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McAfee set to expire in a week.. Good free alternatives?

My McAfee is set to expire in a few days and while my Dad said he might consider renewing it he'd rather I find a good free option if possible. In the past, on my previous computer, I'd used Avast! (With Spybot S&D for additional protection) but a recent article said that the free version of Avast! lags in functionality behind the pay version of McAfee. What do you guys think is the best free antivirus, and does it do enough?

RIP Amanda Todd

If you haven't heard about this get your heads out of your asses and pay attention. This must not stand. This is a tragedy.

Show your support on Facebook (RIP Amanda Todd) And please wear purple on the 19 and 20th for Spirit Day.

RIP Amanda Todd

If you haven't heard about this please pay attention. This is a tragedy.

Feedback: Show your support on Facebook (RIP Amanda Todd) And please wear purple on the 19th (20th?) for Spirit Day.

My grandfather died yesterday

So last night I found out my granddaddy died that morning. I'd been managing to keep it all at bay until just now- he was always "Grandaddy" to me and by writing that I guess I let it hit me a bit. I really don't wanna cry, but I will miss him.


Tonight and early tomorrow are the peak of the Perseid meteor shower, so everyone ought to get away from their screens and go outside.


OK so if you've been paying any attention to the sky lately you might have noticed two "Stars" hanging next to each other motionless overhead. SO it turns out they are Venus and Jupiter (Yes folks, without Adderall I write like Ragnar) but the moon is going to join them tonight and the next day which is supposed to be extremely beautiful. Just wanna drag everyone away from their monitors to see.

For the former GW/SWers

For any former Gaming/Salt World members who don't hang out on both sites- I thought you should know that Drule has stepped down from the position of Admin and has left SW. He's handed over the site to Dada and Ramirez and furthermore said he hoped his departure would encourage anyone who had kept away due to any of his actions to return. He plans to work on some of his ideas and work them into new forms.

warp.dll question

OK, so i picked up this game and while i Was a it I inserted of the DLLls inside the package into my main RM2k3 file as well. I noted the game had a version of "Warp.Dll>" that was 25 KB and mine had a version that was 28 kb, copied from Forever's end methinks.. I'll admit I decided to drop in the new one and replace the old one , but was wondering if anyone had any clue why there might have been a difference in size and whether it had any perks, in which case i suppose i should grab it again.


Hi Guys, I'm new to RMN forums. I'm actually acquainted with Kentona from GW- [As Terrorantula) I decided to take a look here as well.
I enjoy writing and singing, as well as games.
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