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Paper Mafia

You say it's not just his word and then tell me how it actually is just his word.

also vanillia townie is the best role y'all don't know what you're talking about

Paper Mafia

2- I wrote in the "dead lounge" that Gourd and I were audience members, following a conversation about some people not playing because they were disappointed of their roles, then, overnight, realized I should never have written that as it gave clues that altered the game.

What's weird about you declaring Gourd an audience member is that the only thing you have to go on is his word.
I've given my word that I am an audience member and had an investigation done on me and you have been suspicious of me.
So why are you so certain of Gourd (only mafia knows for sure who is lying and telling the truth)

Paper Mafia

You all are right about one thing for sure - it's either chana or Cave today.

#Lynch chana

I'll vote for Cave tomorrow if she's innocent. Otherwise it's gonna be MrCharlie.
I still can change my vote though.

You seemed to heavily suspect me yesterday. Why are you now voting for chana?

Paper Mafia

I have channeled the powers of BIG BOO, ghost-whisperer. The one-time ethereal powers of Big Boo have allowed rabitz to communicate with me this ONE message. "Do not ever lynch cave_dog he is the most town and nobody should lynch anyone other than who cave_dog wants to lynch or else they are enemies of the state this is rabitz goodbye"

Paper Mafia

do not, under any circumstances, hurt cave_dog -rabitz from beyond grave

Paper Mafia

As far as I know we have eight people left. and we can't eject two people during the day. So, for example, if we had two mafia dudes left and we kept killing town guys, it would go like this.

2-6 today
2-5 night
2-4 next day

so if chana is somehow town, we have to err on the side of caution and not lynch tomorrow. we might only have one mafia member left, but three seems impossible to me.

Paper Mafia

I'm going to flood trihan's pm box with power ranger pictures if there are two goombas.

Paper Mafia

chana, mirrormasq, kyrsty, marrend, mrchearlie, cavedog, gourd_clae, yellow magic

I really doubt that we started off with six mafia, which is what it would take for us to lynch wrong and lose at this point (three left, we lose two town, making six players overall. mafia can control the lynch at that point.) I just started another game on another forum that had seventeen people: four are scum.

Paper Mafia

Well, if we lose another hero - we lose.

Why do you say this?

Paper Mafia

This is the only way I can prove it, unless you prove you are not.
#Eject Cave_Dog
let's see what happen, if you are innocent we can fully trust rabitZ, if not, that means rabitZ is villain and we win the game. I don't see what is wrong with that.

Oh, we have to lynch cave_dog because this is the only way we can know if rabitz is telling the truth because doopliss doesn't really exist in my mind

Well, Cave_Dog tactics are pretty... exagerated, and that about changing roles, like he is shy guy and suddenly he really is goomba makes someone doubts. Beside his history is not the best, even if shinan said he is not, in day two Cave_dog actions were strange for me (I really don't trust him to much since that day). Still It would be good that he is town, and rabitZ could actually prove that

Alright, so my plan is to risky, sorry Cave_Dog, I will regret If I change my vote.

Cave dog's actions are strange but I didn't actually say anything about them at the time. Rabitz can prove he is town, but, regardless, I am going to vote to lynch him. Oh, also, I implicitly trust rabitz now for some reason.

It think rabitZ is the only one everyone really trust (and most likely to be killed tonight) and many are really in the... I don't know how to name it but well, I am gonna put it as Danger Zone. looks that 6 are there, Idida1, Kristy, Chana, MirrorMasq, Cave_Dog, and even I.

I think I am asking, if rabitZ doesn't make it tomorrow, we don't have like a secure form of knowing who is villain, so lynching whoever gives us a bad spine will be the only thing we have? I am lynching you because I never feel sure about you, but I also think the others could be villains, so, technically I am doing random lynching, maybe today isn't so important (maybe you could be a villain) but I don't want to do random lynching for the next days.

feigning ignorance about how the game works

#cancel vote
#Eject Idida1
4 votes to make the difference.

jumping on bandwagon after pushing me all day

it's chana and chearlie. let's wrap this game up people