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Brutal - The New Challenges

Hey, this game is completed now? Awesome, congratulations! I wasn't expecting development to be done so quickly. I'll try to give it another shot soon.

It's done development wise but the game isn't complete :/
What I'm saying is I'm not working on this game anymore. However please do check out the final build as it has a ton of great stuff. I hope you do one last review/playthrough for it :)

Brutal - The New Challenges

This game is on hiatus now? Aw, that's too bad. I hope you're still doing all right, and that can come back to it soon, though.

I will probably resume development in June, I haven't touched the game for so long due to friends but they'll move away in the middle of the year so I won't be having fun all day anymore, meaning I'll have time to make this game.

Expect a delay...

Hey, I'd say that's still some impressive progress either way. Take your time if you need it, the final product will be better for it.

Thanks as always :)

More features from the final game

That sounds pretty good overall. I imagine that the quickdash mechanic might impact and change the way this game is played pretty heavily, so it'll be interesting to see how you balance the rest of the gameplay with this in mind. Best of luck with the remaining steps of the development process!

Thanks! It doesn't make everything that easier, so I don't have to balance previous levels at all. It has to be used smartly. The later levels will be designed around it, however >:)

Almost there!

You work impressively fast! I hope the final project turns out as well as you aimed for. Good luck!
Thank you!

Some features for the final game:

I'm honestly not entirely sure if diagonal movement would be such a good thing to add. It didn't exactly make the controls in Brutal's Challenge DX easier or more intuitive. And due to the way button input detection in RPG Maker works, it could throw players off severely when they're trying to quickly switch between horizontal and vertical movement. Besides, so far it didn't seem like diagonal movement would really be necessary in this new game to begin with.
Unless you decide to implement an option for the player to turn diagonal movement off or on entirely, I don't see how adding this feature would actually improve the experience as a whole.

The other ideas sound good, though. Maybe it would be useful to add a small reminder image to the UI when a player has collected enough cool points to jump, showing the amount of available jumps and the button that needs to be pressed to activate those jumps. If you keep it small and place it somewhere on the bottom of the screen, it shouldn't overlap with anything too much.

It's an option
And thank you for the idea I will now make it so the player will know what to do

Shameful Public Apology

Don't beat yourself up about it too much. After all, recognising and realising the flaws in an old project will only help you avoid them from now on. Rather than be ashamed of past mistakes, stay positive and focus on producing even better work in the future. And playtest the crap out of everything, of course! Best of luck!

I'm very excited to show you how much I've improved ;)
Stay tuned for New Challenges~

Brutal's Challenge DeluXe

as a fan of Markiplier on Youtube, i will be looking forward to playing this game... just not on Hard Mode as i would not wish to throw my chair as he did recently. XD

Hahaha, I hope you have fun. I like Markiplier a lot too :)
Remember to play on Deluxe Mode!

Brutal's Challenge DeluXe Review

I'm glad you still find my review helpful. I unfortunately don't have a lot of time available to dedicate to RPG Maker at the moment, but I have in fact started playing the Halloween Challenges game, and I'll probably write up my thoughts on it as soon as possible once I've completed it. See you then!

Thank you!!! Bye!

Brutal's Challenge DeluXe Review

Believe it or not, but I finally updated this review to reflect the changes since the original download. I also slightly bumped up the score as a result and adjusted some of my arguments. Hopefully this is still of use to both you and potential players.

Re-read and I still really like how detailed your review is, I'm glad you point out even the smaller flaws :P
I agree with it all and I just want to say: you should really play and review the special Halloween game I made weeks ago. I've been awaiting giddily for your review, as I tried my best to improve from this game :)

If you don't want to, it's okay (tell me though, I need an answer lol). The true sequel to this game is coming up and you can (or not, your choice :P) review that instead, if you're burned out.

Thanks :D
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