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Paper Mafia


#Eject Little Wing Guy

Paper Mafia

There is no way an innocent person could flip mafia, no.


Paper Mafia

totally townie!!!! - cave dog, yellow magic

most likely good!! - rabitz, kyrsty, chana, gourd_clae

suspicious and sneaky- little wing guy, zeuzio,

idida- idida1

Time to expand on this. be forewarned, this post will probably be big.

I am town because, you know, I am town. I got a PM that said I was town.
Yellow Magic's arguments against me earlier seemed very earnest to me.
rabitz wanted to kill despite day one, probably a good guy.

less sure about kyrsty than I was when she was high. She did post this in defense of rabitz
Actually, that being said, unless it was a bluff, rabitZ isn't a villain, since he voted for Despite on day 1...but everyone who jumped on Shinan's ass, who was a hero, is looking pretty suspicious, especially Zeuzio, Marrend and CAVE_DOG, if I recall correctly.

But also casts suspicion on others for voting for Shinan when she herself voted to kill pyrodoom. And also,
Of course, rabitZ could've voted for Despite with the knowledge he wouldn't get ejected~

It's apparently not even a defense of rabitz at all? So, basically, nothing. Also, I've noticed that here, this kind of posting
that doesn't help at all! *shakes fist*

tends to be an indicator that someone is mafia. And also
I tend to lurk a bit under certain circumstances. Last game I was a hero and I had a fairly crucial role, so I didn't want to get kicked out by accident. Plus things were a bit less hectic then ^3^;

What exactly are these "certain circumstances?" I am very curious.

As for chana, well, not really sure about that anymore either. there is some wishy-washy posting but there was also this:

Gourd was also denounced as suspicious by TheYellowJester, a villain, which rather confirms him as a townie.

Which could be very damning if either one of them turns out to be mafia. but still, probably town.

Gourd_Clae, obviously is tied to the above quote. He did also, for some reason, state that he had a generic role in his original post. Perhaps he is a hero who made a bluff, maybe he is a daemon. who knows. I dunno. I don't really have a good case for Gourd being mafia at the moment, but I'm just getting bad vibes like I did the first game I played where he was mafia.

I actually have no idea at all why I thought LWG was mafia. Brain fever.

As for zeuzio, I thought his reaction to Shinan's suspicion of him was weird, I thought, and also it was Shinan's dying wish that we kill him. Far be it for me to question a dead man.

Speaking of dead men, I think it's safe to assume that our cop is dead.

Idida, of course, is Idida. Mirrormasq is generally a lurker scumlord, probably town though. Marrend, for some reason, is a complete blind spot to me who I will have to examine more later. Probably town, but if Idida flips mafia, then Marrend is probably mafia with him. Mrchearlie...who is mrchearlie ugh this game is destroying my brain

For right now, My picks to lynch would be Kyrsty and Idida.

I, personally, am going to vote Idida1 and keep my vote there unless he claims something of substance.

Paper Mafia

i realize that it's hypocritical of me to criticize gourd_clae for not having much of an argument about why am I suspicious and then say two people are suspicious and not give reasons, but, like I said, I will be back later and expand on these things soon, do not worry. sleeping pills.

Paper Mafia

I only have like ten minutes to write this post. sleeping PILLS AAAAG i will be back.

but everyone who jumped on Shinan's ass, who was a hero, is looking pretty suspicious, especially Zeuzio, Marrend and CAVE_DOG, if I recall correctly.

well, if you want to go down this road
ALL the pyrodooms: 1

His last post seemed a little smug, and he was right up Shinan's butt the whole way until Shinan got ejected. Though he's done it every game, he's been VERY aggresive with most everyone. And to top it off, multiple people have found him suspicous. I say we lynch Cave_Dog.

this is really bad. mafia is a game that calls for aggressive behavior. it's almost the definition of the game. saying multiple people find me suspicious is not at all an argument for why I am suspicious, and someone who bandwagons onto a lynch for a hero, Gourd_Clae, is far more scummy than the person who started the lynch.
also, most of the villain powers, iirc, depended on screwing with the voting phase. people who withhold their votes are suspicious weirdos.
here are the standings

totally townie!!!! - cave dog, yellow magic

most likely good!! - rabitz, kyrsty, chana, gourd_clae

suspicious and sneaky- little wing guy, zeuzio,

idida- idida1

Paper Mafia

You'll find out my role soon enough

He died as he lived, anti-town to his very last breath. I will always remember Shinan as a weirdo who did a bunch of bad things and then died. Requiescat in pace.

Will post more later, when I am not dead.

LockeZ's Forum RPG

I'm gonna do a quick search of the bodies to see if they got anything cool or any kind of hint to what killed them Also, what do my vial of poison and elixir look like, in the visual sense?

Breaking the fourth wall in games

I don't think there's inherently bad or good about breaking the fourth wall. Like 99% of things possible in any script, it can be done well if the writer is skilled.
One of my favorite instances of breaking the fourth wall is in "Super Robot Taisen: Original Generation 2." A character by the name of Masaki almost nicknames a mech/plane (can't remember which) "The Red Comet" but he gets cut off by his companions who are worried about a lawsuit.
There's also references to a mysterious force behind the scenes of the games due to all the multiple timelines and junk of which one character has experienced many, and many believe that force to be Banpresto, quid quo pro

Paper Mafia

I never voted for Idida1.

Admittingly, we should kill Idida before Lily, most likely. I don't see how you can construe me saying to lynch him as a defense at all, but whatever. Lynching Idida or Shinan today is fine with me.

Paper Mafia

For those who didn't catch on: Why would a townie ever say "I can see why you would think I'm scum? Why? Ever? A townie has no reason at all to think that anything they have done is scummy, ever, in any circumstance.