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[MAFIA] Chrono Trigger - A Mafia Through Time - Game Over

no, lizardman princess is vulnerable due to being new. that doesn't mean they're by any stretch of imagination, the best person to kill, just the easiest if you really want to (IE, if you don't care who you kill.) I've said multiple times it doesn't look like she has a team.

[MAFIA] Chrono Trigger - A Mafia Through Time - Game Over

I mean you even pointed out at one of LockeZ's posts being a "waste of words", and it was a post that had a travel vote in it.

well, yes. posting #travel (x) is totally separated from hunting scum. it's also something that is just wholly guesswork as to whether or not it will be advantageous or not. it's nothing.

look oldpat, let me be very clear. lockez is going to flip scum. and if you don't have a vote on him, you are going to look like someone who doesn't clean their room or, in general, eat a healthy breakfast.

[MAFIA] Chrono Trigger - A Mafia Through Time - Game Over

in addition, i had a joke here that got deleted and have upgraded lizardman princess to ultimate confirmed town mk. II in my 5 page excel spreadsheet.

[MAFIA] Chrono Trigger - A Mafia Through Time - Game Over

too late bud i called shotgun. not surprised that you suddenly suspect the person that's been calling you out all day though.

[MAFIA] Chrono Trigger - A Mafia Through Time - Game Over

When using a day action, I will make it public in my next votecount that a day action has been used, but not what action or by whom.
This hasn't actually happened yet, right? So scum didn't learn that Frog was a safe claim from a day power, at least.

And randomly fakeclaiming Frog without knowing it's safe seems pointlessly dangerous.

I guess it's possible that Frog is just a scum role; that honestly didn't occur to me until Fomar suggested it. That would be weird though. And in Jeroen's last two heavily themed games - Avalan mafia and Game of Thrones Mafia - all the scummy characters were scum. Well, everyone in Game of Thrones is kind of scummy, but all the scum characters in that game were members of Joffrey's court. So I think Frog is a legit town claim.

you can see he doesn't care about it here even when this post leads to the same conclusion. reality had not yet set in

[MAFIA] Chrono Trigger - A Mafia Through Time - Game Over

oops fomar voted him. lizardman put your vote back. tonight we dine on meats. also I forgot

I don't know how much I like this setup if all we have to do to win is role claim. Which will absolutely end up being the case if there are 6 publicly known power roles left and 9 players left, and presumably (hopefully) only 1 scum left.

this is scum frustration over not having an out

[MAFIA] Chrono Trigger - A Mafia Through Time - Game Over

k we have less than 24 hours left so I'm not going to spend too long on this.

Cave calling LockeZ fake claim truth and policy voting odd doesn't sit well with me. I think we might be looking at Cave/LockeZ pairing.
I don't see Muffle's reason for blaiming LockeZ. Her vote is worse of an entrance than claiming a monster with an ability to become of the worst nightmares of mafia's town.
Psy's comment on this is really weird.
I don't get why he's voting demonlord. He totally had to delete his reason from that post by accident.
Everything about this post annoys me, it reads like someone pretending to legitimately look for clues while actually doing nothing. Just completely failing to comprehend the idea of humor from my Pahoehoe claim and also thinking that Cavedog is taking it seriously when he's just playing along with the joke. Then the total lack of reading comprehension on Muffle's post, where she followed my lead about the time zone vote before the game, and is now blaming me for the fact that the End of Time is boring, which frankly is the most legit lynch vote in this entire thread so far. And then Demonlord asks Psy who he would sacrifice and Psy responds by voting to sacrifice Demonlord, and Cap_H is like "dude you forgot to list a reason for your vote" like he somehow can't read and doesn't understand how a conversation works.

Either Cap_H is brain damaged, or he's scum and is doing a really bad job of pretending to go scum-hunting.

#lynch Cap_H

I went over this when it happened. this post is, um, really overextending for a d1 vote, especially considering cap's history and posting style in previous games, which most of us, (at least, lockez) know.

Hey psy, why did you vote to travel to 2300 AD today?

completely meaningless question so you don't appear to be doing nothing

I had a whole post typed up about Lavos's power in the final boss fight being that he has a decoy body that gets revived by his real secret body, and how this might have been translated into mafia game mechanics. But it turns out it's all irrelevant and Fomar is just a doofus.

I'm not 100% convinced that the end-of-day Emily bandwagon was all town. Demonlord and Cavedog both voted very late and might have done so just to look like town. Emily had the majority of votes anyway at that point, and despite Fomar's shouting there is nothing in the rules to say that lynching only happens with a majority. On the contrary, the rules say you can vote to nolynch, which implies to me that a vote to nolynch is different from not voting (otherwise the option would not exist).

At the very least, it seems unclear enough to me that I think Demonlord or Cavedog could have believed that Emily was a lost cause, and joined the lynch vote to kill her just to look good. Or they might have done that to look good anyway, even if they thought they were killing her. It's a good way to look good, after all.

I do think psy_wombats is very likely town as he was on AlaskanEmily's ass for a large portion of day 1, and was the other person (alongside Fomar) responsible for creating and pushing the end-of-day train against her.

giant post that says nothing. demonlord and cave COULD be scum...or they could NOT be... (100 percent of possibilities accounted for) and a town call on psywombats and fomar. i don't need to explain why those calls are really easy to make. everyone else just took that for granted. post is just filler.

My top targets, in order, are muffle, lizard, maybe demonlord, maybe-maybe cavedog. I really don't like Muffle's role claim without a character name. It reeks to me of "I haven't played Chrono Trigger so I don't know which characters are believable role claims with this power." She was also really panicky at the beginning of the day today.

I know I said I didn't think Cavedog's vote against Emily was any kind of super 100% perfect evidence of his innocence, but after re-reading the topic again, he is still being more productive than the other three I mentioned. He's still doing the Cavedog thing where he doesn't explain a lot of what he thinks, and does so in one sentence when he does, but that's not really a scum tell, it's just him. I just always feel kind of worried about Cavedog because I have no goddamn clue how to tell what he's thinking, and every time I'm convinced he's town I end up losing to him.

nullread on me and demon and scumpicks on the two other most vulnerable players. seems um. a bit opportunistic. like someone's not looking for scum and just voting where they feel they *have* to.

Uh, and I forgot to say that Emily is on my scum list obviously, but I feel like that should go without saying. She'll die, so whatever. If she flips town then we learn that we were all fools, but it'll be easy (probably) (hopefully) to figure out who framed her at that point. She seems convinced it was Fomar for some reason that I haven't figured out. I would like to hear the logic behind that one explained again if possible, Emily, just for posterity in case you're telling the truth.

Also, this era sucks, let's go somewhere else. At least we know the end of time is safe. I'm open to better ideas. There's apparently a fire character on the town side, so we could go to whichever era you guys think is fire element, but I suspect it's 1999 AD, and that sounds like a fucking terrible idea.

#travel End of Time

has nothing to say but has to post words.

I would actually think Magus is more likely to be an independent role. That would kind of explain some of her behavior, like how she is entirely just defending herself instead of scum-hunting (she's not even pretending to scum-hunt, really). And also make it more believable that she has the same power as another member of town.

On the other hand, if I were scum and I had to fake a roleclaim, Magus is exactly who I'd claim as, for that exact reason. If the real Magus is neutral then they might just decide to keep their mouth shut. This strategy seems implausible for an Emily/Muffle pair though because neither of them have played Chrono Trigger. So the Magus-as-independent thing probably wouldn't occur to either of them. They might have just

So in short I actually don't think Muffle is scum now.

I guess that narrows it down.

#lynch Lizardman_Princess

more setup spec based on...moderator meta? leading to vote on most vulnerable player because duh

...I somehow completely missed that.

ok does anyone actually believe that lockez missed that lavos' flare ability was revealed when emily died. that's a serious question. do you believe that. because he would have had to miss 1. the flip and 2. all the discussion that followed regarding the flare ability, which involved multiple town players talking about it (although he only mentioned AE talking about it as a 'slip') this, to me, reads like an attempt to distance from AE that got greedy.

I'm afraid this game could be solved or almost solved via claims.
Remember when we did FF8 mafia and nobody was Quistis? I'm somehow reminded of that game.

Ayla, Lucca and/or Marle might just not exist in this game, in which case we will have to actually figure out who scum is. If all seven main characters are town roles, that leaves two scum and two vanilla town, so we can just lynch everyone who doesn't role claim and win by the end of day 4. Unless scum has a second extra night kill in addition to Lavos's fire spell (which apparently already got used up, and she can't use it again anyway because she'll be dead at the end of the day today), or a Life spell, or some other power that alters the number of kills per day.

I don't know how much I like this setup if all we have to do to win is role claim. Which will absolutely end up being the case if there are 6 publicly known power roles left and 9 players left, and presumably (hopefully) only 1 scum left.

But if Muffle/Magus is scum, or if one or more characters don't exist as a player role, then we could still potentially lose even if scum has no powers left to use. So I don't think I'm in "stop caring about the game because we automatically win" mode just yet. Though I'm closer than is comfortable.

MORE SETUP SPEC INSTEAD OF PLAYING PARTY GAME. lockez is not trying to find scum. he is not interested in finding scum. he is only interested in surviving. to that end, he is hopping on perceived 'easy' votes (caph, lizardman) and staying there while endlessly talking about the setup in order to blend in. you, and by you, I mean fomar, are enabling this by entertaining it and not killing him.

those r just more posts that are setup speculation and nothing else that I have nothing else to say anything about.

[MAFIA] Chrono Trigger - A Mafia Through Time - Game Over

lockez is just posting about the setup, avoiding talking about players, and feigning ignorance over stuff no one could have possibly missed (actually impossible.) im going to post a giant case since i see no momentum.

[MAFIA] Chrono Trigger - A Mafia Through Time - Game Over

my joke got deleted. anyway voting my friend is a scumtell

[MAFIA] Chrono Trigger - A Mafia Through Time - Game Over

Fomar and Demon both posted about a hypothetical town fire-user before LockeZ. I don't see how it's more suspicious than knowing Fomar used Raise. I was only 80% confident, LockeZ and Cave sure weren't confident.

it isn't. what is, is this