Skill acquisition

The idea of this topic is to let you people express your opinion, wich will be highly taken into account, on mine designer choice.

The problem is "leveling up". I personally hate grinding, killing monster for experience just to level up, so I thought "why not ditch this whole old gimmick, in order of something more entertaining for player". Everyone knows, that one of the basic things we love in RPGs is getting faster,stronger,better. So leaving the whole concept of leveling up, in my opinion is ludicrous. So I thought " I love getting stronger, but I hate killing monsters in order to get better at almost everything...its somewhat overused and stupid." Some games such as fallout, baldurs gate, guild wars, gothic, elder scrolls and such inspired me, I took what I loved about "leveling up" and ditched what I hated about it. And came up with mine own "system".
This "system" includes:

- No levels, yes no levels because in reality the idea of you don't have level high enough to take this book/ into your hand is retarded. Ofcourse everyone likes that shiny number that says you are stronger, but in my opinion actions are louder than words, so making your character stronger subtly could work really fine or even better, again in my opinion.

- Fallout style attributes, the system with 9999999 strength is same old same old, and boring, sure you still have other systems, but they are too overcomplicated so they miss the fun factor,for me. I want to walk the middle way, not too complicated, but not too plain, I personally like skill combinations, skills that take brainstorming to use properly, micromanaging, but I hate overcomplicated stuff like in Dungeons and dragons like games. Using overly complicated tables, some brain numbing math algorithms, 2d3+4k8/n=5x4.58645 damage. I want to play a game, not solve math problems...and lets not forget usage of randomness. Sure random stuff happens in real life, but ussually in games its pissing me off. You are big brute with 2 handed badass sword, you are facing giant troll, you attack this giant troll and you miss or that rat has too high level to sorry but that is utter failure of logic.

-Simple yet complicated skills and combat, I dont want, as mentioned before, complicated damage formulas, I want to keep them plain and simple, but there will be factors as armor, resistances etc. but NO MISS and nothing complicated. Armor will be simple, for instance you have 5 armor enemy deals 15 damage, armor soaks up 5 damage and enemy deals 10 damage, simple,effective. I want to leave miss for good, I want to add evade, but unless that character has "evade trait", yes I will add fallout like traits in game, there wont be chance to miss the enemy.

If you dont want to read the "prologue", skip here.

The main dilemma with this "system" I currently have is with skillpoints. I have almost everything thought out except this, so I would like some advice. I have thought out 3 different paths. I want to make this game replayable, so I will be trying to make different choices, different paths and approaches to problems, for instance I want to make a village that is constantly pillaged by bandits, you would have 3 choices join the militia and fight off bandits, or join bandits and ransack the village. Who you join will affect your karma and mainly what you can learn, for instance when you join militia, you will get better armor, some combat skills and good karma. If you will join the bandits you will get skills that bandits would use, like traps, throwing knifes, you would get alot of gold and negative karma. Or you can just do some quests for both sides and leave them alone.
But here we come where I don't know how to make the skillpoints system. I have thought out 3 possible ways:

1. Classical skill tree
Instead of leveling, you will get skillpoints for completing quests, minigames, wich you can spend on different new active skills, passive skills etc. etc. you know the drill. But the problem with this is that adding special story related skills would be...complicated. I cant miss with a skill tree.

2. Leveling up trough game
This is what I mainly thought off. The more game you play,no skill tree, the more choices you get, the choices you do end up giving you different play style, as I mentioned those bandits before. This could be interesting, but there are many problems, like balancing would be really hard. You would complete a quest for those bandits, the quest giver will reward you with skill, weapon, etc. etc. the main problem what I don't like is that you wont have freedom of becoming what you want.

3. Golden middle road
I think combining these two will be the best, it would compliment each other very well, in my opinion. Adding the skill tree with different paths and adding different "classes" depending on the paths you take in game, could make interesting play styles. It looks nice on paper, but how will it look in game ?

Will this mutant work or should I do it the old fashioned way ? Should I experiment or just follow the used formulas ?


How to show numbers.

I would be very happy if anyone could help me with this problem. Pretty please?

I don't know how to show number in variable, for instance health. I know how to do this trough showing every single picture for every single number, but that would be tedious... I seen it in many RM games and I wonder, how do you actually show or let the system write the number in variable trough the game graphics ?

Big thanks in advance.

Challenge, hidden or outspoken?

The question is fairly simple, In mine game Im planning to add challenge to areas, for instance main quest would be to complete a maze, but for extra challenge it could be completed under 2 minutes, its not necessary to complete it, but you can get award such as extra money or special skill. The main question is, would you people as players rather see the actual challenge or it should be hidden and upon completion it will pop up that it has been complete, you know even extra challenge. So classical challenge or hidden ones?

Rpgmaker 2k3-Menu teleport problem

I have tried to program teleporting back to memorized position through the memorize position function...guess what? When I use the esc key, wich i binded to the teleporting to custom menu, it teleports there but the problem begins when I want to teleport from menu to mine memorized location, it just keeps teleporting me into 1,0 position on the menu map. The weirdest,total awkward part just comes, when i hit esc key fast enough in rapid succesion, it teleports me back to mine memorized location? Like royal what the fuck? I really dont know what to do, I memorized mine location into variables, key input, conditional, everything it just isnt normal...any advice would be very very helpfull.


So hey all Im new here so let me introduce myself.Im a man from Slovakia,small country in the heart of europe.Mine hobbies are...drawing,sports,martial arts,working out,reading books maybe a good film but it must a good film,games,history and cultures,having fun...selfexplenatory,cocking and learning new stuff.
Bla bla bla lets move on to the rpgmaker.

What drew me to rpgmaker was the good old feel of old games,wich I like more than this new high definition,bloom crap,those old pixel graphics,im just so horny for them,you know nostalgia and I love RPGs...thats why I wanted to create a game in rpgmaker. I have so many ideas,so many concepts,stories I must vent it all out.Well I have scarce experience in borland pascal...experimented with rpg maker and I think I could pull mine project off,wish me luck.

I hope people here are lurvely.Peace out.

Oh and I could draw something pixelly or digitally for people who would ask me kindly...practice makes perfect...well if anyone would even want mine crappy art...
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