On sunny days, I go out walking



About time, thank you RN

it appears that allowing bad-faith provocateurs to constantly weave their webs of stupidity can have unintended consequences!!

Computer exploded early last week. Defect in water cooling system. Blue Ray player ruined, carpet stained, case damaged. The company is finally ready to talk comphensation. Only took 15 emails, pics, video... (After I built an entirely new, superior rig.)

i hope the new computer doesn't also have water cooling

I want all of you to know that you're the best people I've ever known. I'm in so much pain, I'm afraid I'll have a stroke, and I just want to say this just in case I don't get the chance later. You've been better friends than most people I know IRL.

jesus christ. please take care of yourself dude. I'm sure you already are but. damn, make a deal with satan and get better.

Anyone have any tips on how to get in touch with companies like Nintendo, Square Enix, HAL Laboratory?

in situations like these, where you need to get the attention of some massive corporate entity, it is sometimes necessary to resort to more aggressive communication tactics

Everyone give SZandex/xxxhelaz/TomGgamer a clap as he heads out the door of permaban! Also remember to thank him for the good times and site registration being locked (for a while)!

mafia makes you violent

How you all doing today, peeps? Hopefully you're having a great one! <3

give GRS a medal

I predicted eons ago that statuses would be easily abusible, and sadly, I ended up being right, much to my dismay.

Everything is abusable.

not me

I don't know why we allow disgusting creepers and overall shitty people to have more than an hour to thrive on this board.

then show some basic respect, yeah? you're doing very poorly so far at this whole 'understanding' thing.
I honestly don't give a shit concerning someone like you. I've apologized to you and whoever the hell tevak is on the forums for what is basically my life. I dont care anymore it's clear you want to stay inside your bubble and not really experience anything outside of it. Sure you can bitch about what's different to you or what you don't like.
But the fact that I was jumped on for owning guns and hunting animals, something most of you would never understand. YEAH I REMEMBER PETTY STUPID SHIT TOO because it basically shows that you are the hypocrite here and want to make yourself out as a god amongst men.

i see the policy of understanding and compassion is really not working out in practice


give that one pig some lettuce too. even tube-dweller deserves lettuce

I don't know why we allow disgusting creepers and overall shitty people to have more than an hour to thrive on this board.

Okay, first things first, it's fine for them to ask after a game even if it is a hentai game. We have no issues with that, especially as all they said was that they were looking for the game, that it was hentai and they didn't go into details.

from the original thread, but on a website which ostensibly doesn't allow H-games, a website filled with minors, this stance is not one I personally understand.

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