Looks interesting you might want to do some minor things though such as changing the font to something more pixely to fit the graphics.

I had no idea you could change the font XD
I have found a cool 8-bit font so that's one more thing to cross off my to-do list :)

Thanks :D

The Maze

I present to you a small list of thoughts I had during/after the game that I recorded in notepad:

-Remove first merchant and set equipment through events when a class is selected
-Each class should start with a skill
-Mix of random and event encounters on first floor
-Gained "Casual Clothes" at some point without being made of aware of such
-Chests should always award a usable piece of equipment
-No reward for clearing a floor
-Cracks/moss/etc on walls can be walked on
-Consider adding sfx for events like the bridge and lever
-TP bar isn't visible
-Glad the dragon on floor 5 has such high defense - finally feels like party setup matters
-Healing crystal on level 6 should only be usable once
-After level 6, screen stays dark even if you go back to previous floor(s)
-Clowns aren't worth fighting - increase their exp and/or remove their heal
-Floor 7 chest "350 G found" is inconsistent with other "Found some gold" messages
-Floor 8 encounters far easier than dragon, mean wisps, and clowns
-Thief is useless before level 10
-Got to the demon and succubi, but I'm not grinding enough to beat them; recommend removing lifesteal and lowering succubi stats to be closer to normal encounters
-Maps feel mostly barren, and the way early ones split into halves is unnatural

I hope you find some of this helpful.

I did, thank you :D


there is some things that you can walk on, that I am imagine that you should rather walk behind it? and in the same room as the picture to the left you can walk on the table.
I know it´s not finished now, but so far it´s good :)

oh and by the way I got an error, something about a movie? I can´t remember where it was though :(

Legend of Amara

I just played your game, not sure how much playtime i have somewhere between 30 - 40 minutes.
I noticed that there where a lot of text that is cut by the text box with a few other bugs.
sometimes when a monster attacks this happens

another face of Lucas appears.
also if you enter the shop in the town you will get stuck because you get transferred to the walls and there is no way of getting out.
anyway I liked the game, it was interesting :)


Nice little game, I still haven´t figured out how to kick the ball down when it´s on the top side line.
I don´t play so technical, I just steal the ball, run pass the opponent and shoots at the goal XD

With Sprinkles

It´s a great little game, I like the graphics and the comic style to the game.
there is some minor flaws but i don´t really care about that so all i have to say is great game although it´s a little short :)

Punch Bears

I dont know if its a good or bad thing but........ I punched bears! :P
The first game mode is very short but then it´s good there´s two other :)
I´m definitely better at punching bears than defending them, I could only save the white bear for 7 turns :( may he rest in peace........................ wait a minute! why is it you are punching the brown bears and you are saving the white ones? XD
anyway it´s a fun little game :D

Dust to Dust

first of all I really like the option/pause menu and the battle thing whith the "A" button.
In the beginning I was a bit confused of who Ty was, I thought he was an imaginary friend but later found out it was Sira´s brother that she was carrying on her back XD
Great Game! :)
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