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[RM2K3] MP3 files now crash the program

Hi, I've been working on a project for a long time and used mostly MP3 files for my musics, it worked well for years but today I encountered a bug, each time a MP3 plays it crashes my program, either in game mode or with the music test window. It's a generic Windows crash and I get this error message:

-The midi files are still working okay.
-I'm using Cherry's RPG Maker Ultimate / RPG Maker 2003 unofficial version
-I tested it with other projects, it also crashes so it seems to be an issue with the new PC I'M using, I'm on Windows 10.
-changing my mp3 to wav works but it's not a good solution.

Thank you for your help!

[RM2K3] (DynRPG) A way to display an item name using a variable?

How can I display an item name using a variable in a message?
I think it is someting possible with DynRPG but I couldn't find the info.

I thought it was something like:
(for the item number stored in variable #100)
... but it doesn't work.

Mailbox issue: Notification won't go! :(

Hello people!
I have a strange bug on my account. My mailbox always shows a "(1)" even if I read all my messages. I tried to close the tab, even logged off, no change.
Any idea?

Doubling/Halving some Stats is bugged in RM2k3

Hi, I found out to my surprise that some of the basic stuff in the original battle system are bugged and I couldn't find documentation or talk about it. I'm talking about unofficial RM 2003 here.

You know how there is a status that can doubles or halves you stats during a battle, well it works great with strength and speed but not with defense and mind at all, the stats never increase. I did some debug and I cannot be on my side, it is a bug in the program itself. I think the program falsy doubles/halves the "max" of the stat rather than the "current" stat. Can be a bug that was made with the translation back then.

Now, here's another hint, I use the french version and it could be an issue with that one only. I have no idea if the bug is also in the unofficial english version or even the original japanese one. I'm just curious if someone can confirm this to me.
Now, I'm actually praying that it is a bug only on the french version and using any other ones would help be fix that. I would gladly switch to an unofficial english version but these days it seems they vanished from the Internet because of the official version being on Steam.

(If you are not sure how to test it, you can just create a status that doubles your defense and make a battle even which every turn display in a text the defense amount (stored on a variable) to see if it doubles once you get the status.)

How often a complete game made on RMN 2003 uses the original battle system?

Hi, I'm very not knowledgeable about the games that have been made on the program even if I'm making one since more than a decade now. But I want to know a fact, how common it is that a finished game made on 2003 uses the original battle system.

I, myself, use it even if I'm making some sort of "pokemon" game, so the battle system has some unique things going on, I think the battle system is very underated, of course it has plenty of issues as well but it's been a time saver for me and couldn't even reach the point I'm at if I didn't do it this way.

So, basically I'd like anyone to share their knowledge about how common it is. What games you know are finished and considered serious work (not looking for some joke game or very short ones) that use this system.

I would appreciate this a lot, thank you in advance.

[RM2K3] [DynRPG] Plugin or Patch to remove Row command in battle?

I'm using RPG Maker 2k3 (unofficial version) with DynRPG.

Is there a plugin or patch to remove the Row command in battle?

(I spotted the QuickRow plugin which is nice but I would prefer to remove entierly the command.)


[RM2K3] White Overlay on Battlers :(


In a 2k3 battle scene when one of the heroes is selected there is a white flashing overlay on him as a visual feedback. This overlay disapears when the player select attack or spell or whatever else.

But if the player choses to use the auto battle or if one hero is controlled by the AI since he will attack immediately the frame after he is ready the white overlay stays displayed on the hero.

Hard to explain but I guess this issue is well known by some people, here's a screenshot of it:

On the left, this is how it looks. On the right it is how it should look (no white overlay).

I'm using the unofficial 2k3 version so I don't know if the official one as the same issue.

Is there any ways to fix that?
I was thinking about a plugin since I'm using DynRPG because all I tried within RPG maker didn't work. (I even tried to make the attack command as a spell but strangely if a hero is under AI control it can still use the basic attack command even if it's not even available for him in the database.)

[RM2K3] Revive Spell question

Is there a way to create a revive spell (which remove the "death" status) so it can only be used on a "dead" character? There is this option on the items but not on the spells as far as I know.

I want to avoid the possibility of casting this revive spell on an alive character since it restores HP as well.


Btw, I'm using the unofficial 2k3 version.


Hey all,
I've read that you can modify the text icons (aka glyph) in 2k3 through the resource hacker program. (I'm using the unofficial 2k3.)

I have several questions about that:

-is it safe to use such program?
-is it possible to use it on a patched .exe?
-is it compatible with a project using DynRPG plugins?

I don't want to mess my decade old project lol...


[RM2K3] Plugin to tweak critical damages?

Do anybody knows if there's already a plugin to change the critical damage of RM 2k3?

I already asked for that last year on this thread and Kaine87 was kind enough to answer me but I'm really not familiar with source code of plugin... What should I do to make it a working plugin for my project?

thread here:

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