The Removal Of All Things ME (Even If It Costs Me My Account).

I Hate These Internet Forums...

...But then why do I stay?

I don't really understand it myself, after all the BS that has happened since I started coming around the boards in 2007, after the way my masterpiece was treated and is still treated today. Why do I still come back around here? Why do I still go to hang with people who really still treat me like garbage?

There is something about these places that make me wanna stay, but I don't understand...I have my own site now, things are going still great, so why do I stay?

Tell me my follows friends, why does anyone stay here? All we get is ripped apart. And if you say: "Well, to submit games and play them?" because of late, I find myself all nervous and panicky when it comes to releasing games on the site. Probably because I want to jam pack full of features on it, I dunno...why do people stay here? It's much more peaceful in someways to just hang alone and make games on your spare time. You have less distractions that way. Like LOOK! 30 min's here, and I could of finished something on my projects, damn.

...I hate the forums...

Hanging The Gloves Up (Deciding To Go Solo, You Know...Becoming A Loner Guy :))

I've been thinking about this for the past couple of weeks since I've been back here from being banned. It's usually quite tough to leave two places that you have been spending a lot of time on for a long time now. But thinking about it now, I think it's finally time to step down now, while things are getting hot. And give the new generation of indie game makers a chance to shine. While this old sea dog goes up to hang...alone.

I would like to thank Gaming World & RPG Maker Network for allowing me to post, hang, and express myself through these many years. You, the staff, the mods and people here, have made this place...the finest places to hang for indie gaming and thank you so much for making me think that I was one of the boys. Thank you. Without you guys and your constant pushing me, I would never of have finished a game because of you. Thank you once again.

Now now, don't get me wrong! I'm not leaving because I'm tired of game making. Are you kidding me!? I'm making three games in a row now, so there really isn't any time left to hang over here anymore. Lol, I'm going to busy in the next few weeks thanks to school and stuff. I just can't be here anymore, it's more less because I seem to work a lot harder if I don't come here, and focus hard at the task at hand. So it's not because of you guys, it's because things are going to be TIGHT soon.

I wish everyone here well, I truly had a great experience being here. But it's time for me to go back to class, be solo. And get a great education! I will continue to make games as much as I can with my free time. Hopefully I can finish more. I'll try and check out these sites as a ghost once and awhile, oh! And I'll still come by to see if Nessy, Neok, Skie finish their games!

Peace yal. This is Brenty-O signing off.

(Hands in his shirt)

(PS: Yeah I know in the past I've said a lot of shit...I would like to say, I'm sorry. I wish GW & RMN all the best of luck in the future! ^^

Also I would make this more sappy, but there is a lot of work to be done on Scuba Steve and stuff. See ya laters guys!)

So You Can Only Put In The Game Download...

...When the game has been successfully submitted?

Same with game pages it seems, hmmmm...not that I mind. But I suppose I wanna put everything up, and go to sleep, breathing easy that everything will be accepted, and I don't have to worry about it at all tomorrow. Is there anyway to at least put up the game's download at least on a page?

Thanks yal! ^^

How Many Game Pages Are You Allowed?

It's coming...

...I just wanna know this before I start getting down to business.

I want about 11 or 12. Is that possible?

Thanks! ^^

Is There Anyway To Get RID Of That Blog Feature?

Well just wondering myself. Since you can add game pages and stuff, I'm sure you can delete them. But is that Blog page a mainstay or can you get rid of it? Thanks! ^^

Post Your Game Merchandise Right Here!!!

This topic is pretty much a showcase for everyone here who loved their projects SOOOOOO much, that they had to make some cool shoddy merchandise just to show off to everyone, no matter what the cost.

So I'll start us off:

Lol, let's see if anybody here on these boards created some merchandise. I can't be the only one.

Come on! Be brave, show us your faces. And yours shirts / hats / mugs & jugs! ^^

PS: I had another shirt made for an another game, but can't find the pic. Damn...

So, If GW Took Me Back...Is RMN Ready For Brenty Again?

It's been awhile...hasn't it?

It's been now officially about half a year since that whole spaz scene that started way back in February. I just want to say, that I apologize...and hopefully all that BS that happened back then, is a thing of the past now.

I am Brent Murray, also known as S4D. The infamous one. I have been around RMN for I would say...a year or so now? (can't remember) it used to be the second main RM forum I would go too all the time...until a couple of months ago, even with all that...I would still try and follow the site whenever I could. seems that the ban has been maybe it's time to come back & patch things up.

I've have made one full version game, and am in the midst of making two more. Hopefully we can become friends again, and I can join in the party. I won't be posting that much as I used too...but I'll try and hang around.

Oh, and love the new layout. ^^
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