Overwatch remains among the most popular competitive games available even after almost five years of being on the market. Even though Overwatch 2 is in development however, it's clear that we won't be getting the game.

Meanwhile players have to live with what the game offers. Overwatch is currently in a great spot right now. Although the game hasn't seen a new hero since the release of Echo in April of last year, constant balance changes keep the game fresh. Meta is one of the most intriguing and intriguing, with numerous deadly heroes to choose from. Check out OWboostroyal website for effective information on Overwatch right now.

Which ones are doing well? Which one should you choose in order to become Overwatch rankings and earn SR? There's a lot to be learned and plenty of information for players who are new. We have you covered there and you'll be cruising through the ranks in no time. This is our Overwatch tier list in full. The list of the most played heroes on overwatch

The Most Played Heroes On Overwatch

Tier 1

Wrecking Ball
Wrecking Ball is a huge force over the past few months now. Many of the main tanks are struggling a bit at the moment, but even despite nerfs, it seems the Overwatch community has finally begun to understand how to win with the hamster. It's among the heroes the meta is currently centered around.

It's clear why he's the Grandmaster rank's most sought-after. If the role of tanks is to create space, Hammond is undisputed. Unmatched in his ability to disrupt and displace the opponent's frontline and backline, Hammond is the undisputed leader. Even with a recent cut to his boop strength he still runs havoc on any team that is trying to establish their place.

He is not a character which can be enhanced through the passage of time. He thrives on map-related knowledge and specific rollouts. Additionally, the line between feeding your brain out and tormenting the team apart could be very thin. However, if you learn your way around the little guy, there are few or none of the individuals as effective as him at the moment.

Zarya is currently the most played overwatch heroes. Zarya is the most popular off-tank choice for high-level play. Wrecking ball is a powerful partner in her work. Similar to the Winston/Zarya team in the past, she has the ability to play a bubble hamster when she goes in to give him some free charge while protecting the advance from any crowd control.

Overwatch is often in a good spot in times when Tracer is strong in meta. You can see currently, Overwatch is in a good spot. Tracer's cooldowns are increasing so frequently that, in an economy with many abilities this is a huge chance to become a big hassle. She can turn deadly fast in the event that she fails to utilize an ability or makes an error in her situation.

McCree is the ideal partner to Tracer in DPS. When the mobile damage is coupled with a Wrecking Ball that is continually trying to disrupt the team, McCree is the perfect option for applying pressure and punishing players who are displaced.

Zenyatta is powerful for a variety of reasons. His Discord Orb is always oppressive due to the strength of the people around him. Zen can quickly call shots by placing a discord on a target. It's an indication for all these mobile heroes to dive and slash a major adversary.

Mercy is the most common Zenyatta's partner at the moment in overwatch multiplayer game , though the main supporting role is distributed more evenly between characters.

Mercy is the clear winner right now, for two reasons. While she might not have the same healing power like other supporters, she is consistent and difficult to pinpoint. In comparison to other supports, she is much more evasive and hardy to being dived. Her ability to flee from attacks makes her a hard to pin down for a Wrecking ball or Tracer to nail down.


In recent times, Reinhardt has been flying up the pick rates. Although Reinhardt's slower play might be counterintuitive with the speed of Wrecking Ball, he is not. Wrecking ball set up but he's also capable of providing good counterplay. Wrecking Ball has recently seen an increase of 25% in its knockback. Because of Reinhardt's passive Steadfast ability that he already has an increase of 30% to the effect. This means that the hamster is going to struggle to move him around.

Although a coordinated dive team may be superior, Reinhardt is easy to collaborate with, particularly in the case of aggressive diving. Although it's still too far off to put Reinhardt to the top, within a couple of months, Reinhardt could be able to break Ball's hold on the meta.

Tier 2 is historically not a great spot for Sigma. Due to his extensive kit Sigma has become so well-known that he's no longer a part of the majority of compositions. This is after a number of massive changes aimed at reducing the sheer amount of utility he has.


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