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[RM2K3] MP3 files now crash the program

So, I didn't completely test to unplug all the device before, I missed the webcam... and it was it!

Unplugging it fixes everything. This is very strange, I have no idea why.

But thank to all of you for helping me, especially Kentona which almost figured it out on first try.

[RM2K3] MP3 files now crash the program

Ok, I'll try this next time I have access to this computer, on monday.
Thank you for helping me, and I had no idea what would be different with the remote access, but sound card seems to make sense now!

seem to remember the Disharmony.dll going in the same folder as the .exe.

Just to be sure, after I installed the Disharmony.exe, should I have a Disharmony.dll in my folder? because I didn't on first try.

[RM2K3] MP3 files now crash the program

Just a note, I don't have harmony.dll in my game project at all. I actually don't use RTPs or if I do I integrated them manually. (I thought it was for RTP too but I could be mistaken).

We might have to go lower level now. You should reinstall the sound drivers for whatever soundcard you have on that computer, even if it's on-board sound, because it sounds like that's where the problem is.
Do you have an idea about how I could do this?

Also, does it make sense that the bug doesn't happen when I connect through remote access to this computer?

[RM2K3] MP3 files now crash the program

I installed it but not sure what changed exactly in my files.
But I tested it after complete installation and it still crashes. :(

[RM2K3] MP3 files now crash the program

Thank you, I'll try this next time I can. I'll update you.

[RM2K3] MP3 files now crash the program

I can't do that because the issue is only happening on a specific PC, nowhere else. My project has not been on this new PC before so there is no "rolling back" possibility.

The thing is, if it happened on this PC it could happen to any potential players. They would tell me the game crash when it starts and I would have no clue how to fix it. That's the main issue.

As for me, even if it's really annoying, I can work on other PC in the meantime.

[RM2K3] MP3 files now crash the program

so after trying to unlug the headset and the mouse I still have the crash. I'm clueless.

[RM2K3] MP3 files now crash the program

I'm not computer savy at all, but I can say this is a very confusing issue.
Tomorrow, I'll try to unplug the devices one by one on the bugged PC to see if it changes anything with the compatibility.

[RM2K3] MP3 files now crash the program

So, I tested more and it's really strange:

I connected with another computer through a VPN to the computer that has the bug and I couldn't reproduce the bug that way. Which makes me think it's related to some hardware components??

Which makes me think about what Kentona said earlier:
here's an oddball question but - do you have a gamepad plugged into a USB port?
Curious about why it could be a reason, can you explain?
Because if may be something similar.

[RM2K3] MP3 files now crash the program

Yes, I tried it and it crashes as well, no difference.

To be clear, last time mp3 worked well on my personal laptop at home. I have Windows 10 on it. But this time I try it on another computer which has Windows 10 Entreprise. So I think there is some kind of incompatibilities with this Windows version. (I'll test again at home tonight)