your logic, I can whisk away the French defeat against the Germans in WWII by arguing "well, they aren't really french because they are descendants of the Franks, which is a germanic tribe, therefore that loss doesn't count."

You are using a double edged sword my friend.