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(Wow, it’s been awhile since I’ve made my last topic… Actually, it’s been awhile since my last post, even… Actually…um…can I start over again with this???)

It’s been a rough couple of last few months around here when it comes to deciding my future on this site, and also my personal involvement with anything to do with RMN. As you can plainly see from my makerscore, and my posting history, even, that I do not come here that often…nor do I contribute that much on a more individual front with submitted games, reviews, and what not (it’s actually been that way for years). For that ever since I have returned from my long time 2 year ban from the old administration days, my involvement and dedication to all things on this site have taken a -- major -- nosedive into the ground; but, on a much more positive note (at least for me, that is), my actual commitment to my own projects have improved tremendously! I’m actually enjoying working on my games again -- and having a damn well fun time doing so, just like the good ol‘ days!

So…why not stay and post these projects up, like Monopolo, again?


Some people may think that the reason I don’t post anything up here has to do with the fact of what happened all those years ago with the aftermath release of Monopolo and taking most of that “criticism” to heart, and using that as an excuse to not release anything else because of that (in other words acting like a total bitch about it), but I digress:

Look, whatever the fuck happened back in 2009, or even 2010, is long and buried. Most of those morons are long gone, and I’m over that shit. Besides, Monopolo is an awesome game now with all the upgrades, and I still enjoy playing it once awhile. Heck! I enjoy everything I make! Hey, everybody has a right to their own opinion, right?

But the thing is this: I…just don’t find this site “fun,” or even remotely “useful” anymore to be on. It’s been that way for years. Every single time I ever bring up the discussion of “RMN” and “Posting Up Stuff Here,” I’m always brought back with mixed emotions. True, RMN is MUCH better with Kentona in charge and all that BS done and buried many years ago…but there is still something here that brings out the negativity in everything. And for that, I must take my coat and go.

It’s not just that, but I’m also getting tired of seeing “bad quality” games take over the spotlight of the “good ones” that deserve the praise (not to mention my stuff being thrown under the bus -- constantly -- because it ain‘t an “RPG,” and it doesn‘t have the words “Final“ in it. Oh, and I think there‘s some anime stuff, or something???).

I guess some people here seem to work harder in different ways; and I guess for me, the best option is to leave this place and continue having more success working on my stuff behind the scenes like I have been doing. As my mega-master RPG game that I’ve always wanted to make for the past year or so is coming closer to completion (and my other two games are doing very well as well), and I don’t feel like going through another “episode” just because the game is over 600 MB’s long, has “movies” in it, or is over 200 hours long.

Basically, RMN has become an outdated place for me to hang around when it comes to game design, and I finally understand why people like Lysander, Strangeluv, and all the greats left: because they just realized that it’s better to go somewhere else and do their thing their way (that, and they grew up). Look, I love RPG Maker, and I’m glad RMN is moving in a positive direction with the rest of you, but this place isn’t for me. I enjoy hanging on the sidelines doing my own thing. I’ve also been working out a TON, as of late, and I want to divert all my attention to that -- and my projects.

Hey, maybe I’ll show you stuff when it’s done and drop you guys a line. But it’s been fun. I wish you all the best, and god save the games. ^^

Game List Sorting

That sounds good, Mr. Kent.

I'm all in favor of this idea (although, I doubt most people would have enough games to fill 2 pages, or more, or need them to be catalogued).

What about, like, placing the games in order based on DOWNLOADS, DATE FINISHED, MOST REVIEWS, LEAST REVIEWS, COMMENTS, BUZZ, etc.?

What Videogames Are You Playing Right Now?

I'm currently playing...NOTHING!

('Cause I really don't have anything to play...)

Whatchu Workin' On? Tell us!

Still working on Sex Trigger,er...I mean Peanut Snickers, ER, I mean...!!!

Ah, forget it. Let's just say, I'm still working on Project B without going into Project C. Yeah. :D

What are you thinking about right now? I brought home some "Chocolate Almonds" along with some heated stuff from the deli department and through them both in my bag -- without even thinking what would happen to the chocolate and the heated stuff! This is my reaction:

OHHHHHHHHHHH!!! "Heat" melts "Chocolate!"


...Anybody wants some black and brown puddled goo???

The Seven Towers

...And you guys thought Monopolo's grammar was bad enough -- hoo boy!!!

With all seriousness aside, now there's nothing wrong with a few grammar mistakes here or there if "English" isn't your first native language or what not -- and that's okay, because it appears from your "profile" that you're from the "Philippines," and that's fine and dandy. But when there are TONS of grammar mistakes surfacing all around the place (not to mention the awful mapping and the overall cockiness about yourself winning that contest), I just don't think anybody here will be willing to give up their time to play or even comment on your game. I'm sorry, bud. But that shouldn't stop you from at least trying! This could be a pretty good VX Ace game if you fix the grammar and the mapping (not to mention get yourself a new title logo). Good luck, son! :D

oh no, not another furry! xD

Hmmmm...another musician, eh?

Welcome to the team! And yes, Chana is right; Rm2k and Rm2k3 are some of the easiest gaming engines to pick up and learn if you're totally new to game creation. The most important rule is to have fun and just be yourself! :D

Good luck, new guy ,and make my music, plz !

Tribute to the Ancient Ones :)

So many to even count that are sitting in my closet...

...I suppose the first EVER RPG game I've ever played was the original "Dragon Quest" for the NES -- but I remember HATING that game as a young child (not sure why...). Then it was the original "Final Fantasy" for the NES and I just couldn't get into it... But it was "Final Fantasy IV" for the SNES that made me a believer of RPG's...that, and my dad. While I was still getting used to RPG's, my dad seemed to have enjoyed FF4 as he seemed to have played it non-stop when we first got it. We ended up working together and playing on the same file as he tried to make FF4 seem like a 2 player adventure game to me rather than just playing it by himself or having separate files at the time. I remembered that "I" would take on the bosses while he did the rest; that was our thing. It wasn't until the battle with the sisters in Golbez's tower that I became interested -- and good -- at RPG's (well, after dying about seven times X_x). Suddenly, I understood everything and got really involved into the story and the game itself. It was then that I became a believer. And Final Fantasy IV became, and still is to this day, one of my favourite RPG's of all time.

As for my all-time favourite, it would have to be Earthbound. Never have I played anything so engaging, so...strangely erotic, that I have yet to see ever again. I still like to fire the ol' SNES cartage and give it a play every year or so...

Other than Earthbound, I would probably say ”Star Ocean: The Second Story,” “Chrono Trigger,” “Final Fantasy VII,” and “Super Mario RPG: Legend Of The Seven Stars.”

…It’s kinda sad that I don’t play -- or even make -- a lot of RPG’s nowadays, but I still remember the good ol’ times… Thanks to the “First Person Shooter Age Revolution,” I doubt I’ll ever get a chance to recapture those same great times again.

Whatchu Workin' On? Tell us!

While I'm hard at work working on this shitstain masterpiece, my composer friend has decided to devote some of his hard earned time to do some of the OST for my game. I didn't really need any help originally(considering most of the soundtrack was already complete before I asked him), but some of his stuff was just too darn good, I just had to have him! Since this game has around 400 songs, I only told him to do as much as he possibly could; and here is one of them! :D

So, yeah...he's working on the game's music; I'm stuck with everything else. X_x

The Screenshot Topic Returns


Progress is going a bit slow...but it's getting there...