I'm on Youtube. I like making arcade-like games.
The Devil Game - APG
Action puzzle game featuring a colorful cast of characters!


[RM2K3] A frightening arcade-style Halloween game!

Lil Ugly Mane inspired official art. So grim, muahahaha!

Halloween has arrived... This is a festive day for the Underworld, as they can go wild and party. However, this day means nothing to Jack Spookull, the pumpkin head skeleton lunatic, as every day is a new opportunity to party hard. Meanwhile, Scynthia, the timid Grim Reaper, on her day off, decides to go for a stroll in this special occasion. However, there are many crazy creatures in the way. For Jack, this is a fun challenge! For Scynthia, eh, not at all.

This is an arcade style game where you dodge obstacles and try to get to the goal.

There are 8 regular levels, 8 Master levels, and one secret level. You can only access the Master levels and the secret level if you beat the game without losing a single life.

I hope that it will be a great game to play on Halloween! It'll come out on the 31st.

Here is an image of the game.

Yo, I'm BrutalMoon

Hey, the name's BrutalMoon. I like making arcade-style games, and I love RPG Maker 2003. I plan on using VX Ace to make a visual novel.
I have been lurking on this site since 2012, and I finally decided to be a part of the community in 2017.
While my first published game was not very well received, I can honestly say I am a person who tries their best to constantly improve from their mistakes, and I gladly accept criticism. I promise to deliver a second and much better game, which you can check out here: Brutal - The New Challenges
I am currently making a Halloween themed demo with exclusive content. I will make a thread in the Game Design & Development sub-forum about it.
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