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Paper Mafia

It makes him look more town. LWG was doomed regardless, so why not make one of your own look less suspicious?

Paper Mafia

I would like to hear Marrend's defense before he is killed, for the record. Marrend? You a town Power role?

Paper Mafia

I'm also just flabbergasted that you want to kill someone the cop says is innocent.

Paper Mafia

what do you mean? "Shy Guy" is an actual named role?
I suck at paying attention.

Yes, he claimed the flavor name for his audience role was "Shy Guy." That is mine

Not a single strong evidence against anyone. Just bare feelings and uncertainty.

????HOw is two people claiming the same role not strong evidence

Paper Mafia

Honestly, kind of surprised the votes are not piling on at this point considering Marrend has claimed the role of an almost completely confirmed audience member.

Paper Mafia

Um, what? Marrend was the deciding vote. He could have easily gotten away with a tie and not have looked too suspicous. Or, if he did indeed get accused of being a villain, would have held off the annihilation of the mafia another day.

Though on that note, rabitZ looks suspicous if Marrend is indeed a villain. Perhaps yesterday was a set up to make rabitZ look perfectly innocent?
(I wouldn't put any stock in to my thought, I honestly don't find it likely.)

It's called bussing, and is not at all uncommon. Too bad he claimed my role. Out of all the mario character, you had to pick Shy Guy. Whoops!

Paper Mafia

So, Marrend, would you like to explain why you claimed for no reason?

Or, more specifically, why you claimed my role, Shy Guy?

On second thought, no, don't even worry about it. Eject Marrend

Mafia round 3 sign-ups!

With three villains dead, this is the first we have actually lynched, haha.

Paper Mafia

On second thought, I don't know.

LWG could technically be telling the truth about Koop's change in mechanics. But then again, why the hell would the mafia waste that power on an innocent?

Eh, it doesn't really matter. We have a chance of killing our real cop and our real ineffectual doctor. Which is worse, given that the faker will immediately die afterwards? What would the point of using this power now be, exactly?

Just kill LWG unless, of course, you are a villain.

Paper Mafia

You sound a lot like a Doopliss what stole Koops' powers to me, buddy.