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Paper Mafia

Koops - Shell Shield. During the villain phase can protect another player from being unceremoniously tossed. Ricochets out of the theatre if he protects a villain.


Paper Mafia

It looks like Doopliss can copy powers. As for him switching alignments with another player, well, I Don't know why Trihan posted the role info if he was just going to change what characters could do.

But like I said, if you flip town, we kill him, and I would rather hedge my bet this way. I don't really buy Koops having privy to who he is protecting people from. I also don't know why you think that if you were ejected for protecting a villain, that other people would know who you had protected and what had happened ESPECIALLY since roles aren't even revealed upon death.

Paper Mafia

Also you claim to have protected someone you supposedly thought was mafia. yeah okay

Paper Mafia

I will just say though, don’t you find it weird he would target me on the first night, out of all the other people who seemed suspicious?

No. I investigate the people who are least likely to get themselves killed during the day when I am cop. Are you calling his claim into question because he did not investigate who you personally would have investigated? I've already said why he it was a good idea to out and it's also why I sort of hinted that cop should speak up: The cop can die before he outs his reports. With this many players and only a few mafia left and MAYBE a protective role as well, I would out myself too. I don't even know what your statement about Doopliss means, but it seems to suggest that you know something about the role that I don't, or I am bad at parsing.

Here's some things: rabitz got my alignment (audience) correct, which would be a risky guess for mafia.
YOU have claimed Koops, which was very smart. After all, If Koops is still alive, you would certainly want him to counterclaim and reveal himself now so that he does not protect rabitz, wouldn't you? I don't buy it.

The second part of your post is rather interesting. You say that Bobbery was going for Dudesoft and it was not a case of say, the mafia going for Dudesoft and Bobbery going for me? Why had you not considered this possibility? Do you have some behind-the-scenes information on who killed who at nightphase, "Koops"? The fact that you A. posted information that, frankly, both mafia andKoops would know and ALSO were very certain about who the mafia targeted.

nope, nope. If by some stretch of imagination you are town, you are not a vital role since that would mean Cop is dead and we will have one less mafia later.

Koops, do not counterclaim LWG.

Paper Mafia

One more thing, I can't specify how did I come to all this, because it implies role-revealing I wish to evade.

Considering what roles we have, this sounds like a load of wash to me.
There is a Doopliss, you know.

There's also two dead villains. the probability of me, with how I have acted, being doopliss in this case should be very low from your pov.

Paper Mafia

Did you miss where, if rabitz is the cop, he says I am a town.

That five villain thing is just someone someone threw out, by the way, I don't think trihan every said anything to that effect. I'm really not sure why you're saying that logically, if x=x, then cave=villain, when you aren't even considering all the people playing in this game for whatever reason.

Paper Mafia

I don't understand the words you are saying.

Paper Mafia

Actually, it would mean you are definitely a townie, 100 percent, in reality. Only other peoples' POVs would be in question. You have this backwards. Whatever, lynch this dude and if rabitz is indeed cop you will have more reason to believe me.

Paper Mafia

author=Yellow Magic
If you ARE indeed a cop, did you have to reveal your role now? At the moment we're not under real pressure in terms of numbers and could have benefitted (is that a word?) from additional investigations...

Rabitz also could have been killed in the night if he stayed silent, losing all info from him, AND we wouldn't know that he had been the cop if that happened. We might even have koops still alive.

Paper Mafia

author=Yellow Magic
Woah hold up, hate to be ~Mafia Sceptic~ here but how do we know rabitZ's telling the truth?
I propose that rabitZ tries investigating one of the current suspects to see what they come up as. Worst case scenario, rabitZ's killed off and if he is indeed a hero, we can be pretty certain that LWG's a Villain.

He has nothing to gain from lying.
Like, if rabitz was mafia and lwg was town, rabitz would not know what lwg's role was. He might be leading a lynch on a townie, and then he would be swiftly executed the next day since we know that the only investigative role we have is a vanilla cop.

So, if he's a lying mafia, bad play by him, we'll kill him tomorrow, or maybe even tonight if bobbery lives.