Empty present boxes are like ice cream without ice or cream.
Pandora's Present
Pandora's Present has been opened, and four kids are ready to fight the escaped evil!



I've been stalking these forums for a while now and I must say I find the discussions, especially game design & theory, more interesting compared to other RPGMaker forums (rumor has it this gets you a makerscore bonus?).

I've also been trying to create a game for around a year, but never managed to get past the design & theory phase...until now! So since I actually made some actual progress on a project, I decided to sign up and post a gamepage and stuff (not quite yet though, still needs some work).

Also, I somehow messed up my registration and forgot to add an exclamation mark to my nickname. It's supposed to be Byah! (sounds way more shouty!), could a mod please change it?
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