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(Wow, it’s been awhile since I’ve made my last topic… Actually, it’s been awhile since my last post, even… Actually…um…can I start over again with this???)

It’s been a rough couple of last few months around here when it comes to deciding my future on this site, and also my personal involvement with anything to do with RMN. As you can plainly see from my makerscore, and my posting history, even, that I do not come here that often…nor do I contribute that much on a more individual front with submitted games, reviews, and what not (it’s actually been that way for years). For that ever since I have returned from my long time 2 year ban from the old administration days, my involvement and dedication to all things on this site have taken a -- major -- nosedive into the ground; but, on a much more positive note (at least for me, that is), my actual commitment to my own projects have improved tremendously! I’m actually enjoying working on my games again -- and having a damn well fun time doing so, just like the good ol‘ days!

So…why not stay and post these projects up, like Monopolo, again?


Some people may think that the reason I don’t post anything up here has to do with the fact of what happened all those years ago with the aftermath release of Monopolo and taking most of that “criticism” to heart, and using that as an excuse to not release anything else because of that (in other words acting like a total bitch about it), but I digress:

Look, whatever the fuck happened back in 2009, or even 2010, is long and buried. Most of those morons are long gone, and I’m over that shit. Besides, Monopolo is an awesome game now with all the upgrades, and I still enjoy playing it once awhile. Heck! I enjoy everything I make! Hey, everybody has a right to their own opinion, right?

But the thing is this: I…just don’t find this site “fun,” or even remotely “useful” anymore to be on. It’s been that way for years. Every single time I ever bring up the discussion of “RMN” and “Posting Up Stuff Here,” I’m always brought back with mixed emotions. True, RMN is MUCH better with Kentona in charge and all that BS done and buried many years ago…but there is still something here that brings out the negativity in everything. And for that, I must take my coat and go.

It’s not just that, but I’m also getting tired of seeing “bad quality” games take over the spotlight of the “good ones” that deserve the praise (not to mention my stuff being thrown under the bus -- constantly -- because it ain‘t an “RPG,” and it doesn‘t have the words “Final“ in it. Oh, and I think there‘s some anime stuff, or something???).

I guess some people here seem to work harder in different ways; and I guess for me, the best option is to leave this place and continue having more success working on my stuff behind the scenes like I have been doing. As my mega-master RPG game that I’ve always wanted to make for the past year or so is coming closer to completion (and my other two games are doing very well as well), and I don’t feel like going through another “episode” just because the game is over 600 MB’s long, has “movies” in it, or is over 200 hours long.

Basically, RMN has become an outdated place for me to hang around when it comes to game design, and I finally understand why people like Lysander, Strangeluv, and all the greats left: because they just realized that it’s better to go somewhere else and do their thing their way (that, and they grew up). Look, I love RPG Maker, and I’m glad RMN is moving in a positive direction with the rest of you, but this place isn’t for me. I enjoy hanging on the sidelines doing my own thing. I’ve also been working out a TON, as of late, and I want to divert all my attention to that -- and my projects.

Hey, maybe I’ll show you stuff when it’s done and drop you guys a line. But it’s been fun. I wish you all the best, and god save the games. ^^

YDS' Real Name (Stock Ticker Question)

Removed - SFL

Need A Bit Of CSS Help!

I know that when it comes to implementing CSS for custom game pages, I'm pretty much a beginner when it comes to doing just that. Since this is the first time I have done something like this for a gamepage, I have managed to complete -- most -- of what I want...but there are two things I would like to change that I am having trouble trying to do myself. Since most of you guys are experts at handling this sort of thing, I would like some assistance: :D

I haven't been able to figure this one out... No matter what I try, it's always the default BLUE color, which looks quite ugly when dealing with the top background. I would like to change it to something else like white, or something, so it blends in.

EDIT: I have finally figured this out. Fixed.

I did manage to change it to a white background but it stretches out as a big ugly white line that goes the whole page! If possible, is there a way to make only the selected choices just one solid color?

Thanks a bundle. :D

Uploading More Than A 200 MB Sized Game To RMN!

(Not that I am, but I'm just curious...)

I know that throughout my many travels here on RMN, I have yet to find a game hosted that is bigger than 200 MB's of memory. I know for some people that file size really isn't a important deal as long as the game looks decent enough; but I have always wondered: Does RMN allow to upload a game bigger than 200 MB's on the site?

I was wondering this...because I have a game in development that is clocking into the 300+ MB's spectrum -- and mostly likely will climb higher even with Molebox reducing the size and Audacity compacting all the MP3‘s down next to nothing.

So, yeah...can it be done? ^^

EDIT: It's a pretty massive game that I have been working since the beginning of this year.

Winnipeg Jets Reveal New "Logo"

So, yeah, anybody who has been following hockey for awhile must have heard the news just a few months ago about the city of Winnipeg getting back their hockey team after a long hiatus. They decided to keep the name "Jets" back at last month's "Entry Draft," and thus the long wait began to see what, exactly, they were going to come up with for their new logo.

Well, it's here, and it looks...RATHER GAY!!! WTF is this shit!? It looks a giant curling / bulleyes target with a jet / leaf in the middle! This almost looks like what the old Canadian flag was suppost to look like before they switched to the one we have now!!! Lol. Is this the best they could come up with?

Personally, I like this logo MUCH better:


Additional Specifics, Anyone?

Just a thought. You know those "Specifics," right? The ones on your game page where it's underneath your 4 main screenshots and you have the ability to select what type Engine your using, Genre, and so forth.

I was wondering if we could, possibily, expand upon this for RMN V.4, by adding additional specifics like: # Of Players, Release Date, Rating, Online, etc.

Like this:

Just...throwing things out there. ^^

Biggest 'Doh' moments of your life.

Yep...we've all been there. From the many glorious triumphs in our lives, there always comes a day that we go from a stage of 'grace' to falling flat on our face. Sometimes, it's just something that you shrug off and go like, "Hey, no big deal." But sometimes, you have a moment that you wish you could back in time and stop your former self from being so STUPID!!!

That's what this thread is for! Share your most 'Doh!' like moments, and be blamed for your stupidity, here, on RMN in front of your peers! :D


A few years ago, on my 21st birthday, I decided to go down to the 'River Rock Casino' with a few of my friends to do, what else -- gambling!!! I always wanted to go down to a casino and experience the feeling of playing in a real live casino! Well, I started off doing, rather...okay, but I didn't win a whole lot of anything. My friend, on the other hand, won a shitload of money, mostly by playing the slots and blackjack. I remember watching him play by a slot machine, and I thought I would play the one beside him and just watch and talk to him to see if I could get any pointers on how to score big…but I just ended up watching him, instead.

Then, this Chinese lady sat at the same slot -- I originally -- was going to use, and she seemed rather nice and friendly towards us. She told us that this was her first time too, at a casino, and she never has tried one of these things before in her life. We just, of course, smiled and said, 'Good luck,' and all. Well...yeah... Turns out after a single -- quarter -- the woman hit the jackpot and won over $2500!!! We were all stunned on how amazing her luck was! First time, first time winner! I was happy for her, but at the sametime couldn't stop saying DOH!!! because that was THE SLOT I WAS GOING TO USE!!! DAMN IT -- I COULD HAVE WON $2500 IF I JUST SAT DOWN AND PLAYED A SINGLE GAME *groan*!!!

I haven't been to a casino ever since. :P

Happy 'America'…something, Independence Day...Whatever! :D

YAY!!! It's Independence Day, for all our beloved brothers friends from the Untied States Of Boring America, which is pretty much the overwhelming MAJORITY of you. Since I'm not from that country who smells like Uncle Al after he's hit the downstairs kegger, I still like to acknowledge another fine holiday where all of us Canadians must go back to work and sulk after another Sunday party going up in smoke while the Americans get a free day off! Woot!!!

Go blow up some fireworks, for your good ol' pal, S4D. ^^

Happy Independence Day!!!


What's 'Independence Day,' again? *scratches head*

I thought I would give this place ONE more shot! =)

Yeah, it's been awhile, hasn't it, guys?

It's been a long time since I've showed my face around this place. I mean, I'm pretty sure you guys know the entire backstory behind my punishment of crimes against crapsets, so I'm not going to lecture into it much further. But I would like to say a few things, considering that if this doesn't work (I hope not) -- then this could be it! This could be the last time you'll see me -- or hear from me -- and that makes me a sad panda (although, Karsuman would be probably happy knowing that ‘he‘s‘ gone. :D)

I am the one known as "S4D" (or Silver4Donuts, if that also fancies you). I've been a long time user of Rm2k3 for a long time, but only have one real game to show for it (although, I have been busy trying to finish a couple more projects whenever I have any spare time, it‘s just been tough, lately). I used to be a member of this place -- many moons ago -- but then things got really complicated and I was banned for being a complete jackass. And I mean -- really banned! I don't think I've seen most of this site since September 2009, last time I checked (lol). Anyways, I was a real dick back then, and things are much different now. I’m not the same idiot who hypes his games up like royal; posts screenshots like crazy; and has terrible bad grammar and punctuation skills (I perfected that!) -- so I have changed for the betterz!

Anyways, your probably wondering, "Why the HELL should we welcome you back? Did you bring us an offering?" Well...

Even though a lot of people still have strong negative feelings towards me and what I do, I felt we got off on the wrong foot. I'm not actually really a bad guy, but I did do some dumbass things a long time ago, and I apologize for that. Whatever it might have been, I'm sorry. I think the reason why I decided to give RMN another chance is because I miss this place, and I miss the wonderful people here. It's hard not to think about this place that much since some of my very best time was spent on here. I miss Magi, Strangeluv, TFT (yeah -- really! I miss you, too), and everybody else that I talked too (Yes, even Karsuman!!!). Also, because making games and not putting them up for anybody to play besides family and friends are -- soooooo boring! Seriously, despite their wonderful comments and stuff, I don't really get the kind of feedback I do on RMN. Plus, I'm working on something that MIGHT get you all interested in me again (and, no, it's not Monopolo 2. I'm over that stuff. Ugh).

Anyways, I'm hoping that you guys grant the Brent Mister another chance and welcome him back into the fanclub. I promise not to be a serious bother, anymore, as I won't be around that often; I’ll basically be like Neok -- But I'll try and swing by whenever I can!

I hoping you guys can put the past behind and let's move onto a world where cool games take center stage again! :D

IF, for some reason, this is IT *cough* *BAN HAMMERZ TIME* *cough*, then I just wanted to let you guys know that this was fun. And I share no hard feelings towards you guys, anymore. Most of you guys rock in my books! Hopefully, that won't be the case.

But even if I do disappear, I would still like to showcase my next masterpiece through the 'Screenshot Topic' whenever I have a chance. So at least you can see that I‘m still keeping busy with more tedious work. :D

Alright! Let's get this show on the road and makes some GAMEZ!!!

Oh, I also enjoy long walks on the beach; Bikini Swedish models; and, I do prefer watching and playing sports whenever I have the time. I also do other things. ^^

*waves and falls asleep*

PS: Oh, and about the newest Monopolo version with rule changes and working artificial intelligence (OH GWD THIS), I wouldn’t mind submitting it up if I’m able to come back. If that doesn’t entice you all, I don’t know what will.
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