There is a funny bug, where if you talk to the tile in front of priest-slime in the church-like floor, a dialogue will trigger. After the dialogue ends, no battle starts.
-if you have killed all slimes but the priest, you get a reward for completing the floor
-if you have killed the priest, the dialogue still triggers.

When you complete a fight, you should automatically get your ammo reloaded (you can do it in the menu, but it is annoying).

It is possible to use healer to build 100 focus during a battle and then heal from menu (outside of battle) everyone. You have infinite uses of safe rooms, so technically, you can recover after each fight (but it would be annoying). If you remove infinite uses of safe rooms, player might find himself in an unwinnable situation. So, I have a suggestion about the battle system:
after each battle, party fully recovers, reloads ammo and healer's focus is set to 20. Encounters become harder, but from each floor, ~1 encounter is removed.

Another issue is the fact, that the majority of skills you gain are useless. I used only shogun, pistol, take aim, heal, heal all (rarely), concentrate, bleeding slash, clean strike. Nothing else is needed. I have several suggestions on how to make certain fights more difficult and to require the usage of certain skills to be beaten. If you are interested, feel free to PM me.


I am not sure whether "increasing" difficulty by not allowing player to heal after battle with a healer in party has any point. You can just use gunner to guard, let your healer do the job and have almost 100% HP after each battle.
So choosing to not get healed after every battle doesn't increase difficulty at all, but makes the game more annying. Perheps two difficulty setting would solve this problem?

Harvest and Hunt 14

It shuts down on the map after the queens's speach. IT freezes for a while and then just shuts down. No message, CPU and memory usage doesn't peak. No music plays before it happens. I am using older computer with XP. I haven't played many MV games. Same aren't working, same works normarly. Are you using a script in the area? What is the 1st command which happens on the map?

Harvest and Hunt 14

Game shuts down after Queen's 1st speach.

Mayhem Maiden

I enjoyed the game a lot. Maps are in very hight level, they are all different and there is a way how you can weaken guardian by doing same task on them. I also love that you have to change your strategy (and later even mods) against different enemies in different floors. There is however a small issue in balance. In floor 2 and 4, guardains seemed to be easier, a lot easier than optional miniboss fights (blind werewolf and frost mage).

Molly should be able to go on overload on purpose. She is trying to keep herself from overloading, so she actually just has to stop trying. This "spell" actually could be used against 4th guradian where its either getting every turn hit by overload or every 2nd turn by 4 self destrutions. Also, in 2nd guardian fight, it could be used to avoid overloading while the guardian uss his powerful multitraget move (3rd turn of full moon) and generarly, it would be good to have more control over the spell so you can overload while enemies are playing defensively rather than offesively. In fights with enemies with decent defences (4th guardian), the tremendous spells are less effective than the semi-weak attack - concidering Molly will hit the boss with 2 hits of 3.

I also suggest putting in game enemies which attack party memebers ignoring draw rate (or dispells draw rate effects). There is a combo where Karin makes enemies attack her, then guards and May uses her healing trap on her. This makes Karin practically unkillable. Potion launcher heals allies hit by multitarget attacks.

Elf's Diary

The game had nice difficulty, party learned new skills very often, preventing the game from getting weary. One thing I didn't like was, that you don't get healed after battles - you had to decide, go whole way back to home to heal, use potions or try to samehow win the next battle with few MP. It would be interesting if in next game party members changed once in a while to prevent player from using the same strategy only with few nuances over and over again.
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