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Looking for a Warhammer Fantasy fan to possibly work on a WH-VXA TBS Project~

Lengthy title, I'm aware!

I made a post HERE (inc. TBS suggestion) earlier pondering about it in the past and the possibilities it could have. However, I've been looking into it since and I can tell you that it just doesn't seem to exist anywhere. The closest I can find is people asking about 40K, but do we really need more games with space marines hiding behind cover and shooting at each other?

Nono, WH-Fantasy is much more fun, and has a more interesting cast of races to take advantage of.

Anyhoo, there are a few TBS scripts out there, and there are a good few possibilities as to how a WH-RPGM game could be approached in terms of development; a lot could be done with it, and I can already think of a number of ways the rules could be implemented into RPGM mechanics.

However, I can't do it myself, as it's complicated to work out from scratch and I can't dedicate all my time into sorting through possibilities on my own, so would much rather something like this would be a team project that could be discussed and spitballed until ideas start to fit into place.

Although I am aware if there was a Venn Diagram of RPGM fans and WHF fans, that the overlap would seemingly be occupied solely by me. I'd like to think otherwise, but really, how often is the googleweb wrong about these matters?!

So, if there's anyone else hiding in this tiny niche overlap with me, now would be the time to show yourself :'D

Warhammer Inspired Game?

Has anyone made (or tried to make) a game within RPGmaker (VXA?) based on Warhammer (Fantasy)?

I can't think of or find any examples, but I reckon the idea would have a fair amount of potential depending on what style you decide to go with and what to do with it. I'd love to get in on something like that, but really don't think I'd want to make it entirely myself.

Could be an RPG akin to the Warhammer MMO (WAR) where the character takes control of a singular character (or small interchangeable group) and goes about a standard RPG style quest.
Could be more TBS-y like the tabletop (I've seen numerous games with TBS style themes and scripts) controlling small skirmishes.
Could even be somewhat of a mix: you control a specific hero of your own design and jump into the TBS "levels" at certain areas and control larger groups.

The specifics of it all I haven't thought about in-depth, but I'm just thinking that with all the rules in Warhammer that vary from species to species, a lot of that could be implemented in interesting ways in RPGmaker, I feel.

If nothing else, I'd love to do some spritework for Warhammer! :D

Any other Warhammer fans on RMN? Any thoughts on the matter?

Did a quick hunt around for available TBS scripts and found THIS which runs pretty nicely, and could be used as a platform for a test/alpha version of a Warhammer level.
Most of the stuff in the script would allow it to follow by a number of Warhammer rules and army creation restrictions, so I reckon that could work out, in theory~

Drew up a quick Clanrat Slave sprite and threw it into the demo just to get a look. Totally into the idea of puttin' somethin' like this together...need a team! o:

Looking for writer/story to collaborate with on "Graphic Novel" idea (either for new game or current)

Right, so it's the art I'm into right now.
On top of Short Games.
And mixed mediums.

Either way, I have this wee idea that I think would be cool to either base a Graphic/Visual Novel around, or even just as an addition into a current game for the sake of livening up cutscenes, theatrically.

Problem is, I have no story ideas and, to be perfectly honest, no interest in coming up with heaps of dialogue or ideas to base this around. Put bluntly, I just wanna draw. I'm happy to come up with storyboards for the scenes for them to get put in, but I don't want to have to worry about deep storytelling and dialogue on top of art that takes pretty damn long to do.

So ideally, someone has a story they want to put together, or a game that they want shinier cutscenes for, and I can draw them up to be added in. Collaboration at it's finest!

Now, to show an example of what I mean:

Everything is drawn comic book style and waits on a button press before moving on. These scenes could just be inserted around about interactive sequences freely without getting in the way of event processes since they're just pictures sitting on top of the screen.

I feel like I'm not explaining myself very well, here...

Anyone has any questions, just let me know! :D

Looking for a short project to help work on~

Which maker do you use?
VXA preferably. I could dig up my old 2k3 files and work with that, since I spent years using 2k3 before VXA, but I'm a touch out of practice with it.
I have no access to XP or VX.

Why a short project? Why not my 300+ hour mega RPG of 8 years in the making?
I'm dead into short projects lately; just games with a cool gimmick and a 20~60 min playtime. Not only are they typically more likely to see a Completed status, but it lets you work on a lot of different projects and ideas overall, without spending months and years slogging over the same characters and themes.

Short Project...?
Now, to clarify, I'm not saying I'll be half-assed on any project, I just don't want to spend the next several months worrying about it. I'm having fun just working on a project, seeing the end result then rinse-repeating with a new one :D

I'm happy to work on any kind of project, whether it be puzzle, visual novel, dungeon crawler, horror, whatever. Combat isn't necessary, but I am digging cool stories and/or interesting gimmicks.

Great!....wait, who the hell are you?
Unfortunately, I'm not one of the highly talented developers on this site that you wish were making this post. I can't make music or scripts for love nor money, but I can do artwork. Not amazingly, and it tends to be of a certain style, but's something I can do that I feel like I'm actually making progress. I can map and work on game design/theory, but tbh I spend most of my time thinking up things to event.

Here is a list of my recent completed projects (not all of which are on RMN).
As for a artwork, I have a page of my recent work in the Resources section, and a copy of it at my blog:

Why do you want to work in a team project when you obviously suck?
I enjoy working on teams. I like not feeling like every single task is my responsibility, which lets me focus more on what my task actually is (rather than rushing from one thing to the next, and worrying that nothing is 100%); I'll be able to focus more on my tasks and make sure they're as good as can be.
I have fairly limited experience working in teams since it seems they're not actually that easy to find in the GMing community (the last group project I worked on was a monthlong effort and wound up having everyone else quit within days...) so am looking to try getting into it more. For experience, for fun, for creativity.

Why are you looking for a project instead of suggesting one?
I'm creatively dry right now. I've got a lot of small, vague ideas for gimmicks and things I'd like to try making, but none of them concrete enough to actually work on. Figure that instead of just sitting and toiling over bringing one of them to life, I could make myself useful and help bring someone elses ideas to life. I don't care if the idea is mine or not; if I helped create it, I'm happy.

What's your price?
As most streetwalkers are where I come from, I'm completely free. This is just for fun, to try have a laugh with someone and create something cool.

[vxa][request] looking for artist to design a jazzy title screen!

As title really; I'm just wanting a more "stand-out" title screen to suit the theme a bit better. I made up a title screen to suit the visual appearance of the battles, but it doesn't really fit the overall vibe of the game's setting.

It's a sci-fi/magic mix based in future/space with an appropriately future-y looking windowskin and most of the tileset graphics being space-y or modern to some degree.

I'm just looking for a bored artist who fancies drawing me up a shiny title screen that really feels more at home than the current one.
Oh, you want specifics? Well I'm envisioning something with a vibe akin to that of the windowskin; very tech-y and future-y, but at the same time isn't just blatantly a sci-fi thing; just a hint of "magic/fantasy" somewhere. If possible ;)

The game: Syma
The screenies include images of the windowskin and tilesets, but if you need/want any other graphics (charsheets etc) or details, just let me know and I'll do what I can to help.

Cheers :)

[vxa] looking for futuristic tilesets

As title really. I'm planning another version of a game I just finished and would like to have more than the single modern/future-y tileset I have access to.

For the sake of clarity, I'm not meaning modern houses and streetlamps, I mean spaceships and lasers kind of modern/future.

Can't seem to find this many places as I guess the sci-fi thing just isn't as popular, but if anyone knows where any good ones are for use that'd be fantastic :)

[Request] Looking for a few testers for "Wee Hero"~

Couple of links:

Public Profile


I just released a testing phase Alpha just to check for balance issues for enemy levels and material collection. I want to make sure I get everything as well balanced as I can before fleshing the area out, as I don't want to have to go back and retroactively need to carve into it to fix balance issues and such. There is details about what the Demo contains within my blog.

I'm not expecting people to devote several hours to going in and finding every last bug; just a general run through of it and see how it feels by the time you stop: did you find yourself completely incapable of advancing or was everything just plum easy? That type of thing :)
There's also a page where I'm keeping track of known bugs or errors if you happen to find any.


Download page keeps timing out!

Forgive me if there's somewhere that covers this, but I've not used the RMN forums before and can't find a FAQ for such things; am I just being completely blind?

What my problem is that I'm trying to upload a new download and it just won't work. It gets about 10~15% of the way in (if that) and then the page just times out or tells me that the webpage no longer exists. I've tried must be a dozen times to no success now and tried uploading a rar'd file as well.
I have uploaded files before with no problems and never had this issue before, so I'm at a total loss. Is it a file size issue, or the server just being busier at whatever times? Or is it something I can't fix?

Thanks in advance for any help, or for directing me to an appropriate FAQ if there is one :)

Just discovered rmn!

Never seen this site before in all the years I've had rpg makers, just came across it a day or two ago. Figured it's only polite to say hi especially siinnce I'm kinda lost on this site (e.g. I've no idea how to post/update the blog on your game page; if've any idea, do let me know! D: ) but it's lookin' cool. Likin' the game profiles over the typical threads, feels more organised, so am plannin' to get comfy here! Good place, good people? :D
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