On sunny days, I go out walking



Dungeons and Drag-Queens 2 - Gazpar Wiles

Dude I'm not gonna betray my maggot familiar or anything but camels are boss.


Einstein on the other hand, was not such a good student, and he didn't have the blessing of parents that could train him. He failed algebra -- repeatedly, among other subjects. That didn't stop him from solving and creating some of the most fundamental problems in physics. Not because he was talented, but because he was fascinated. He didn't have talent, but he did have Passion --> stubbornness.

Hi, just wanted to point out that this is a completely unsubstantiated myth. Einstein received top marks in school and was generally an all around talented and superhuman dude with bad hair. Just goes to show, I guess, that some people are genetically better than others.


What an insult that you use an inhuman super genius like Mozart as your example. You think no parents in history have ever drilled their kids in music as comprehensively as Mozart's parents?.
Super genius?
By compared to who? You? He's very famous. In 50 years will JK Rowling be a super genius?
She was famous, not the best of this generation.

Hey, that's a good point, but I was just wondering, - not a big deal if you don't agree - but do you think it might be possible for quality to be different from popularity? Not telling anyone how to do their job, or how to do the job they wish they had, obviously - just pointing this out. Anyway, thanks for reading, whatever you decide to think is okay. Sorry you were already aware of this, or will never be aware of it.


author=SOME F*CKER!!!
In Japanese, subtlety is preferred. The Japanese writer dances around his theme, implying rather than directly stating what he wants to say, leaving it up to readers to discern that for themselves. He or she appeals to the reader's emotions rather than to the intellect, and tries to create a rapport rather than to convince. The Japanese reader, in turn, is quite capable of taking great leaps of imagination to follow the story line.

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