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Paper Mafia

I say we eject CAVE_DOG and see after, I mean he retreated when at least three people said they were going to eject him if it turned out I was innocent, as I see it he didn't have too much of a choice; I also don't beleive there are 2 goombas.

I was pretty sure that you weren't innocent at that point so I wasn't really worried about what happened after the lynch.

The deadline is tonight at ten. I'm not ready to vote yet but I'll be rereading this thread and making "my choice" soon

Paper Mafia

What do you think my motivation for starting and stopping this lynch would be if I was scum?

Paper Mafia

I have two people I would be willing to lynch right now but I'm not going to say who they are because history says that people will just pile on to whoever I make a case for.

Paper Mafia

Why do you not think we have two goombas? You think I'm town as long as I want to lynch Chana? What do you think my motivation for starting and stopping this lynch would be if I was scum?

My reason for claiming para-goomba, I THINK, because it was late at night, was this: If chana kept claiming ground goomba, she is probably scum.

Ironically, the way she claimed makes me believe she is town so

Paper Mafia

The only other explanation for why she would phrase it that way would be: She is doopliss. However, I don't think doopliss would claim my role out loud until I was dead. So I'm just gonna say we have two goombas.

Paper Mafia

The reason I claimed winged goomba is actually something I don't even remember now. I am legit ground goomba.

The reason I believe chana is because of the way she phrased that post. That's all I have to say about that.

Marrend, I was not trying to "seem pro-town" with you. I was seeing whether or not you would change your claim given an out.

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They are pissed off at humanity for causing the world's destruction and their own extinction, and now seek to avenge themselves!

Humanity, huh.

I use pig on myself

Paper Mafia

I lied. I am not winged goomba.

I believe in chana now. #unvote

Paper Mafia

peoples posts are making me nervous about this lynch.

Chana, for the record, are you claiming just a vanilla goomba? My PM said I was a goomba of the winged variety.

Mafia round 3 sign-ups!

this conversation should probably end now