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The lurker situation is pretty odd on its own to be honest because I've played mafia on a different forum once before and several people would have been booted and replaced by now. I know this isn't a highly populated forum so maybe that's not an option, just saying it's my first time dealing with such a situation and it's weird to have to have our vigilante kill people for not posting.

Paper Mafia


Maybe they're expecting Bobbery to take care of Ark? Who knows... :/

Then it would be really weird for them to claim that they didn't think Ark was a villain, coloring Bobbery's view of the game.

Paper Mafia

If ldida1 proves guilty, I will be pretty sure you're innocent. If not, well, you still can be innocent, but much less likely.

I don't understand the logic behind this.

Not because I'm thinkin he's innocent, I just don't think he should be prime target today.

Or this. Why Should Shinan not be the prime target today? Why is one of
Dude/ldida1/Lily or Zeuzio/Gourd/Cave

three lurkers or three people discussing things in earnest a better choice than the really suspicious weirdo who seems out to actively be a nuisance? What is the logic behind Zeuzio, Gourd, and I being one half of team Evil? Why do you think Mrchearlie and rabitz are innocent? Why is Shinan still alive?

Paper Mafia

It's actually incredibly weird and suspicious that a bunch of people have posted things to the effect of "I don't think Ark is a villain" and at the same time there is a bandwagon forming on Idida, when both of their crimes are lurking (Ark having not posted once this entire game.) ALMOST AS IF certain individuals were trying to protect Ark, hrmmm, I wonder.

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Vote: Shinanbandwagnin

Don't do this or you might just be blown up in the night.

I'm curious why a bandwagon is forming on Idida specifically and not any of the other lurkers.

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This was a fun read. I wish there weren't so many people signed up so I could join in. :P

But you can join, my friend.

I'm going to buy a vial of poison and smoke bomb and save the rest.

Best SNES Jrpg battle theme?

Were you hoping for the RMN collective to debate in IRC for five weeks and then return to you with the song that plays when you fight king k.rool?

Live-a-Live's megalomania is not bad.

although I happen to prefer 'psycho killing'

Paper Mafia

Like, to put that another way, the villains have to lie in literally every post they make. The heroes only have to lie if someone pointedly asks them "ARE YOU THE COP???!" and they happen to be the cop. Who is more likely to say something they should not have?

Paper Mafia

author=Yellow Magic
The point was you seem to suggest that nothing wrong could come out of Heroes/Audience members 'post post post'ing where even you seem to have admitted that isn't the case.

I honestly don't think we have anyone in this game that's dumb enough to accidentally say "sorry my investigation turned up zip." There is an inherent difference between having to lie (mafia) and having nothing to lie about. Heroes, unlike mafia, have no special information to conceal, only their night actions which are only ever talked about if they have turned something up.

Paper Mafia

author=Yellow Magic
1. Whether they die one day or the day after, those are BOTH undesirable scenarios. Whether one option is better than the other's a moot point as the Villains would still stand to benefit from a role revelation.

2. Well, yeah, obviously, but he was at the point where he did something stupid and ..just wasn't thinking straight. Again, that's not the issue; we don't want a lot of people revealing their roles - if it weren't a big deal I'd come right out and say "HEY I'M A DOCTOR" but who does that?

3. What Gourd said. It's a hypothetical but all possible scenarios should be considered in Mafia. Leave no stone unturned. The truth lies within. That's one of my rules.

It's not in any way a moot point. One situation is clearly and objectively better for the town. There is no reason to not want it to happen, unless you are mafia.

It would have been ONE person revealing his role, and the purpose of that would have been to not die during that day.

I've already addressed Gourd's statements.