jeez I should really make a game eventually



Back from the Dead

It's coming back?? Oh my stars.

Please Love My Computer Game

Looks interesting, I'll take a crack at it.

EDIT: Suggestion: up the walking speed. Drastically. I grasp that the game is supposed to come off as being unfriendly to players as part of its premise, but even when you're working toward a very deliberate artistic theme you still want to keep basic playability intact, y'know?


"where 16 cultists took their own lives by drinking Hydrofluoric Acid"

"took their own lives by drinking Hydrofluoric Acid"

"drinking Hydrofluoric Acid"

Yarrglblarrgl wait what JESUS CHRIST WHY???

...So of course I'm downloading now.

Ruin Review

Haha well, I'm not too surprised the reviews differ. I'm one of the nitpickiest people I know about game stories. xD So take it with a grain of salt, I guess?

Developing like a lazy bum!


By default (...I think), word autocorrects certain punctuation to special characters. In the most recent version of word, the box you need to uncheck is under file > options > proofing > autocorrect > autoformat.

*goes back to lurking*


This looks very gameboy advance-y. Which I love. :) Looking forward to it!

The Widower

Good God this looks amazing.


Light mechanics, eyeball trees, faceless people, and hella creepy retro maps. Yup, too much coolness here not to sub. Looking forward to seeing where this one goes!


why cant i replay this? I even uninstalled it and re-downloaded it

Prolly 'cause you only get ONE SHOT :P

...More seriously, though, last I checked it works if you play it on a different windows profile (can't speak for any other OS). I haven't figured out the mechanism the game uses to prevent replaying. My best guess is that it saves a tiny file somewhere and checks for it on startup, but I've never found where. I can think of some ways to find out (running it sandboxed comes to mind) but personally I'm not even sure I want to know, it seems like it'd ruin the effect.

On another note, anyone who thinks this game in a YN ripoff might have played like, two minutes of it max. I know I'm late to that flamewar but seriously, YN is a low-skill, low-content game. It was influential, sure, but at the end of the day it was still just something you poked until new items fell out and then UBOAAAAA and then you kill yourself the end. This game has a fantastic story that takes full advantage of the strengths of games as a medium, shows a lot of insight into human psychology, and is quite structured besides. I LOVE this game, it's genius.
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