[SCRIPTING] [RMMV] Custom name input

Actually this script only replaces the "Window_NameInput ()" function that exists in the file "js / rpg_windows.js".

So basically my idea is different.

I'm running out of time to understand the default Rpg Maker code so it might take a while.
What I advise you is to change the "WindowsSkin" at the moment of inserting the note by a simple using black background.

I found the command, but it will still take some time to create the "inputName" the way you want it.

Try use MSPaint to give an example of how it should stay.

$"New name");

ID: position on DB, example, 1 are Haroldo



The moment you import click the green color and it will start blinking.
This will confirm that it is transparent.


I just converted to 8-Bit, if you want to edit use TEMPLATE:


MSPaint from Windows 7 or higher saves the images to 32-Bit by default, no matter if it's BMP or PNG.

If the transparency continues even at 8-Bit it will continue to affect the file.

To fix it use MSPaint itself, set a background color of a different color and when saved will appear the warning that it will lose transparency, even if it appears to not exist.

Finally convert to 256 colors (8-Bit).

If you need I uploaded the images converted to you:

If you come to edit any of them you will return to 24/32-Bit.

[RM2K3] Massive eyestrain when screen scrolls?

I believe that is the capacity of your video card with GDI.
Try to use it for DirectDraw.

But it will probably stay in effect "blur" every moment.

[SCRIPTING] [RMMV] Custom name input

I understood that you wanted the simplest possible.

Now the way you want I need three things:

1) an example image of how you would like the field to insert the text, I will use CSS + JAVASCRIPT.

2) I need the Plugin command that modifies the character name, because it might be that the code is large.
But if it does not I'll look in the CORE script.

3) I need to know if the game texts are images or default RpgMV (sources via CSS).
To be sure of how write.

I will create a Plugin to be able to use parameters.

Note: I speak Portuguese if I need to, I am always in "Centro Rpg" and CondadoBraveheart.

Is that what you want?

[RMMV] [SCRIPTING] Problem with HUD Maker

Try this, when entering the "Show Choices" change the "Background" to Window or Transparent.

[RM2K3] Massive eyestrain when screen scrolls?

I tested full screen on two computers:
1 - Intel Inside CPU with 2Gb Ram
2 - Cpu Core i5 with 6Gb Ram + 2Gb Video (Nvidia G-Force)

Apparently everything normal.

Probably the problem is in the Driver or graphics capability of your card.

[SCRIPTING] [RMMV] Custom name input

Can I try to help you? You said it had to be as simple as possible.

Enter a "Script" event command, paste it into this code:
temp_note = prompt("Input note text:","");
if(temp_note == null || temp_note == "") {
/* Opicional */
/*Insert command HUD with var "temp_note" */
alert(temp_note); //Example
/* Clear var */
temp_note = null;
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