Amulet of Athos: Legend of the Sarian Knights Review

@Bonehead11, thank you very much for taking the time to make a thorough review of the demo.
It is very refreshing to hear different opinions from people. Some people seemed to prefer the story and characters over the gameplay/battles, some thought the battles were abit too challenging, but I'm glad you enjoyed the battles :)
Thanks again for your review!
No problem, as I mentioned in the review, I just wanted to give you precious critique, wich is really hard to get, to give you some ego-boost and recognition you deserve, in my humble opinion. I see great potential in this game, wich is used at 60%, if you could work on the story and characters more, we could have great title,again in my opinion. I am glad you didnt went berserk on me for critisizing your story and characters and you took it really good, I clearly see my effort didnt went in vain, keep up the good work!!!

Everlasting Journey Review

Oh yes lets name fire attack with something unorthodox and totally unlogical that it takes us hours to find out what the heck it is like "ardour onset insubstantial " and without reading the mindboggling description like "The ablaze rose sky fervents the flesh of thy person,your picking"we wouldnt know what the heck it is,but we will be original. I prefer practical over fancy, but ofcourse he could at least change the name...

T Review

This review has many valid points, but really 1 star??? You must have some personal issues with the author or game. Seriously this game has great quality value, custom music, graphics, minigames and for a pure story game, battle system. He could say to himself " Fuck you, Im lazy, no battles for any asshole." but he did them, theyre not perfect, but theyre fun, I actually enjoyed them. You see author did alot of job on this game and it is seen, sure the plot isnt revolutionary, nor the dialogues are exquisite, but you can see how much work was done here, if you would diss every single one person making anything...we would be sticking rocks into our asses while living in a cave.
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