Ugh, more snow...

Talk about slavery.

Game is looking freaking sweet, hope you will finish it.

Wondering if I Should Continue This

Raciela, this, Im amazed.


@Strangeluv: I doubt that, I'm not trying to do anything ground breaking (gameplay-wise), I'm hoping to just tell a story. But I appreciate the enthusiasm.
This is how great games are born.

And mainly
you would be able to skip this
This is the main issue with intros in many games, so a big plus.


If anyone would say this to themselves, then we still would be in stone age.

Interview with Daniel

Who is daniel?

To the world of Bit Bonton!

Reminds me of kings quest 8....wich is great!!!

Battle Video + Timed Hits + Spells + Items + Status Effects

Awesome system,I just hope the other parts of the game will be great as this.
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