Due to situations beyond his control, Ben has more idle time than he should have! "Hands" are the devil's playground and as such Ben is often drawing or diddling around in RPG-maker VX Ace to give his life a semblance of actual meaning.

A social introvert, Ben is NOT a social butterfly! However, he still desires to create forms of expression which incite genuine emotions, raucous laughter, and occasional deep thoughts. (Though often enough he misses that mark and ends up offending everyone instead!)

Gutter-Delve: The Closet...
Dark fantasy horror rpg with just a dash of cheesy camp and sexual innuendo!



What Type of Developer Are You?

Thanks for the contribution,Mawk! It's as impressive as your user score and angry pseudo intellectual rants as a keyboard warrior!

But as a pokemon you'd be awesome! "Snarky asshole hipster cat with diplomatic immunity on RMN, I choose you!"

We'd be unstoppable! We'd decimate all other poke-trainers and pokemon in our wake! F%&k squirtle and charmander! The new age is here and it's MAWK!

How bad is your eyesight?

Terrible. I have to squint to read the text on this forum. I'm tempted to bold my post but I'll refrain!

I know I should get glasses again but money is tight.

But I'm not a martyr. I'm too cowardly to want to suffer & die!

stop bolding everything

Sorry Ken. I have bad eyes. It wasn't an intentional attempt to annoy anyone. Though I think I'm seeing signs of anal retentiveness. The "little things" stir you up that much?

But I'm not a martyr. I'm too cowardly to want to suffer & die!

Then why are you digging your own grave?

I wasn't aware I was. Digging one's own grave requires menial labor,a sturdy shovel,and a plot of land. I have no shovel and no land to speak of.

If you meant that as a "snarky metaphor" are you implying I am "wrong" just because I'm a "noob" arguing with some of the special VIP snow-flakes who have been here awhile? I'd advise to drop the "bandwagon pack mentality" if you are indeed capable of thinking outside the collective.

Oh,and if you were "just joking" I sincerely apologize. Text cannot really convey tone of voice or body language so you'll have to forgive me for not being a psychic mind reader!

I just assume you are "bosom buddies" with a few of the people arguing with me because that's usually how responses like this come into existence. I suggest not to worry. I'm confident your comrades can fight their own battles! They seem brighter and smarter than you give them credit for.

What Type of Developer Are You?

mawk is mawk, don't worry about it

I am the kind of designer who spends way too much time and effort on the parts of game design that I'm bad at. Or, well, honestly, I'm not bad at graphics and programming, I just sort of hate them. And so I take fifty times longer at them than I should due to procrastination, and I stop doing them as soon as I've reached the bare minimum required (and sometimes sooner). Every time I've quit a game it's been because of graphics (halloween event this year included). My main RMXP project is like a year and a half behind schedule (maybe more) because of the mental block created by the fact that I know how much graphics I still need to do.

The part of game design I enjoy the most, as some of you can probably guess, is designing battles. Creating the gameplay flow and the difficulty and the balance and the engagement and the fun. Trying to trigger those little puffs of fire that go off in your brain as a player when you get that rush of momentary success, and to trigger that blanket of relief you feel when you've overcome a challenge and suddenly realize that you're six inches from your screen and you can probably sit back down now. And trying to trigger that drive to keep playing so you can keep getting those feelings.

(this topic would be really useful for finding partners)

I don't think I'm there yet. Those "fiery sparks of fun" I mean. Truthfully I'd prefer my games to be less "archaic" with some sort of modern charm. I know I wanted to originally do a live action battle system for my rpg but that would have required finding a script and inserting it. (I would have messed that up good.) I also think I need to work on "challenge" and "balance". Lastly, I'd prefer to tell my stories without the heavy handed exposition. There's only so much text people can read before wanting to put their heads through their monitors!

I'm more about making the game as you go, I try not to dwell too hard in game development. If there is something I like to have added, then I'll put it in the game.

Story wise, I just think as I go as well, as long as I keep going on that same path and don't stray from it in my mind, then I won't have to re-think certain points, it's a god send sometimes, but it can put me in a bit of a roadblock too, because certain points may requires heavy amount of eventing. ><;

Spontaneity can be good. My first couple attempts to create Gutterdelve went poorly for the very reason I'd try to write a heavy handed text document before making it. When I tried planning out everything "nothing" got done. lol.

Of apologies and censorship

yeah, it hasn't happened yet -- but I don't have to see the future to know this isn't exactly going to be Laurie Halse Anderson's Speak.

and people only get better with critique if they allow themselves to.

People do get better with critique. But sometimes snooty people try to pass of "snark" as constructive feedback. You may not mean to but so far you come off as someone with an axe to grind,Mawk. And when you go into something "looking for trouble" well, you're going to find it.

It's like me having the attitude of "Kick ASS 2, MORE LIKE SUCK ASS 2!" while going into the theater to see it. If my view is already tinted by jaded pessimism then yeah,I'm going to hate the movie. I'll inflate its' flaws while dismissing its' merits.

Personally I don't know much about your world view or subjective tastes so no, I can't guarantee you anything. Then again, I'm not really trying to seek your approval in the first place. Whether you are offended or not, I have no regrets creating what I did. Of course I'll strive to get better with future projects but that's a natural impulse anyway.

And before you say "Ha,thin skin here can't take criticism!" I have made many revisions to my game based on criticism. It just so happens those people offered me criticism in a way that didn't come off as abrasive and snide.

Extra-Life 2013: Play video games for charity!

Much love to everyone involved! Just don't push yourselves to the point of starvation,dehydration,and over exhaustion,okay? lol.


Blasphemy and lies! Doves crap vanilla ice cream blessed by the holy trinity! It's not actually poop!

Gutter-Delve: The Closet Cases

*sheathe;s nodachi and grins....*

Bringing a nodachi to a text fight? You dirty ronin!

Update incoming

Most times I see a church my mind's eye automatically sees some sort of cult driven pyramid scheme in the making. It could be I'm too cynical though.
Yeah, can you believe they built of whole City of God completely out of a church members' donations? Said church negotiated with the credit card companies to be able to charge the members tithe (1/10 of the members monthly earnings) with no transaction fee. That's what I call a successful business ...

Hey guys, I'm starting my own religion. It's the best one ever! Now just go to my kick-starter page and donate a few thousand dollars apiece. I promise,we will build our utopia! Can I get an amen?!