Streamline Battle

I am definitely going to wait for this engine...its just pure awesome.

Necropolis: Part I


Just two words, want more. Game is just awesome, perfect, nothing to complain about, only about two things, title screen has little tiling problem in lower left, where the mountains are and that exclamation mark system was a little buggy, but better buggy than random encounters all the way.

They are also vulnerable to Slow and Exposed, though their low armor makes the latter less-than-useful. While immune to Bleed they can be Poisoned, so you may want to use a Titan Sword instead of the Bloodlet Sword.
I fought the soul piano, tried to slow down and poison those melodies, but nothing, they were immune.

Communism as a world power in 2020?

You forgot to add switzerland as neutral.

Bumpy Ahead

I prefer quality over quantity, so take your time, relax, because you are working like a robot...

Moar video

Looks awesome, man this game is so promising.


On the story part, you dont need to have story to make people progress game. If the story will be cliche or such people will be ussally turned off, I think bigger motivator is mystery in this case, big abandoned tower, hero an traveller/treasure hunter/adventurer/monk/novice mage with some background, dark secrets of the tower, would work better in my opinion then save the world or any such. For me dungeon crawling is about going deeper and depper unsolving mysteries, dark secrets to be unearthed, because mystery is easier to create than caring. Again in my opinion,this game gives me the old mystery adventure, retro vibe wich is really really really hard to find in any game.

3D Sound

Holy mother load of...seriously I wanted to make enviromental sounds for my game, but as I tried doing it in rm2k3, I realised it would be near impossible,plus you can play only one music at a time. This is so friggin awesome!!! I am definately waiting with mah game until this comes out. You sir are like a sun in a tornado ridden day.

Release Date

Thank god for miracles!!! By the way you work really fast.

One Thousand Words

Also, the more people that tell me they're going on hiatus to wait for this thing, the faster I push forward since I want to see what you do.
Guess what, not doing any major stuff until this baby comes out, good luck and godspeed.
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