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" ride..."
Dorakyura stares at the ground, his whole body trembling with anger. How will he ever pick up girls now? This cannot stand.

Dorakyura elects to enter his power stance, a thing he just made up, in an attempt to focus his energy for a powerful attack once the whelk emerges. This consists of a lot of yelling and screaming

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Also, in case the 15 HP thing wasn't clear: each successful attack does one point of damage. After fifteen successful attacks the Whelk will be dead.

Oh wait really??? Jeez. I dunno if I should use Pig on this thing. What if it's a giant pig with a shell on it. that sounds more dangerous.

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My guess is 39

You guys, you know what snails hate? Salt. You know what probably has salt on it? Dried meat.

Maybe. I don't know.

It's high time I got some use out of this motorcycle. I elect to, after Zeuzio has shot the whelk, ride straight up to it and do a wheelie so my front tire is spinning all up on its snail face, ruining its chances for getting voted King of Snail Prom.

Mafia round 3 sign-ups!

Twenty eight players? Do twenty eight people even exist? In the world?

Mafia round 3 sign-ups!

Me play. Me goomba

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We only have three enemies left, and the vaporites have a weakness to fire (oops.) I think our torches would be put to better use killing this last one instead of rescuing some weird cat, which we can do after the battle. Especially since we have, you know, ropes. Do I still have my rope, Lockez, or are things like that that could be conceivably collected after a battle gone forever once you use them?

I don't really want to risk riding my motorcycle into battle with terrain littered with holes (Based on how things went last battle, I'm probably not the best motorcycle rider.) For now, I'm going to try and make sure our source of payment for this mission, Dak, does not die. Dorakyura, friend of all hobgoblins, runs to Dak, rolling him on his side, cushioning his head, making sure his airways is open, and generally making sure he doesn't hurt himself on the sharp cave environment.

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I toss a large slab of dried meat at Repoman C, sending my attack dog (whom I am now naming since I forgot to when I made my guy) Intersector after the meat.. and the Repoman!

What makes you think he won't just eat the meat and ignore the wrenchman. Just how badly trained is this dog. I think it might be a better idea to save precious meats for baiting other beasties and wild Gaus

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Okay, I'm going to grab a lantern off the wall, throwing and smashing it and my flask of booze under Vaporite B. Hopefully, the added fuel will make the fire more potent and wild, maybe damaging the other vaporites.

In FF6, Repo men have a weakness for poison. That probably means they'll be our friends if we give them alcohol or something.

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Somebody molotov the shit out of those Vaporites while I charge and swing my sword at Repo Man A

This is a good idea but I dunno if our flasks of booze are potent enough to make these.

Are we basically fighting these guys on a flat area or is this part of the cave with holes and wooden beam bridges? Also, are the lanterns high enough to reach?

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Okay. I guess I have to get some exercise then....sob...