Hm i Wonder if i can pul somethi goff here/
Gay gamer, writer and actor
Veil of Darkness
An adventure game built for the All Hallows Eve event of 2012!



Final Fantasy Legend 3 Remake

Hmm, for a demo this looks interesting. Let's hope you don't get a C&D from Square, since they already remade this game for the 3DS.

Wyrm Warriors

So this just kind of popped into my head; I feel a bit guilty for the extra pressure I put on The devs in the past, but if anyone is interested in dusting off this is love to help.
Anyway, a bit of exposition:

Strange Girl
Ahoy, fellow Champion of Justice! I am Magical Hitori, and this is my first mate, Ferdinand!
I was brought here to vanquish the Seven Ocean Lords, but I can't get home again. I hope you won't mind having me on board. Now come along, Ferdinand! Anchors aweigh!

A Fond Farewell to Yanfly

Enjoy your retirement Yanfly.

As for the RPGM community itself... well I guess its going to interesting to see what happens when the next version launches featuring no features and theres nobody to make the damn thing worth using.
Part of the Patreon funds is going to a team with h the goal of. taking care of this. I'm not as familiar with Yan exactly, only that he made scripts vital to current devs, but I know he left his mark here. So I say not sayonara but au revoir- "until we meet again."

Abyssal of the Opera

Something's wrong with the controls; it automatically selects "new Game" and seems to speed through the first few dialog boxes before they can be properly read.

I am quitting Wyrm Warriors

True. I was just listening to one of the battle themes i had and thought "This would go so well with Hitori." Nostalgia ensued.


Definitely looking forward to trying this, Puddor. Also, your avi is hot.

I am quitting Wyrm Warriors

*sprinkles fairy dust on the thread* I miss this

RMN v4.3 Bugs

not exactly a bug, but there's no spot to put my gmail in the list, which is my primary


just what kind of music do you need?

TimTam Slam Jam

burningtyger: make some sock puppet accounts
....or assassinate and replace somebody already on a team

tfw you haven't actually booted the game despite coding abilities for three days and it only crashes four times :,)

Or... i could try to start a new team?