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It has begun

I used to think marty was cool, but now that I see him dabbing, I agree that he should be brutally murdered by the weird mask police.

Improving the game / Update / About the sequel

1 review for 200 downloads actually feels normal to me on this site. most people don't want to put the effort forward to review a game. hero's realm has ~32,000 downloads and 16 reviews, for example, so the download/review ratio is actually a lot weaker there. obviously the lack of feedback is intensely frustrating though. it feels like up until a point where your game is really exposed, getting feedback is always going to be like squeezing blood from a stone

Improving the game / Update / About the sequel

I also felt similarly weird about the scoring system at first. I think in my notes I said that I actually got a really bad score on the second mission at first because I thought that not killing anyone but the target was the way to go.

Which, I mean, from a lore perspective it makes more sense to murder all the random baddies you see. and IMO I can see either approach being more 'fun' depending on player mentality, but from a 'video game player' perspective I would always assume that the harder approach (not killing anyone) would give me a higher score.

HOWEVER I was glad that wasn't the case because I kind of hate it when a game gives you a number of tools and then urges you to not use them.

Regarding a lack of feedback: I honestly think that is more of a problem with content visibility on this site. The front page has 8000 things staring a viewer in the face, most of which you have to scroll down for 5 years to see, and one of the first things that viewers of the front page see is the section devoted to "games that are being talked about," which leads them to clicking on them and talking about them, creating an infinite feedback loop. Karma Flow is really cool but I would have never known about its existence if I had not seen the forum thread asking for testers.

Release Date Confirmed! / New Screens!

we probably should have compared notes

lessons for next time

but rest assured, me english good

Release Date Confirmed! / New Screens!

This game was a lot of fun to test! I hope everyone is excited for the english release.


Love and War: Act I OUT!

Downloading right now. Lookin forward to this...!
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