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Paper Mafia

Ok, Idida1:
If you want me to change my vote you can try and convince me NOW
I can certainly see why you would think im scum. But im not.


Current gameplan: Lynch Shinan, then Lily, then Idida.

Paper Mafia

Lily is just posting really awkwardly. Like, people that are new to the game are awkward almost always, but I feel like her awkwardness is compounded by some inner guilt over killing pyrodoom.

Paper Mafia

I actually just needed a fourth name.

What I find interesting is that you take issue with me suspecting mirrormasq and not kyrsty.

Paper Mafia

author=Little Wing Guy
I don't want to be rude Lily, but do you have an opinion on anything? Anything at all? I'm curious to hear something from you, as your posts have no substance.

Uhhhh.... It's only day 2 so I'm just as in the dark as anyone...

I'm not in the dark. I've got it all figured out.

Remaining scumteam:
????? Mysterious Challenger

Paper Mafia

It IS a thinly veiled attempt to direct attention away from myself.

I do have my reasons though. But they are terribly convoluted, full of triple and quadruple think of the kind that whenever I start writing about is anti-town. Essentially it's a gut feeling.

Zeuzio is talking a lot and saying nothing. In a way I guess that's me too, but that's just me digging myself into a gigantic hole. I do have a good feeling about Zeuzio being one of them evil people though.


In reality. I'm just miffed at him claiming I'm anti-town. I mean come on. That really hurt my feelings.

In the back of my mind, I'm hoping that you're town at this point because the idea of a townie being so paranoid and wrapped in chains created by his own mind is really funny to me.

Paper Mafia

You slipped up :)

Would you like to explain or is this just a very thinly veiled attempt to direct attention away from yourself

Paper Mafia

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You're a baaaad boy.

"Heroes should post, while villains usually shut up thing.

I'm not sure if I understand you. I am saying that everyone should talk because it gives villains more chances to slip up. Town does not have to worry about slipping up. If vanillia townies aren't saying much of anything, then perhaps they should have not signed on to play the mafia game...

Paper Mafia

Well Cave_Dog, judging from all the posts, it seems to me that mirrormasqs is so far complying with your metric of "hero/town should post a lot explaining their thoughts without fear of anything".
I also explained myself thoroughly but people just seemed to think me more suspicious for it :(

So now I'll just shut up instead. (not going to happen I know, because I just can't stay away)

That's some kind of triple-think. Maybe everyone should bandwagon and act suspicious, then we'd know the last ones to do so were the mafia. Except of course now that I've spelled it out it's a completely useless anti-town tactic. Of course I always have to spell out everything because people read so much into posts all the time. Or should I call them people? Maybe I should call them mafia?

Also wtf is up with the moon it looks like an egg. Must be some kind of optical illusion created by the clouds nearby it.

Now I lost my train of thought.

(muahahaha my anti-town antics continue!)

*insert dumb joke that is not helpful at all*

I'm willing to jump on a bandwagon should one start up properly. (preferably one that isn't against me)

The real reason I'm unhelpful is that there's no roleclaim, no information, no anything to go on at the moment. It's all... Nothing. Cave_dog I know you seem to like random accusations. But I don't. I don't like accusing anyone (seriously, I can do a joke accusation here and there) that I'm not moderately certain of.

On day one there was a lot of random accusations during a day when there's literally no information. I wasn't a big fan of that. I don't remember who did a lot of the accusation (I guess I should check), but Marrend seemed to be one who just loved to say "you're suspicious! You're suspicious! and YOU'RE SUSPICIOUS TOO!"

And also jokes are fun. And I do want to lynch Trihan. What's a surer way to win than to lynch the gamemaster?

There are explanations and then there are explanations.

LockeZ's Forum RPG

Nevermind, you can't join, and we aren't friends, and it's all Kyrsty's fault.

Since this is an rpg, I am going to open cool chests in Arvis' house and look in all his clocks and stuff. I'm a repairguy.

Paper Mafia

Cave, I repeat myself here, but I didn't said that I really suspect you. I said that group with you in it have a high chance to be a villains IF the other (lurking) group proves innocent. Your reaction guys just confirmed your unity for me.
And the other group still lurking and didn't react at all. So I suspect them much more. :)
About MrCharlie and rabitZ... Well, I think they're innocent cause of their choices and votes. I don't want to explain all this, and I'm not sure for 100%, that's just my opinion.

Well, I hope you explain it later when you're not tired or whatever, because to not do so would be scummy.

As for our "unity," the only thing that unites us, as far as I know, is our desire to not die.