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Veil of Darkness
An adventure game built for the All Hallows Eve event of 2012!


TPP could make fanwork illegal?

OKSOme peol here don't give a fukc about the TPP but some provisions could screw over artists and doujin makers.
- Codec

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Is it worth upgrading to Windows 10?

So my computer is offering the Windows 10 upgrade and I'm wondering if I should bother or if it will just make things more complicated. Right now i have 7 Home Premium running on a desktop without a pressure-sensitive screen; the installer info promises -'like-to-like" versions in the upgrade, suggesting similarity, but....

What are your opinions on audio enhancers such as DFX?

I recently tried out Dfx. it sounded really good but the seeting (music 2) amplified EVERY soundequally it seeemed whihc sometimes sounded odd. I also tried music 1, btu envatuly, confuse,d turne dit off and removed it' now ma reistlaing it (free verison ) knowing i can talter setting and turn it off if i want.. Wany advice on those things? ?

Row+order switching?

So Belaren's question made me wonder about sideview battle shifts in both row AND position, particularly in DYnRPG. I know there are plugins to swap rows- this could conceivably be used with animations to, say, make one character shove the other into the back row, but what about line order—-eg who's in the front- or switches in both row and position- would simple jumping animations combined with other things work?

Lyon, Kira and the Tumbler Brothers Ryan and Billy get into a battle; the characters appear in a column like in an FF game, and are sorted into rows 1 and 2.

The battle starts out


until the brothers use the skill "Switcheroo" to swap their order and row:


See what I mean?

Or, assuming a 5-member party, could a guest character steal the front spot, forcing the others to slide down one?

Game Accessibility

After reading an article on the Dyslexie font, I wondered whether game makers here have taken the need of disabled players into account when designing their work. True, controllers can be remapped, and most often dialogue is done in text, thus removing the need for subtitles, but are we choosing easy to read fonts, including visual as well as audible clues, and making certain the controls are easy to use?
Are we taking these pointers into account? In short, are we doing our best to make certain our gamers are usable by EVERYONE?

Use permissions for official remixes?

As some of you may know, I had a big hand in remixing the Midi soundtrack for the canceled Final Fantasy Essence game. There are a few tracks i think would work well in Wyrm Warriors, but do I need the permission of the original Midi's creators- whose identities I don't always know-to submit them for use here? It's kind of fuzzy, especially since one of the composers specifically asked their music be taken out of the original now-defunct game,but did allow me permission to share on Youtube. IT just seems rather fuzzy in this case, unlike a fan remix... Considering Waluigi's RTP remixes have made it in, I'd think it would be OK, (As would my Guardian of Paradise remixes) but would like a bit of advice.

"invalid Image Size" message in rm2k3

this likely sounds really dumb, but according To the help file pictures in rm2k3 are "1 to 640 X 1 to 640," which i read as meaning the max size is 640X640, but when i put a picture of say 480x 640, it says it's invalid. Could the FILE size be too big?


While many of the newer games here use MP3s and the like, some of the older games- and a few of the newer ones such as Spirit in the Mirror- still use Midi. Now the Windows GS is ho-hum at best, but newer versions of Windows don't let you directly chose your MIDI output. However, there's a program called VirtualMIDIsynththat effectively gets around this, allowing you to choose the soundfonts you want. Thought you'd all like to know. Its elder cousin BassMIDI has some differences, and some suggest grabbing both, as eahc has pluses and minuses.

Alphabetize active members listing?

I've found on various other sites, such as Invisionboards, that the "Active members" are listed in alphabetical order, allowing you to see who's on at a glance; is there any chance such a function could be implemented here?

Would someone check my Latin?

OK so I've been working on music for Kirastar and came up with a short song or chant.
Hospis ex Spatio
Dave W liked it, but I felt it wasn't quite serious enough and planed to revamp it. In doing so, I decided to change some lyrics; I also want it to be correct, and I don't exactly trust Google to conjugate things properly here. Can someone help me make certain it's proper Latin? Here's what I've got...
"Intruder from space, Eater of hope, Devourer of dreams. Consumer of minds, Demolisher of worlds, A devouring shadow!"
"Intrusor ex spatio, Comedenti spei, Devoratrix somnia. Consumer mentium, DEMOLITOR mundorum, A vorans umbra!"
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