Gender Roles in Gaming

The truth is that men and females alike, in the whole world had to idealise, as almost everything, into perfect role models, wich in their own eyes look perfect. Every persons basic instinct is to be perfect, so the neverending quest for perfection, wich in my opinion is impossible for us humans, is key to this whole gender rolemodel problem. You can see that every culture shows perfect man with different traits, for one culture a man should be smart, for other he should be savage brute, for one culture woman should be housewife, in other she should be a sexy slut.

These standards are stated by the society, ussually these rolemodels are fixed from early childhood to late teen years and ussually these rolemodels are fathers and mothers. Now we can use the old motto or whatever it is: "Sins of our fathers".

These "perverted" ideals of man and woman are result of shattered egos, traumatized childhoods and other psychic problems, wich undermined their manhood or womanhood. For instance one boy was bullied at school, was laughed at, declined by other gender or had family problems, these traumatic incidents shatter his natural growth from boy to man, if they are not cured, then the effects will change his life, for instance when he was bullied, he will find comfort at supermacho superheroes who beat the crap out of anyone or he will vent his frustration on someone weaker etc. etc. later he may become overly aggressive, cowardly or a machoist. The day, when he starts his family, all these uncured and unresolved problems pass on his children, like genetic diseases. It works for the other gender too, vice versa.

Sure, natural exhibits of masculine and feminine are important for self growth,as you know that way we balance the testosterone and estrogen levels in body, but when these exhibits get way off, like we see in games, films and other stuff, then you know that the person who made them, idealise them could be a person who went trough traumatic incident, wich upset the balance in his life. Surely, the modern day commerce,politics etc. etc., I bet even in the old days, misuses these "hurt" people, to fufill their goals, from selling the newest deodorant trough making cheap whores to creating obidient cannonfodder, trough gender roles.

Lastly the cold hard truth in my opinion is that this whole "how to be a real man" or "how to be a lady" is total bullshit and waste of time, because the answer is mindblowingly simple, look between your legs.

Well this is how I see it.

Through Literary-Tinted Glasses: Enter the Characters!

Interesting stuff here...I will take this to consideration when I will be working on mine piece many good points. Thank you.

Pixel art tutorial

Uggh. This is really messily written, and while you know what you're doing(that is a very nice sprite), you're really not communicating it well at all. This needs better formatting, spelling and grammar, for one. Also, you don't really explain what you mean on a lot of points and only half-explain things. Your explanation of dithering, for instance, is just confusing(and yes I do know what dithering is). You sort of leave everything too ambiguous, which is nice as it gives room for people to work for themselves, but this is a tutorial and the point of a tutorial is to guide someone through a process so they can do it for themselves later. As this seems to be a beginner's tutorial, you really need to make sure there are no prerequisites for following the tutorial, and all the basic rules are laid out and not ignored/alluded to vaguely. For instance, at no point do you explain line theory.

As I said though, I don't doubt that you can sprite, but you need to work on your writing.

Yeah I know, mine writing skills are near to zero, I have the same problem in mine native language too, everything I write, is chaotic and hard to there. I wrote it as fast as I could, because I didnt had much time to work on this tutorial and that "sprite". Well lineart theory is just few stuff, but still I forgot about it...I had the option to write nothing about dithering, because for me its self-explenatory. I wrote this tutorial with the idea of pure pixel art tutorial with few art tips, because pixel art is just another style of painting,its like digital painting,oil painting, its not totally new art type, you will need to know your basic art and painting study,I even wrote it in the tutorial. If I would pinpoint every single thing about art....the tutorial would be, very very very long. Also the truth is,I even put too much emphasis on it, you need to experiment, tutorial wont make you god, its just a hint to show you how its done, but YOU must do it yourself,but yeah it is too ambiguous...I dont know if I should keep updating it or delete it, because if no one has shown interest, then it wont be worth the time. If people will show more interest, I could think about making another pixel related tutorials.
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