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Pixel Quilt: Logo Edition!

Why not put the logo quilt on the main page? (My undersea blob thingie isn't stunning, but not bad.)

TPP could make fanwork illegal?

author=Feldschlacht IV
I doubt this would change too much in reference to this.

Of course there's a fine line with this, but for many industries this is a non issue, especially considering the Japanese culture where 'fan works' tend to blur pretty often into official works. It's like the article says;

However, the owners of the original series know about a thing called free exposure and forming good relationships with fans. Plus, a number of manga artists have started out as doujin artists.

Making it illegal for a Naruto fan to cosplay as Ichigo is a good way to ensure you don't have many Naruto fans left. Smart companies know this.

Fanwork is already illegal.

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the idea was that the government might prosecute it independently of the businesses... that is aiil.

TPP could make fanwork illegal?

OKSOme peol here don't give a fukc about the TPP but some provisions could screw over artists and doujin makers.
- Codec

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naming games after a character isn't uncommon.
tho i am also assuming you know what Otaku means generally speaking as is a Japanese word that basically means obsession with something. not necessarily anime.
Well he's kind of obsessed with solving these mysteries isn't he?

Summoner of Sounds

EESH! I've been busy with RL. Still perhaps i can do something. I just don't remember if my best world instruments are free ones or not.

Summoner of Sounds

What IS the theme for this month anyway? Oh and Sprongle!

Summoner of Sounds

maybe can add tothe sleepy village or something

Summoner of Sounds

Here's one! Admittedly the Two-recorder bit is more a Baroque thing, but I hope you'll forgive me. Sleepy Village*Edit * raised the tempo a tad.

Summoner of Sounds

My, those high tones are dangerously loud from the beginning. Interesting combination of sounds, though. You could really make a really cool theme with these instruments, though right now I feel the song doesn't establish a clear pattern well enough. At 0:06 the bass pattern that established the song theme in the beginning disappears and the job is handed to the bells which already forget it at 0:08 as they progress to something else. There's cool ideas here, but I feel that the different elements you introduce in different sections change too soon without enough repetition in them. In a sense I was able to follow your song up until 0:22, but at that point there still isn't any repetition, or sensible chord progression, so it sounds like it's just an endlessly changing soundscape, instead of being a song, like, repetition of specific melody, or theme. The instruments made me think of FF7 for some reason, though, and there were some good picks there!
Yeah, some of the melodies /themes got shuffled between instruments during the remixing. *looks at the next submis0son* ooh, middle ages type stuff. I think I can do that, though i am horribly tempted to throw in harpsichord whihc is not period. *Edit* IT HAS BEGUN!

Summoner of Sounds